For the next couple of weeks we’re going to highlight our partners who are exhibiting at ITEXPO Miami 2014 to learn what’s new at this year’s show.

ITEXPO, running from January 28th through January 31st, is a business technology event and tradeshow for VoIP, Unified Communications, Cloud services, phone apps, and more.

3 Questions with Grandstream About ITEXPO

We spoke with Phil Bowers, Global Marketing Communications Manager for Grandstream, about what to expect at this year’s ITEXPO.

VoIP Supply:  For those who aren’t familiar with your company, can you tell us a little bit about Grandstream?

Grandstream:  Grandstream is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of IP Business Solutions. We supply SMBs and Enterprises throughout the world with integrated voice, video, data, and mobility …

Shopping around for IP surveillance cameras is one thing but, deciding which one of those thousands of cameras is the right fit and will actually perform as advertised is quite another thing.Mobotix MX-Q24M-Basic-D22

That’s why, for those customers that need trustworthy help to make the best decision, we’re happy to announce that the Mobotix Global Partner Network now includes VoIP Supply as a Registered Mobotix Partner.

Not just a fancy title, what a Registered Mobotix Partner means for customers is:…

One huge advantage of an IP camera based surveillance system over their analog, coaxial cousins is vastly better image quality.

So why are so many analog cameras still in use? 

Dragging Surveillance Into the Digital Age

Matt Krebs at TechNewsWorld asks, “In a world where HDTVs, Blu-ray and 3D IMAX features dominate the entertainment landscape, how can video from surveillance cameras be so poor?”

Cost is always factor but the gradual shift to higher quality, full-featured IP cameras can also be attributed to surveillance systems that haven’t broken down yet.  Many systems still employ analog components that have not out-lived their usefulness on fully functioning infrastructure that was expensive to install.

That may now change with surveillance in the Cloud.

Hosted Video Partnership 

Krebs explains that, “As with other virtualized services, …

Recognizing that parking lots are areas of high traffic, accidents and crimes IP Video Market Info has put together a Parking Lot Shootout testing IP camera surveillance kits from leading manufacturers like Axis, Bosch, IQinVision, and Sony.

Monitoring a wide area to simulate everyday activity, they then analyzed 12 different scenes from midday to nighttime to twilight hours with several variables.

Click here for the full report.

Altera Corporation, a semiconductor device manufacturer, has announced the development of the industry’s first HD WDR video surveillance chipset:

Government, municipalities, financial institutions, and businesses are driving new uses for video surveillance technologies beyond crime prevention or security into applications such as asset management, risk mitigation, and safety.

The challenge for camera manufacturers, however, is developing “smarter” cameras at lower price points. More and more, digital high-definition (HD) Internet protocol surveillance cameras are replacing analog cameras because of lower installation costs, scalability, and the ability to add intelligence.

Recognizing camera manufacturer challenges and surveillance market demands Altera has enlisted CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensors into their design to help power the next generation of IP cameras.  And for good reason because CMOS image sensors have some …

In an IP camera buyers guide article at Source Security, Simon Nash, Senior Marketing Manager of Sony Europe, stresses:

Don’t let cost be your guiding light. Most people buy surveillance cameras with cost as their highest priority and effectiveness as the second, which results in grainy, out-of-focus images.

A great deal of knowledge and expertise is shared in this article from points to conider when converging from analog to IP, evaluation criteria for IP cameras, and do’s and don’ts when making a selection.

We understand that cost and budgetary concerns are always paramount.  But it’s important to know and hear that the right system for you isn’t simply the cheapest. …

There are several elements that affect an IP camera’s image quality and field of view but the one component that is affected first, the piece that is in the first line of approach for a source of illuminance is:  The IP camera’s lens.

IP camera lenses dutifully perform several key funtions:

  • Defining the field of view:  Defining how much detail and how broad the scope of a scene will be captured and ultimately, displayed.
  • Controlling the amount of light:  Controls how much light gets passed to the image sensor so that an image has the proper exposure.
  • Focusing:  Maintain proper focus by adjusting elements within the lens assembly or, by adjusting the distance between the lens assembly and the image sensor.

When selecting an IP

Thanks to the heads up at Security Products, a study has been released by Axis Communications that compares the cost of a traditional analog surveillance system to that of an IP video surveillance system:

Total cost comparison study of analog and IP-based video surveillance

This study was conducted in the Spring of 2010 by the research group Lusax. Some highlights include:

  • There’s a perceived higher cost of IP cameras versus analog
  • Cameras are only one part of a video surveillance solution, and the total cost of a complete system is dependent on a number of factors.
  • Recording is the most significant cost category in the analog alternatives
  • Savings derive from off-the-shelf IT and server recording equipment
  • Scalability and flexibility are mentioned as two main

In the beginning stages of wireless IP camera setup  there are some simple considerations to be aware of.  As you get deeper into a wireless IP camera system solution other factors such as frequencies, signal strength and security concerns need to addressed.

Wireless networks can be a bit trickier than their wired counterparts so in the final step of this series I’ll talk about the following concerns:

  • Bandwidth
  • Distance and number of cameras
  • Wireless vs. wired networks

Axis M1031-W

In the first part of the wireless IP camera setup conversation it was noted that because of their easy, quick, and cost-friendly set-up, wireless ip cameras allow fast deployment for immediate or emergency needs.

Wireless IP cameras enable mobility.  Using them in a parking lot, for example, is cheaper than running cables through the ground. 

And while popular in the home and small offices, wireless IP cameras have a slower adoption rate in the corporate setting because of network security concerns and reliable wirless signals – topics that I’ll be touching on in this post.…