Cisco IP Phones are known for their functionality and user-friendly design. A lot of professionals and managers enjoy Cisco phones’ advanced features such as the high resolution color displays and video support with touchscreen access.

To optimize your use of Cisco phones, selecting a headset that can work seamlessly with it is a must. Here, our VoIP experts made it easier for you by listing out the best headsets to pair with your Cisco phones.


Plantronics CS540

plantronics-cs540Featuring three wearing styles and up to 350 feet wireless range, the CS540 is one of the lightest DECT wireless headsets on the market. Its streamline design and reliable performance attract customers looking for hands-free solutions.

One-touch controls, energy efficiency power management, simple plug-and-talk installation – the

Digium Switchvox has announced the latest firmware release of Switchvox 6.3.2

Switchvox 6.3.2 is currently available to all on-premise users and has fixed the following bugs:

  • The Contacts App now correctly offers Transfer to external phone numbers on a contact detail screen.
  • The phone no longer experiences an error fetching configuration under certain rare circumstances.
  • The phone now correctly updates under certain circumstances where changes are made in Switchvox.

For more information regarding Digium Switchvox click here.…

Digium has recently announced that Sennheiser headsets have gone through testing and are now fully compatible. Digium tested (2) wired headsets and one wireless headset for audio only capabilities.

The Sennheiser headsets and that are compatible are:

Click here for a list of headsets compatible with Digium phones.

September 22, 2016, Grandstream released a new 2-port ATA, the HT812. Watch our unboxing video to learn what it is all about!

Grandstream HT812 Unboxing Video

Hi guys, my name is Youleidy Vega, I am Product Marketing Specialist here at VoIP Supply, and today I’m going to be unboxing Grandstream’s latest ATA and router, the HandyTone812. So, let’s get to it!

ht812-ataAlright, so let’s see what’s in the box of the HT812 form Grandstream. Start guide, this is the actual ATA and router. This is the power cord, and lastly there is the Ethernet cord.
Alright, so let’s take a look at the ports that the HT812 has. It has the power supply port, the LAN, WAN and then it has two FXS ports.…

As our VoIP experts help customers solve VoIP questions along the way, we noticed that there are some common misunderstandings about VoIP that create unnecessary apprehensions when switching to a VoIP system.

Therefore, we’d like to speak to the top 5 VoIP myths to help you understand the reality of VoIP.

Myth#1 VoIP service is expensive and difficult to set up.

Reality: Most VoIP users experience lower monthly rate. On average, our VoIP specialists save customers 30% off their monthly bills. In addition, a hosted VoIP system has little upfront costs and no need to have IT staff on site, since most of the necessary equipment/ maintenance is provided by the service provider.

Myth#2 I will have to put up with poor call quality or …

Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone.

In previous Mom’s calling Q&A series, we have discussed: VVX410 Phone Lost Registration. What Can I Do?Today, we have more new real questions and answers from VoIP users just like you.

How Do I Unlock Polycom VVX410 Phones?

VVX 410Q: A couple of years ago I bought some Polycom VVX410 phones from VoIP Supply. I need to provision them onto a server that requires them to be unlocked. Can I please have some help doing that?

A: To unlock the phones (access the advanced settings menu) …

Refresh is still rocking it out at VoIP Supply, saving you money with top quality refurbished VoIP equipment.

vvx210Grab a Polycom VVX201 for 33% off the original list price! You get the same great phone, same features and usability and a 6-month guarantee for way less than buying a brand new model.

VVX201 is an entry-level 2 line IP Phone with 10/100 Ethernet ports, LCD display and HD Voice technology.

vvx300If you need more lines, the VVX300 offers 6-line appearances with dual 10/100 RJ45 ports and built in Power over Ethernet. This is the perfect phone for call center environments. And the good news is that this refresh phone is priced 20% below retail.


ip600For your voice conferencing needs, Refresh offers the IP6000. …

Not everyone is the same. We all prefer different things, and have different ways of doing things, especially when it comes to work!

If you find yourself on the phone most of the day at work, then you probably have a preference of how you like to hear the person on the other line. Some people like to use the handset, if you are in a private office then maybe you prefer the speakerphone, but most of us enjoy using a headset.

cisco-spa504gIf your office phone is a Cisco SPA504G, then you could be in luck! Did you know that this phone allows you to pick where the audio is sent to just by answering a call?

It is actually very simple to do. …

adtran-logoADTRAN, a leading provider of networking and communications equipment, celebrates its 30th anniversary on September 17th, 2016.

ADTRAN holds the market share leadership position for integrated access devices and the #2 position for branch office routers, enabling voice, data, and internet communications globally.

We are proud to be ADTRAN’s partner and look forward to delivering excellent solutions together to more customers in the future. Happy 30th Anniversary ADTRAN!

Take a peek at their adventure of testing the ADTRAN ZIP Line across Lake ADTRAN the day before their 30th anniversary celebration. (It’s really cool!)…

mergeSeptember 17, 2016, Logitech announced that they have completed the process of acquiring the Saitek Controllers, a worldwide leader in custom sim hardware owned by Mad Catz at the time.

Logitech is a Swiss global computer and tablet accessories provider who has been expanding its product line over the years. The acquisition of Saitek costs Logitech 13 million dollars and is expected to be a privilege to their current business.

Saitek might be a good leverage for Logitech to tap the sim hardware market. We are excited to see how Logitech will move after this acquisition and lead Saitek into its next business phase in the near future!…