The folks at Microsoft might be unsure about their Windows based Response Point phone system, but that’s not stopping others from capitalizing on the growing popularity of Windows as a Telephony platform.

Earlier today Sangoma, a leading provider of telephony interface hardware and software, announced the availability of their NetBoarder VoIP Gateway cards and Netborder Express 2.0 software which allows the use of Sangoma cards on a Windows platform. This allows DIY end-users, resellers and integrators to build their own Windows based VoIP gateways and VoIP PBX systems.

According to Sangoma NetBorder Express 2.0 adds a powerful Web interface that takes care of installation, configuration, and SIP to TDM gateway management. Customizable tone processing features, and the new management console, all add up to lower-cost, easier deployments for developers and end users.

And Sangoma is not the only company catering to the Windows market. 3CX, an award winning VoIP PBX based on Windows, is continuing to gain traction with small medium businesses thanks to its simplicity and ease of use.

3CX CEO Nick Galea says this latest offering from Sangoma, “[Is good] for our customers because the complete solution of Sangoma, plus NetBorder Express 2.0, plus 3CX will be easy to install, easy to use and very cost effective.”

Simple, easy to use and very cost effective. Sounds like the Window folks are set to give the Linux folks a run for their money…with the same pitch.



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  1. Garrett Smith

    @ db

    You’re right, pbxnsip has been in the windows space for quite some time. But I haven’t heard much from them.