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Our company has taken initiatives to cut back our carbon footprint by allowing employees to work from home one day a week (or occasionally more), recycle all the shipping material we receive, recycle as much trash and paper as we can separate, host our warehouse as a drop-off site for SunnKing’s E-Scrap 4 Camp, and participate in the Buffalo-Niagara Riverkeeper Shoreline Sweep every spring/fall to pull pounds of trash out of one of the many waterways in Western New York. We’ve even made B-Corporation company status through our sustainable efforts. Working to create a better tomorrow is the heart of our company, and with that, we wanted to …

Mobotix’s Outdoor IP Cameras are made from a fiberglass-reinforced plastic that’s normally used to manufacture hard-wearing exterior car components. 

So it’s no surprise that a solar powered Mobotix M12 camera is now the world’s highest webcam at 18,514 feet (5,643 meters) on the Kala Patthar mountain.

Mobotix Outdoor IP Cameras are deployed in arctic and desert extremes with an operating temperature range of -22° F (-30° C) to over 140° F (60° C). And with a low power consumption, temperatures inside a Mobotix camera remain temperate resulting in a longer life span. 

Perched on the Kala Patthar mountain to provide high definition, megapixel views of Mount Everest, the world’s highest Mobotix IP camera is being used with the world’s highest weather station on Mount Everest as part …

With Mobotix announcing a 50% year-over-year revenue growth in the America’s, it wants to continue that growth by focusing on their hemispheric technology.

Specifically, in addition to their full line that offers high-resolution capabilities, Mobotix is looking to Mobotix Q24expand their market with unique offereings such as:

Mobotix expects a strong year and has stated that these cameras are “in high demand due Mobotix T24to the products’ superior image quality, decentralized infrastructure, low upfront cost and long-term return-on-investment.”

With their decentralized approach Mobotix IP Cameras also utilize the following advantages:

  • High-speed computer and internal flash memory card (SD/MicroSD card) to enable all recording and storage to occur within the camera.
  • Reduced need for a separate PC or

he Mobotix T24 Door Station IP Camera is a unique product.  Fully weatherproof and rated for outdoor use, this IP camera acts like a sentry to guard and grant access to your entrance way and you don’t even need to physically be there to monitor or interact with people.

Because it’s IP-based and the way it’s designed, you can access the T24′s functions from anywhere you are with a video phone, a computer, or a tablet/iPad.

And with its hemispheric lens that captures a 180 degree, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling panoramic view, no one can sneak by without you seeing them plus:

  • Two-way video conversation from anywhere in the world.
  • Record with sound.
  • Keyless entry option and remotely open doors.

For a great write-up and detailed …

Mobotix prides itself on being the high resolution video company because the benefits of their megapixel IP cameras are: 

  • The images produced are more revealing and provide stronger evidence.
  • Mobotix IP cameras record approximately 30 times more detail than 95% of all existing video systems worldwide.
  • High-detail resolution means fewer cameras and reduced amount of cabling, backup-power requirement and storage systems; Thus minimizing the overall system cost.
  • An entire room can be monitored with one 90° wide-angle lens camera positioned in a corner of a room. 

Those are great features that can be advantageous to many surveillance situations.  Plus, with their rough and tumble fiberglass-reinforced housing that allow an extreme operating temperature range of -30° C to +60° C (-22° F to +140° F), Mobotix …

Would you rather have to install, say, four cameras to monitor a single room or just one?  Instead of relying on your PC to analyze and record video how about an IP camera with a capacity up to 32GB of internal storage to process the video so the PC is used only for viewing, thus freeing up bandwidth and processing power? 

And how about instead of having to buy video software to manage the video and making you sure you have the proper amount of licenses, how about free software downloads directly from the manufacturer for an unlimited amount of users and cameras? 

Interested?  There’s more. …

Since its founding in 1999, Mobotix has been focused on one particular feature of IP cameras:  High resolution.  In fact, that’s their tagline:  Mobotix: The HiRes Video Company.  “What’s so special about high resolution images,” you might ask?  The higher resolution images that an IP camera can produce, the more detailed, accurate, and (quite frankly) useful that image is going to be. …