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This past week on September 17th and 18th, VoIP Supply participated in the 22nd Annual United Way of Caring in what has become one of the biggest community service events in Buffalo and Western New York.

It’s a great event, with even greater turnout, where companies lend out their employees who get a chance to help their neighbors and gain a some team-building experience.

We were proud to help out Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara with blacktop sealing and another project where a resident was in need of fence staining.

Get Involved, Year of Giving

Visit the United Way of Buffalo on Facebook or their website for more information on their charitable efforts and ways that you can get involved.

We look forward to next year’s …

You know who Verne Harnish is if you’ve read the book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits,” perused Fortune Magazine, taken an executive training class though Gazelles, or have ever interacted with the influential member companies of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

Over the past 30 years Harnish is responsible for all of the above having written a book endorsed by CEO’s worldwide, becoming a syndicated columnist, and founding two organizations to help executives and entrepreneurs reach their goals.

And recently he has acknowledged the success of EO Western New York companies throughout Buffalo and Rochester which Harnish says is due to their CEO’s focus on specialized marketplaces:

I’ve visited a large number of EO chapters throughout the world and I think I’ve found the most business savvy of

In honor of Valentines Day, I’d like to share what VoIP Supply’s CEO, Ben Sayers had to say about employees hooking up at work.

Sayers was recently featured in Barbara Haislip’s Wall Street Journal article, Romance Can Disrupt a Small Firm which explores what bosses need to do to “make sure lovebirds stay professional.”

Love is Tricky – Office or No Office

Haislip talked to small business owners to find out how they manage what could be a tricky situation; co-workers falling into and out of love.

How do you make sure that it doesn’t interfere with business?

What do you do if the relationship takes a bad turn because, “If a romance sours, not only can it poison the mood of the whole office, …

We are proud to announce that VoIP Supply has been named by Buffalo Business First as one of Western New York’s Most Admired Companies.

This is the second straight year that we’ve made the short-list of other great Buffalo-area companies in this special report that examines:

  • Company Growth
  • Success as an Employer
  • Connection with the Local Community

As Buffalo’s first Certified B Corporation, VoIP Supply pays special attention to running a sustainable business that gives back to the community.

For example, did you know that for every order you place online we donate $1.98, the cost of one meal, to Buffalo City Mission to help feed the hungry?

Thanks to all of our savvy online shoppers in 2013 we’ve been able to donate …

Have you ever wondered how Ben Sayers, CEO and owner of VoIP Supply, started the company?

Find out here in Jaime Tardy’s interview at Eventual Millionaire, Step by Step Starting a Business with Benjamin Sayers, plus the strategies and techniques he uses including:

  • Using checklists
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Creating business plans
  • Setting goals

VoIP Supply is now in its 11th year of business and now Ben is starting a new venture. Click the video above to learn more.…

The benefits of working for a small business are the benefits.

As Barbara Haislip’s Wall Street Journal article, Keep Employees Happy With Creative Perks, highlights, SMBs are usually more flexible than their large corporation counterparts, and they’re using that to their advantage to reward and retain employees.

Instead of purely financial rewards, maybe you’d be happier at work with the things that VoIP Supply and other entrepreneur-led businesses are offering in Haislip’s article, such as:

  • Free Beer Fridays
  • Telecommuting – Work is wherever you are
  • Dogs allowed in the office
  • Paid week of volunteering
  • Technology allowance
  • And more…

Compared to “monetary perks,” Clicks and Clients CEO Paul Rakovich was quoted as saying, ”I think the experiences are more valued and cherished, plus the return on …

Small business owners are always looking for ways to cut costs and one great way to help that effort is by taking a closer look at shipping processes and procedures.

VoIP Supply was recently featured in this Launch Grow Joy article by Andreea Ayers that includes the advice from over 30 other entrepreneurs who shared their experiences on how to save on shipping.

Here’s how VoIP Supply works to keep costs low:

Make your packing materials work for you. VoIP Supply reuses or recycles every box that comes in. Boxes in good shape get shipped back out and all the others are taken by a recycling company that pays us to pick them up so, we save on the cost of a cardboard dumpster. We

Hackers and fraud got you down?

Don’t let all the hard work you put into your eCommerce site be derailed.

Take some precautions by taking the advice of these 15 Ways to Protect Your Ecommerce Site From Hacking and Fraud from IT pros.

Jennifer Schiff, writer, shares expert tips to reduce credit card fraud and maintain the trust of your customers.

VoIP Supply’s stellar Software Development Manager, Shawn Hess, chimes in with the suggestion to choose a secure eCommerce platform:

“Put your ecommerce site on a platform that uses a sophisticated object-orientated programming language,” says Shawn Hess, software development manager, VoIP Supply.

“We’ve used plenty of different open source ecommerce platforms in the past and the one we’re using now is by far the …

Does your company know how to properly onboard a new hire to increase retention and avoid the cost of employee turnover?

Ben Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply, and other entrepreneurs share their advice in the YFS Magazine article, “10 Effective Ways to Train and Educate New Employees.”

What does VoIP Supply do?

We encourage employees to always be learning and sharing knowledge with each other.

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