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The Yealink SkySound CS10, a low-profile 2-way coaxial network speaker, excels in video conferencing with its exceptional audio performance. Designed specifically for the modern meeting environment, the CS10 blends high-quality audio with an elegant, minimalist design, making it a perfect match for contemporary conference rooms.

Yealink SkySound CS10 Ceiling Speaker

Versatile and engineered for ease of use, the CS10 is a PoE-enabled speaker that optionally accommodates a Dante module, simplifying installation across diverse ceiling types. Its straightforward design, combined with the ability to operate in a range of temperatures, establishes the CS10 as more than just a speaker – it is an essential addition to your meeting space, enhancing both visual and auditory experiences. The CS10 is not just a functional device for your conference room; it's a statement of elegance and technological prowess, representing the ideal audio solution for your professional needs.

Yealink SkySound CS10 Ceiling Speaker Key Features & Specifications:

  • Innovative Coaxial Structure: Features a 2-way coaxial setup with a robust 5.5” LF Woofer and a crisp 1.1” HF Tweeter for high-fidelity audio delivery.
  • Boasts impressive acoustic parameters, with a sensitivity of 88dB@1W 1m and a maximum SPL of 99dB@20W 1m, ensuring clear, powerful sound.
  • SkySound CS10 masterfully blends active speaker functionality with integrated DAC and PoE technology, enabling swift digital signal processing from the network for a hassle-free setup and minimal latency, tailored for dynamic professional scenarios.
  • With an optional Dante module, SkySound CS10 seamlessly integrates into sophisticated audio networks, providing flexible options for complex setups.
  • Offers diverse indoor installation solutions, compatible with various ceiling types and grid systems, ensuring easy adaptation to any interior design.
  • Features a detachable, paintable magnetic grille in black and white, adding to its sleek, low-profile look that complements any modern interior.

Package Contents Includes: 

• SkySound CS10 Speaker
• White Mesh Cover (Black Optional)
• Quick Start Guide
• Assembly Fixing Bracket
• Dust Cover
• Deployment Instruction Templete
• Bracing Bridge (Optional)
• Screw*6 (M3*4CMHOZN3)

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Yealink SkySound CS10 Ceiling Speaker