With temperatures dropping in our beloved Western New York, VoIP Supply wants to warm things up with hot prices on VoIP equipment.

We have been hard at work finding the best reused VoIP equipment for your business needs. Not only because we love saving you money, but most importantly because as a B corporation we take our commitment to sustainability and taking care of the environment to heart.
Thus, we buy used VoIP equipment that would otherwise end up in dumb yards, and we upgrade them completely- physically and internally. Our Refresh line goes through a meticulous 10-step process where we examine, upgrade, and set to factory defaults before repackaging the product.

Take a look at our Refresh line for hardware that is in excellent …


VTech is already the world’s leading manufacturer of cordless phones, and now they would like to expand their presence in the VoIP industry.

On October 20th, both VTech and Snom Technology AG announced that the two companies have made an agreement which will allow VTech to acquire 100% share capital of Snom.

Snom, which is a German based company founded in 1996, is recognized as the world’s first brand of professional and enterprise VoIP phones.

snom 725

The combination of the two company’s is expected to focus on both VoIP hardware and software development.

The acquisition is still pending based on the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.…

dp720Today Grandstream announced that the DP750 and DP720 have now been validated on the new release of BroadSoft’s Broadworks platform, 21.0/21.sp1.


With this validation, you can expect to see an increase in productivity value and mobility options. You will also find that the DP750 and DP720
are jam packed with features like full HD audio, integrated PoE, a base station that supports up to 10 SIP accounts and 4 concurrent calls, 3-way voice conferencing and the flexibility to move around your work or home space within a range of up to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors.


These features will be fully supported by the Broadworks platform and will result in a superior Cordless IP DECT solution for customers worldwide.


It’s …

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I have been using a Polycom phone for the duration that I have held this role and I must say, the features that are found in the Polycom line sets them apart from others in the market. One of the things that I like to be constantly aware of is where our daily sales are. In most places, I would have to pull a report, which takes time away from my other job functions.

One feature that I use on a daily basis is one that shows our sales totals and it even gets as granular as showing the sales of each rep on the floor. Using a VoIP phone gives you access to have all sorts of unique add-ons and features that you typically …

Mitel made the announcement at their Mitel Next event in Paris yesterday.  The VoIP communications company is offering a new platform that will target multinational businesses by simplifying the management of cloud communications.

With the launch of World Cloud, Mitel will now have a cloud presence in more than 40 countries worldwide and will virtually bridge offices to eliminate barriers to international communications.

This new service will save businesses on international calling costs, and also offer a true local experience for their customers.

Mitel is able to deliver such services by using its 14 data centers that are strategically located across the globe. This will ensure highly reliable service and makes it easy to adhere to country-specific data requirements.

Is this something that your business can benefit …

Do you have questions about VoIP?

Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone.


In the previous Mom’s calling Q&A series, we have discussed: UCM 6102: Do I Need a Different Configuration to Backup? Today, we have more new real questions and answers from VoIP users just like you.


How Do I Keep all the Call Recordings on UCM 6102?


Q: If I want to keep all the call recordings on UCM 6102 do I just swap out the SD cards as they get full? And how much recording time can each SD hold? grandstream_ucm6102


A: …

VoIP Supply recently offered up a terrific blog post to explain why you need a Session Border Controller for your VoIP system. Now that you know the importance of this critical feature, wouldn’t it be great to have it already integrated within your VoIP Gateway?


As part of our market-leading uniqueness in the gateway segment, ADTRAN’s Total Access 900e Series of VoIP Gateways also provide enterprise SBC functionality, delivering a truly converged application platform at the customer premises. Clearly, this feature is becoming mandatory in today’s service deployment to normalize, secure and troubleshoot the SIP interoperability demanded at the premises.

Session Border Controller


Designed to ease the need for extensive interoperability testing, ADTRAN’s SBC delivers the tools necessary to normalize, secure and troubleshoot the …


Everyone knows that the workplace can sometimes get a little, germy.  We routinely empty the trash can, wipe down our desks, and Purell® our hands in an effort to keep our workspace clean and looking fresh, but with flu season right around the corner, it is especially important to take extra measures to ensure the cleanliness of your workspace!

Amidst all of the things that we use and touch during our day at work, the one thing that can really collect dirt, dust, fingerprints, and germs is your phone! We all love VoIP phones, and all of the features that come with having VoIP service, but unfortunately there is no difference between a POTS line phone and a VoIP phone when it comes to …

If you currently do not have the latest version of the Switchvox server (6.3 or later) then now is a better time than ever before to upgrade.

Digium is planning to release a new version of the Switchvox Softphone App for iPhone.  This update will move the app to 3.0 and will need the latest version of Switchvox for it to be supported.

Updating to Switchvox 6.3 will not only allow you to run Switchvox Softphone App 3.0 smoothly, but it will also be able to support previous versions of this app as well.

The new version of this app will provide a better user experience by having better call handling so that Switchvox calls are not interrupted by an incoming iPhone call, and will …

Jabra announced just this morning that they have acquired VXi Corp, which also includes the BlueParrott brand.

VXi was founded in 1989 and is one of the top leaders in professional headset solutions. VXi is most known for their noise suppression technology, and have a big presence in communication environments that experience high levels of background noise.

Perhaps one of VXi’s most popular line of headsets is their BlueParrott line.  These headsets are preferred for truck drivers, and people who spend most of their workday on the road because of its ease of use and noise cancellation.

Jabra instantly increases its portfolio of professional audio solutions with this acquisition and expects to see an increase in the size and reach of its sales team as a …