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What is it?

The Plantronics C725 series is a USB binaural headset with tremendous noise canceling abilities.

This is the newest and most advanced headset for PC use that Plantronics has ever released.

Plantronics produced a UC version, C725, and also a Microsoft Lync certified version, C725-M.

Whether you’re at your computer using a third party softphone or running Microsoft Lync there is a version for you.

The USB headset offers Smart Sensor technology which allows the user to answer a call by simply putting on the headset and end the call by removing the headset.

Some of the features include but are not limited to;

  • Dual Ear pad design
  • 2 year limited warranty through Plantronics
  • Microsoft Lync compatibility with C725-M model
  • Active Noise Canceling
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If you’re striving for a good work / life balance there are a couple schools of thought.

Amanda Abella at Care2 wrote the article, Why Work Life Balance Doesn’t Exist, saying that:

Work life balance became a major buzz word in the health and lifestyle community because people felt like they had to find ways to handle stress…The reason so many fail at work life balance is because they try to cram their activities into a perfectly balanced schedule…The point is the life is fluid. Nothing is ever the same. By trying to “balance” our lives into equal parts we’re working against that.

On the other hand, The Independent’s Antonia Molloy is reporting that A quarter of UK professionals are unhappy with their work-life

What is it?

The Yealink SIP-T29G is a Gigabit VoIP phone with a 4.3” color display with backlight. The Yealink T29G is the elite model in the T2 series of Yealink phones.

The T29G separates itself with it’s dual gigabit ethernet ports, USB Bluetooth headset support and the ability to handle up to 16 VoIP accounts.

The Yealink T29G features include, but are not limited to:

  • HD Voice, HD Handset, HD Speaker
  • Wall Mountable
  • PoE Support
  • Busy Lamp Field Appearance (BLF)
  • Supports up to 6 Expansion Modules
  • And many more…

Download: Yealink SIP-T29 Datasheet

Yealink Business SIP Phones

Who Is It For?

The Yealink T29G can fit an array of applications. This could sit on the desk of someone who needs to handle multiple call transfers and incoming …

More Progress on the VoIP Lab at VoIP Supply

The new interactive demo lab is starting to take more shape here at VoIP Supply.

It may look a little messy at the moment but a lot of progress has been made. The electricians have been in to lay the proper cabling and the ethernets ports and cabling has been put in.

This will be a fully interactive lab with VoIP phones, headsets, PBX’s, gateways, and more from every brand that we carry. That way, when you call in asking about compatibility issues or solution suggestions, we’ll be able to more easily run tests for you and share our experience.

We will keep you updated as the progress continues.…

At the end of January, a few of folks from VoIP Supply went down to Miami for ITEXPO East.

Just being able to escape the Buffalo snow for a few days would have made the trip nice enough.

They were surprised then when Sangoma, one of our top open source VoIP hardware brands, named VoIP Supply the recipient of the 2015 Revenue Growth award for the North America region.

Sangoma is recognizing partners who are helping customers find flexible Sangoma telephony solutions, who are demonstrating success in their region, and are committed to growing with Sangoma.

Director of Marketing at Sangoma,  Kathleen Reed, is impressed with VoIP Supply’s performance.

“VoIP Supply has made concerted efforts in marketing and promoting Sangoma’s new products and services …

In these Digium interviews at ITEXPO 2015, VoIP Supply’s CFO Paula Griffo and Product Specialist Jeff Quinn explain what we offer to compliment Asterisk and Switchvox solutions.

Brian Ferguson of Digium talks about more of the Unified Communications solution highlights in his post here, Talking UC at ITEXPO: Watch Digium Live in Miami.

Watch the full video above for these other interviewees that explain their Digium and Asterisk integrations:…

There’s a long list of stadiums, arenas, convention centers, theatres, and recreational centers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany that use Ruckus Wireless for their public Wi-Fi systems.

The video above shows the success that Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels have had using Ruckus to enhance their fan’s gameday experience.

The Challenge

Use Wi-Fi to increase operational efficiencies throughout a stadium that holds 45,574 people.

The Solution

  • 200 Ruckus ZoneFlex narrow beam and ZoneFlex sectorized beam outdoor access points
  • Over 100 high-capacity three stream Ruckus ZoneFlex indoor access points
  • Ruckus SmartCell Gateway (SCG) 200 to manage access points

The Result

Free Wi-Fi access is not only helping to attract and retain fans, but the stadium is also using it for mobile …

polycom noiseblock
Face it, when you’re on a conference call you’re either zoning out to enjoy a few moments of meditation or you’re doing something else entirely.

The Harvard Business Review article, What People Are Really Doing When They’re on a Conference Call, explains that, “It turns out many U.S. employees would rather do just about anything rather than listen intently to their coworkers from a remote location.”


Inevitably, just as you began to successfully tune out everyone else on the call you get distracted by another caller’s dog barking in the background or a keyboard clacking away.

Who needs that?

Introducing Polycom NoiseBlock, “a new feature on the Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server that removes distracting noise from meeting conversations so everyone can be heard …

Cisco UC300 and UC500

The Cisco Unified Communications Series for Small Business, specifically the UC300 and UC500 device series, have reached end-of-life (EoL) status.

Support for these platforms began phasing out on January 1, 2015.

Digium is currently offering a promotion to help you switch from Cisco to a Switchvox UC platform.

For many customers, a Switchvox solution can be purchased for less than the annual cost of a Cisco support contract.

Promotion Details

  • Must be a new Switchvox solution that replaces an existing Cisco UC300 and UC500 solution.
  • This promotion CAN be stacked with other Digium promotions.
  • Work with your VoIP Supply account rep – Devices cannot be purchased online for the same discount.

Eligible Digium Products for Cisco Replacement Promotion

Unified Communications Appliances

  • Switchvox 80

If you’re looking for a Jabra headset for a Cisco phone, check out this Jabra – Cisco Compatibility Guide that outlines:

  • Jabra Wireless Headsets for Cisco Phones
  • Jabra Wireless Headsets for Cisco SPA Phones
  • Jabra Corded Headsets for Cisco Phones
  • Jabra Corded Headsets for Cisco SPA Phones

Connection Options

In addition to Cisco SPA and Unified IP Phones, this handy guide lists connectivity options for Cisco Jabber softphones, WebEx, and Cisco wireless handsets.

You’re able to quickly find which connector cable you need, if there’s a USB connection, Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) capabilities, or if there’s remote call control (RCC) for your headset / phone pairing.

And if you’re unsure what type of headset you need for your work environment, just follow Jabra’s four steps …