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Searching for a high quality phone with a limited budget? Waiting for a big discount so you don’t have to sacrifice quality when reducing cost? There’s no time like the present!

For two weeks only, we’re offering special Polycom pricing you’ve never seen before. With the deep discounts, you can now get the best selling VoIP phones on the market with little cost!

The Polycom VVX Business Media and SoundPoint series phones are included in this special promotion. Along with top audio quality on the market, all Polycom VoIP phones come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Learn more.

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*The promotion ends on June 30th, 2016. 


Why buy Polycom?polycom_blog

  • Fast, proven ROI and
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In case you missed it, Grandstream Networks Inc., a leader in SIP Unified Communications since 2002, released their DECT Phone solution that is sure to turn heads.

dp720The DP720 DECT Cordless Handset features a sleek, black design with soft-touch buttons and a color back-lit display.

Intuitively navigate the menu with navigations that are easy to follow.

Whenever you have a voicemail, the message waiting indicator will light up, reminding you to listen to the message. You also have the option to change the menu language from English to your preferred language.

The DP720 handset can support up to 10 lines and it is completely compliant with SIP/DECT standard. When used with Grandstream’s UCM series of IP PBX’s users can enjoy Zero Config, so that the …

blog pic Whether you are a consulting company that focuses on technology and strategic service or a consultant who helps educational systems come up with better business plans, the most important skill you need is the ability to communicate. That’s where a VoIP system comes into play.

A VoIP system allows consultants to boost their communication efficiency to the next level and save a fortune with a unified communications system. Utilizing advanced VoIP features, consultants increase their customer satisfaction with less effort than ever before! Here we list the top 4 popular features that every consultant should take advantage of.


Benefit #1 Capture Every Call Wherever You Go

Find me/follow me VoIP service feature directs calls that are coming in to your desk phone or main …

conference1 When it comes to a conference phone, you may have the same question as many others: Why would I need a conference phone when there are a lot of other devices such as smartphones and tablets that have a speaker function that allows multiple participants to communicate at the same time?

To answer this question, we will first need to learn what a conference phone is and how you can benefit from having one.

What is a conference phone?

A conference phone is a purpose built conferencing device that enables multiple callers to communicate simultaneously, on the same call, from different phone lines. To initiate a conference call, the host generates the call first and other remote attendees dial in to a conference bridge number …

Integrating a paging system with your VoIP phone system can be a daunting task. Here at VoIP Supply we have helped many customers through the process from start to finish. Here are 6 questions you’ll want to answer prior to your deployment.

1. Did you consider using an existing analog paging system? There are options to integrate your VoIP phone system to an existing analog paging system. You do not get the full feature set of a complete IP system but it is a great way to start and see the benefits first hand.

Check out the snom PA-1 to easily connect analog paging systems your VoIP system.

2. What is the main reason you will be needing a paging system? Intercom paging, bell …

ADTRAN’s NetVanta switches include a full line of powerful, business-class Ethernet switching solutions perfect for SMBs and enterprises. The NetVanta Ethernet switching portfolio is ideal for VoIP by allowing voice services to be deployed across any type of cabling while providing a robust feature set to speed implementation and enable remote management of the network.

adtranHere are the top ten reasons to switch to ADTRAN:

  1. Faster Implementation: VoIP setup wizard, auto-provisioning of IP phones, zero-touch phone set-up, and single script configuration of multiple switches.
  2. Faster Troubleshooting: On-demand VoIP report, network forensics, and cable diagnostics tools.
  3. Connectivity over any Grade Cabling: ActivReach-enabled NetVanta Switches support Ethernet connectivity over CAT5, CAT3 or legacy copper up to 1,600ft.
  4. Greater Security: Port scheduler disables ports and powers down

Here at VoIP Supply we love offering our customers high end solutions for a fraction of the cost. We understand that implementing a VoIP solution can dig into the budget. We also know that for those needing to replace a phone or simply add a phone to an already existing VoIP solution, the best route to take is VoIP Supply’s Refresh line of refurbished products.

Refresh products are guaranteed to work like new and come with a six month warranty. Anything you get from our Refresh line has undergone a thorough 10-step reconditioning process that includes configuring the device back to default settings, as well as updating any product with the latest firmware, if applicable.

This month we want you to know about the four …

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For a limited time, Digium is offering unbeatable savings on select IP Phones and here at VoIP supply, we are happy to pass on the savings.

A leader in VoIP Technologies, Digium is a trusted name when it comes to business phone systems, custom communications solutions and IP phones. Digium IP phones are the only ones in the market that allow users to take advantage of Asterisk and Switchvox. Moreover, Digium phones come prepacked with integrated applications like phone status, user presence, parking and queue metrics.

While supplies last, we will be offering Digium D70 and D50 with a competitive instant rebate. Receive $60 off the D70 and $40 off the D50 instantaneously at time of purchase. Prices have already been reduced, so there are …

pieWe’ve all had the experience of making a change and soon discovering that it’s better off sticking with how it was before.

Maybe you rushed onto the wrong choice. Or maybe you encountered a lot of issues during the transition. Well, this time is different. With proper planning ahead of time, you can make your move to a hosted VoIP system as easy as pie!

Seeing that many people give up on VoIP with apprehension, we want to speak to the three common concerns of moving to a hosted VoIP system to help you turn the fear into a business opportunity.


Concern #1 – I don’t know where to start.

You know nothing about VoIP and don’t have time to research. No worries! We …

IPVideoTalk-image1Are you ready to turn your conference room into a global meeting place? With Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk software, you can do just that.

IPVideoTalk is a subscription based on software for video, audio and web conferencing needs that can help your business stay connected with employees, board members, you name it, from anywhere in the world. Conferences through IPVideoTalk software can be held using Grandstream’s GVC3200 or the GVC3202. Subscriptions range from small businesses to large with pricing based on the number of max participants.IPVideo image3

Meetings through IPVideoTalk are easy to set up through the IPVideoTalk interface. Simply plan a future meeting, recurring meeting or meet now. You can invite participants through the portal by entering their email addresses and they will receive a link …

Summit Public Schools located in Silicon Valley, creates a collaborative and educational environment for over 6,000 students through the use of the most revolutionary and advanced technology available.

quoteBy using this advanced technology, Summit Public Schools allows students all the resources necessary to pursue what they are truly passionate about. Even with today’s most revolutionary technology the school still struggled with poor audio quality for weekly leadership calls.


YVC-1000 Gives Peace of Mind to Summit Public Schoolsyvc1000

As CTO of Summit Public Schools, Bryant Wong quickly realized that although all proper implementations were made to the network infrastructure to support its video conferencing setip, the audio quality was lacking which hindered the effectiveness of these high-impact meetings. The echo disrupted the conversation of the meeting and the constant …