Everyone is always looking for ways to grow their VoIP reseller business and the industry can be a very competitive field. We have been in the VoIP business for awhile and have seen plenty of changes. Here are 5 tips we want to pass on to you make sure you’re doing everything you can to grow!


Pro Tip #1: Partner with manufacturers who offer top tier support

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You want to partner with manufacturers and tier 1 distributors who offer the same customer service and support as you do with your customers. Although, price can be a heavy factor, try to weigh all the other value add aspects a partner can bring to you. Get a good idea of their whole process. Here are …


If you like beer, you’ll love KegWorks, the online supplier of “tools for drinking.”

KegWorks is one our local friends here in the Buffalo area who was very interested when they heard about VoIP Supply’s 6 Pack Club;  our monthly craft beer exchange, not an ab workout.

Liz Chatterton, Brand Ambassador at KegWorks, interviewed us on why the beer club is good for our company culture. Because, let’s be honest, we have this club to trade beers and have some fun.

But, it turns out that’s it’s also good for team building, sharing ideas, and discovering new things.…

YFS Magazine - Should Brands Take a Stand?

YFS Magazine, a resource for startup, small business news, and entrepreneurial culture, asked VoIP Supply if brands should take a stand?

In the article, Sex, Politics, Religion, Oh My: Should Brands Take a Stand on Social Issues?, YFS remembers that sharing opinions in public on those societal issues “were once considered taboo and scandalous.”

But now, your family, friends, and co-workers freely share opinions so, “should brands throw their hat into the ring and take a stand on social ills?”

Ben Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply, weighs in:

If the company is not truly engaged in social issue then, it’s simply a marketing ploy. VoIP Supply became a Certified B Corporation because we put people ahead of profits, give back to the community, and

CEO Blog Nation, a community hub for entrepreneurs and business owners, has released an eBook available for download that shares advice from Ben Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply.

The I Am CEO Handbook provides tips, anecdotes, and how-to’s to help guide startups and business owners. Learn from others experience and get firsthand information on:CEO_HANDBOOK-1-731x1024

  • Get a businesses up and running quickly including marketing tips
  • What you need to start a business
  • Finding people to help out with your business
  • How to write a business plan
  • Bootstrapping tips
  • How to find and recruit top talent
  • Motivating quotes
  • Maintaining a work/life balance

Sayers shares his advice on how writing lists, building a solid business plan, and staying focused will help you succeed:

  1. Write Lists: Lists

Ben Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply, was featured in the entrepreneurial column, The Ride.

As the name suggests, author Mildred Culp highlights the up and down journey that all businesses take.

Here she shares Sayers’ story from the beginning:  Selling a business and using the small proceeds to start another one; being forced to make cutbacks after going “overboard” just before the recession hit; and rebuilding the business by recognizing a trend and taking advantage of a new opportunity.

Click here to read the full article, Firings Bring Consequences.

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I remember when I used to teach Social Studies, specifically while I was student teaching, a student would come up to me and ask me a question to which I had no idea what the answer was. If this happened in front of the whole class, this could be a source of embarrassment. If it was in front of the class and the principal (who dropped by to observe you) heard you fumbling for the answer…LOOK OUT!

Now, that being said, management of the classroom involves several tricks. Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you that you have to know your content, but also have excellent “stage presence”. Stay on your toes and be prepared for anything.

When a student came up to me and …