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Cordless and Wireless IP Phones for WiFi VoIP Calling

Use your Wireless Network to send and receive VoIP Calls with Wireless VoIP Phones.

Choose from over 30 different models from the BEST manufacturers in the industry, like Cisco, Grandstream and Spectralink. Whether you are looking to make Wireless VoIP calls In your home or office, we have a wireless or WiFi IP Phone to meet your needs and budget. All of our Wireless IP Phones are standards based 802.11, fully warranted, SIP compliant and are GREAT to use with most of the popular VoIP Phone Systems on the market. Get a Wireless/Cordless IP Phone from VoIP Supply today so you can make Wireless VoIP calls tomorrow! Check out our long-range coreless phone options for home or business use!

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  1. Grandstream WP820 Wireless WiFi Phone (formerly WP800)

    SKU: 02-125017

    The Grandstream WP820 Wireless WiFi Phone is what enterprise organizations and vertical markets such as retail, medical, and security businesses have been waiting for in a portable WiFi device. Featuring HD Voice, dual-band WiFi, an advanced antenna and roaming capabilities, the WP820 if ideal for any wireless implementation.
  2. Grandstream WP822 WiFi IP Phone

    SKU: 02-132010

    The Grandstream WP822 is a Zoom Certified portable phone designed for businesses looking to deploy WI-FI phones for added mobility and flexibility.
  3. Grandstream WP810 Cordless WiFi Phone

    SKU: 02-127880

    The Grandstream WP810 Portable WiFi Phone is a Zoom Certified phone that has been designed with enterprises and vertical markets in mind. Companies such as retail, medical and security can benefit from the WP810 cordless phone as it features basic phone functionalities with integrated dual-band WiFi adding mobility and flexibility to any business.

  4. Grandstream GXV3370 16-line Android IP Video Phone

    SKU: 02-124969

    Grandstream's GXV3370 is a high-end video phone that makes it easy to seamlessly integrate video communication solutions. The GXV3370 has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, a touchscreen 7" display, and features Gigabit speeds.
  5. Grandstream WP825 Ruggedized Wi-Fi Wireless IP Phone

    SKU: 02-132138

    The Grandstream WP825 Ruggedized Wi-Fi Wireless IP Phone is a Zoom Certified phone that is waterproof, dustproof, and drop safe from 2.5m, and cleaning-chemical-resistant.

5 Item(s)

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