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Roam Free With DECT Phones

Get up out of your seat and walk around with a DECT Phone solution. Browse brands like Panasonic, Spectralink, and Grandstream, with features like high definition and PoE power.

Indoor ranges from 100 ft to 200 ft to over 300 ft and Outdoor ranges from 500 ft-800 ft to over 800 ft!

DECT Phones are the latest in VoIP mobility technology allowing you to travel up to 150 feet indoors and 800 feet outdoors. Our DECT Phones are great for your home, office, even a construction site. All of our DECT VoIP phones are fully warranted, supported by our in-house experts, SIP compliant and work in conjunction with most of the popular VoIP Phone Systems on the market.

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  1. Snom M65 Professional Handset

    SKU: 02-118314

    The Snom M65 is a VoIP DECT wireless handset that can be paired with the snom M700 DECT base station. Up to 30 additional M65 handsets can be paired with one base giving increased mobility and freedom to users.Best of 2020

  2. snom M700 DECT Base Station

    SKU: 02-118311

    The snom M700 is an indoor multi cell base station connects to your IP PBX and acts as a SIP endpoint device while giving DECT signalling to up to 30 snom SIP DECT handsets. The snom M700 can be used in a single access point deployment or in a cluster with up to 40 units.
  3. Snom M90 Antibacterial Medical Handset

    SKU: 02-128508

    The M90 has been designed with hospitals and care homes in mind. The M90 is for applications where cleanliness and hygiene is vital as it features an antibacterial housing.
  4. Snom M80 DECT Industrial Handset

    SKU: 02-128506

    The Snom M80 is a ruggedized DECT handset designed for active use both indoors and outdoors. It features integrated bluetooth, and an emergency alarm.
  5. Snom M70 Ruggedized DECT Handset

    SKU: 02-128505

    The Snom M70 Business Handset is a light and compact DECT Handset that can withstand the occasional falls with its high standard protective cover. The M70 is light and compact and yet robust and high-performing.
  6. Snom M900 DECT Multicell Base Station

    SKU: 02-128499

    The Snom M900 DECT Multicell Base Station has been redesigned in both the appearance and the functions that it provides. The M900 features an integrated DECT Manager and DECT and LAN synchronization.
  7. Snom M10R KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Rugged Handset

    SKU: 02-127633

    The Snom M10R KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Rugged Handset is an ideal solution for small businesses who want to quickly and effectively manage their call routing via a rugged, built to last handset. When paired with the Snom M100 KLE DECT base station, up to 10 expandable M10 handsets can be paired for a SIP communications solution.
  8. Snom M100 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Base Station

    SKU: 02-127139

    The Snom M100 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Base Station is a powerful base station that features key system emulation, providing for the ability to share line appearances locally without the need to add in the service provider. Users can easily see incoming calls, hold calls and resume calls from an handset or deskset in the syste with a simple press of a button. The M100 base supports up to 10 Snom KLE DECT Series of phones, which include the M10 and M10R SIP DECT 4-Line handsets and the M18 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line deskset.
  9. Snom M18 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Deskset

    SKU: 02-127138

    The Snom M18 KLE SIP DECT 4-Line Deskset is a revolutionary phone for places where you want the look of a deskphone, but are needing the convenience of a handset. The M18 just needs to be plugged into the nearest power outlet, no ethernet cords required. Simply plug it in and pair it to the Snom M100 DECT base station and you are in business! You are ready to manage call routing from this stylish and elegant deskset.
  10. Snom M25 Office Handset

    SKU: 02-118728

    The snom M25 VoIP DECT Handset was designed for the busy work office setting with 7 hours of talk-time battery life and a range of 300 feet indoors. The M25 has a great price to performance ratio.

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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