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The Yealink SkySound CM20 Ceiling Microphone is a premium ceiling microphone, expertly crafted to enhance audio performance in professional conference settings. Boasting an advanced array of 16 omnidirectional microphones, the CM20 captures sound in 360°, ensuring clarity and inclusivity in every discussion.

Yealink SkySound CM20 Ceiling Microphone

Designed for medium to large conference rooms, the CM20 combines advanced technology with a sleek, elegant design, making it a perfect blend of functionality and style.

Yealink SkySound CM20 Ceiling Microphone Key Features & Specifications:

  • Advanced Microphone Array with 16 omnidirectional units, providing unparalleled audio clarity across 8 independent pickup zones.
  • Superior Coverage with high-quality full-duplex audio capture. 
  • Intelligent Sound Processing: Integrates Yealink's advanced noise, echo, and reverberation cancellation technologies for crystal-clear audio in every
  • Intelligent Tracking: Features 8 beam outputs for precise speaker tracking and integrates with room cameras for enhanced camera tracking, enriching meeting engagement.
  • Fully supports AES67 protocol, ensuring seamless integration into existing audio networks.
  • Offers various installation options, including in-ceiling, pendant, and on-ceiling, for effortless setup and integration.
  • Includes a removable magnetic suction mesh cover, adding a touch of sophistication while being discreet and easy to maintain.

Package Contents Includes: 

• SkySound CM20 Microphone
• White Mesh Cover (Black Optional)
• Quick Start Guide
• Assembly Fixing Bracket
• Dust Cover
• Length-Adjustable Pole (Optional)
• Bracing Bridge*1 pair
• Suspend Pole Adapter (Optional)
• Expansion Bolt*6 (φ6 * 30 mm, white, Polyamide)
• Self-tapping Screw*6 (T4*30mm)
• Machine Screw*5 (3*6PMOZN3+)
• Bracing Bredge Screw*20 (M3*6PWMHOZN3)

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