No doubt you’re excited about the major benefit of switching to VoIP – cost savings! And with good reason because the average small business is seeing monthly cost decreases in the neighborhood of 40 -60% off of their normal telecommunications costs.

However, because VoIP uses your Internet connection to transport calls, it puts greater demands on your Internet connection, often doubling or tripling the amount of traffic you generate. Without adequate bandwidth, you won’t be happy with the quality or your calls – and neither will your customers.

Pat Sampson’s 3 steps for Implementing VoIP in Your Small Business at the Cisco Blog explains that:

VoIP systems are designed to be flexible and scalable. So whichever system you choose now will grow along with your business, allowing you to easily add users, upgrade features, and expand into more sophisticated modules as you need them.

Keeping in mind the increased load VoIP will place on your systems, Sampson goes on to outline that with an IP network and high-speed internet connection already in place you can put together the right VoIP solution for your needs in these 3 steps:

1.  Assess your needs and choose your solution.

2.  Prepare your network.

3.  Install the voice products.

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