New SIP DECT Handsets from Aastra

Aastra will soon release three new SIP DECT handsets. The Aastra 610D, Aastra 620D and Aastra 630D join the already released Aastra DECT 142. Learn all about them after the jump….

Aastra 600d DECT handsets are elegant, yet robust and powerful tools for business communications on the go. With three new models: 610d, 620d, and 630d, the family offers choice and provides a full range of features appreciated by professionals within the organization. These models include large displays, programmable keys, intuitive user interface, intelligent battery management, hands-free operation and multiple headset connectivity options. For enhanced productivity, the 600d phones offers the regular telephony features of a desk phone: Call transfer, call forward, call hold, call and message waiting indication, speed dials, and call logs, among many others.


How does it all work?

For VoIP users looking for mobility, the Aastra SIP DECT solution is tough to beat. Instead of using traditional 802.11a/b/g wireless networking (WiFi), these products utilize a wireless protocol known as “DECT”. “DECT” stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. DECT phones use a different wireless spectrum than WiFi, 1920 MHz–1930 MHz, or 1.9 GHz. DECT technology offers reliable, high quality, secure voice access throughout a building or across a corporate network with full roaming support, unlike many WiFi based VoIP phones.

Aastra DECT handsets act as normal company extensions, allowing staff to be reached in both headquarters and branch office locations. Employing advanced authentication/encryption technology, DECT is constantly monitoring transmissions and will automatically adjust channels to avoid possible interference.

The Aastra SIP-DECT system, using handsets (DECT 142, 610D, 620D or 630D) and the RFP32 or RFP34 IP DECT access points, can grow as your business expands. By simply adding additional handsets and access points, the Aastra SIP-DECT solution can easily expand to meet changing business requirements.

Aastra RFP32 Indoor DECT Access Point
Aastra RFP32 Indoor DECT Access Point
Aastra RFP34 Outdoor DECT Access Point
Aastra RFP34 Outdoor DECT Access Point

Up to 512 handsets can be deployed using up to 256 IP access points. The Aastra OMM Activation kit is also required to set up the solution.



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