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SpectraLink wireless phones are wildly famous. And why not? Their iconic WiFI and DECT phones offer all kinds of benefits to businesses who need mobility and accessibility across a wide area of operation. SpectraLink hasn’t slowed down with their 84-Series Wireless Telephones.

The 84-Series phones are designed with certain industries in mind: healthcare, manufacturing, retail and hospitality to name a few. You can always rely on the SpectraLink 8440, which comes in a black or a blue handset, to keep corridor mobile workers connected while on the job. Previously, your Spectralink 8440 handset would work with most SIP-based call systems as long as you were connecting the handset to the LAN using a Spectralink VIEW certified access point. If you were tech savvy, you may …

It’s finally May and you know what that means – Busy summer sales months are right around the corner!  If your phone system is an antiquated analog or digital system, you are heading into the busiest weeks of the year with a disadvantage already!

At this point, you are probably already considering a new VoIP phone system.  If Switchvox, Frost and Sullivan’s choice for global growth leadership in Unified Communications, is a system you are considering or have already purchased, below are some training opportunities that you need to mark on your calendar!

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Free and Paid Switchvox Trainings that are Available now!

Is Switchvox Right for you? A live demonstration of Switchvox UC Phone System  – FREE held every …

If you were a fan of Cisco last quarter you no doubt followed their 4-4-3 promotion where you practically got your 4th SPA504 or SPA303 phone for free when you bought a 4 pack. What a great promotion! Let’s face it, when the marketing giants at Cisco put their minds to work, they pump out some great deals! But all good things must come to an end.  How do you top that?

Well, believe it or not, they have! The Cisco SPA504 is arguably our most popular Small Business VoIP phone and has been since it came out in 2009.  Not only is the Cisco SPA504 feature rich and sexy, it is pretty affordable too at only $124.99.  The SPA504 offers 4 lines, a backlit …

VoIP Supply’s mission is to do well, so that it can do good for the community.

That’s why we’re so proud to announce our nomination for the 2013 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award (BNBEA).

Ethics is the type of corporate philosophy that’s normally recognized so, The American Business Ethics award was founded in 1994 by the Society of Financial Service Professionals (SFSP) as a way to shed some light on companies doing the right thing.…


If you like beer, you’ll love KegWorks, the online supplier of “tools for drinking.”

KegWorks is one our local friends here in the Buffalo area who was very interested when they heard about VoIP Supply’s 6 Pack Club;  our monthly craft beer exchange, not an ab workout.

Liz Chatterton, Brand Ambassador at KegWorks, interviewed us on why the beer club is good for our company culture. Because, let’s be honest, we have this club to trade beers and have some fun.

But, it turns out that’s it’s also good for team building, sharing ideas, and discovering new things.

Click here to read the full interview, Hey, Boss Man – Craft Beer Exchanges Promote Corporate Team Building.

And be sure to check out KegWorks …

For years, Switchvox has been the most trusted name in feature-rich, out of the box Asterisk® solutions. Digium’s Switchvox has won multiple awards in recent years including the CRN 5-star Partner, Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Global Growth Leadership, TMC’s Innovation Award for 2012, among many others. Why does the industry love Switchvox? Because it offers the most comprehensive UC feature set right out of the box in an easy to install and administer package. In addition, the phone and email support that is included with each and every user subscription makes Switchvox one of the most supported Asterisk®-based systems available. Digium’s expert team of technicians is always on hand to help with even the most unique problems. Up …

In a weak economy, jobs aren’t a sure thing let alone yearly raises.

APAssociated Press writer Joyce Rosenberg takes a look at small businesses raises which are ” increasingly based on performance — not just an employee’s performance, but the entire company’s.”

Rosenberg’s article, Small Businesses Basing Pay More on Performance, asked CEO’s across the country about pay increases, other rewards, and compensation tied to corporate performance:

Whether they’ll do well is the big question for many small business owners. Jobs and incomes are growing, but not fast enough to make them more confident that a healthy economy will give their sales a boost.

Ben Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply, was asked about his company’s reaction to the economy.  Although VoIP Supply “had been …

The Buffalo Police Department is investigating a hit-and-run accident involving an SUV registered to Buffalo Bills’ running back Marshawn Lynch. According to a Buffalo Police Department spokesman it remains unclear whether the running back was in the SUV when it struck and injured a female pedestrian at approximately 3:30 a.m. Saturday in the Chippewa Entertainment District. Lynch is not known to have been in the vehicle. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with IP Cameras…well a lot. You see Buffalo recently installed IP Cameras in that area of downtown as an on going initiative to make the streets safer after hours. The accident occurred right below the installed IP Camera. The woman who was injured in the incident has since …