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Ruckus ZoneFlex Watchdog 1 Year Premium Support

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Premium Support delivers access to an online knowledge base, complete documentation and user forums. In addition, Ruckus Wireless technical support professionals are available via phone, email, or support web. Premium Support includes Software upgrades and updates. Read More

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1 Year
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Ruckus Networks

Ruckus Wireless offers quality, knowledgeable, responsive worldwide technical support for its Smart Wi-Fi systems. All Ruckus ZoneDirector purchases require a purchase of at least 1 year of Premium Support.

Ruckus ZoneDirector Premium Support for 1 Year Overview

Ruckus will deliver all of the services required to maintain their wireless network. We accomplish this utilizing a combination of Online Support, Call Center Support, and Field Support Engineers for extreme situations.When you choose Ruckus Premium support, all service requests are submitted directly to Ruckus. Ruckus is the only point of contact from initiation through resolution. Services requests can be submitted by email, phone, chat or directly through the Support Portal. Initial service requests are entered into the CRM and managed through resolution.

ZoneFlex Premium Support Features:

-One Year of Technical support via an online knowledge base, complete documentations and user forums

-One Year of Email Technical Support

-One Year of Phone Support

-One Year of Access to Support Web

-One Year of Software updates and upgrades

-One Year of advanced hardware replacement when needed

**Ruckus Premium Support Includes Software Upgrade Support, so you do not need to purchase software upgrade support. For your 2nd year on, VoIP Supply highly recommends either continuing the Premium Support or at least maintaining Software Upgrade Support**