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Audiocodes MP108-FXO (REFRESH)

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Audiocodes MP108-FXO (REFRESH)

This Refreshed Product has undergone an extensive 10 Step Process in which it was inspected, tested, fully cleaned, upgraded to the latest firmware and repacked for sale.

Refresh products ship with all the applicable original components including phone, handset cord, base stand, RJ45 cable and manuals.

Audiocodes MP108-FXO 8 FXO Gateway REFRESH

The Audiocodes MP108 FXO is an FXO gateway featuring 8 FXO ports for connecting to the PSTN. The MP108 is best suited for using local PSTN for local calling, toll bypass through a remote location, or for providing PSTN backup to an IP Telephony system.

Audiocodes MP108-FXO Product Overview

The Audiocodes Mediapack Gateways are well-suited for commercial VoIP deployment. Field-proven voice and fax technology and feature-rich design makes the MediaPacks an excellent solution for various emerging VoIP applications. The MediaPacks are used in VoIP-based PBX or IP-PBX architecture as a mediation gateway and remote analog extension. This AudioCodes unit also used for optimizing voice transmission over satellite links, payphone networks, centralized IVR and Quality Monitoring applications. The MediaPacks are vastly deployed in the MTU (Multi Tenant Units) broadband access networks, IP Centrex and rural areas.

  • 8 RJ11 FXO Analog Ports
  • Single 10/100 Base-T, RJ-45 Network Interface
  • Channel status and activity LED indicators
  • SIP (RFC 3261), MGCP (RFC 2705), MEGACO* (H.248), H.323 (V4) compliant
  • G.168-2000 compliant echo cancellation, VAD, CNG (Comfort Noise Generator),
  • Dynamic programmable Jitter Buffer, modem detection and auto switch to PCM
  • G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.727, G.729A, NetCoder® at 6.4-9.6 kbps voice compression
  • T.38 Compliant
  • Group 3 fax relay up to 14.4 kbps with automatic fallback
  • DTMF (TIA 464B)
  • User defined and call progress tones
  • Web management for easy configuration and installation
  • BootP, DHCP and TFTP provisioning
  • SNMP and syslog support

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What's Included

PLUS6 Warranty

Refreshed Products come with a standard 6 month warranty with an additional 6 months of coverage available through the PLUS6 WARRANTY.

All Refresh Products purchases are non-refundable. Replacement or store credit will be given if product is deemed defective inside of 6 months.

Why Buy Refresh?

✚ Value - Refresh products represent an exceptional value as they can be purchased for 20 to 25 percent less than their new equivalent retail price.
✚ Reliability- You can be assured that each product has been fully tested and ready to perform just like it was when originally purchased.
✚ Performance - All Refresh products go through an extensive reconditioning process which includes feature/functionality testing, component replacement (if necessary) and software upgrades.
✚ Warranty - Every Refresh product comes with a standard six month warranty that covers mechanical failures and defects. In addition VoIP Supply also offers an additional six months of protection through the Plus 6 warranty.

AudioCodes MP108-FXO
Audiocodes MP108-FXO (REFRESH)

Michael Rehac

Direct: 716-213-6898

Why Pay $374.99 for the Audiocodes MP108-FXO (REFRESH)?

  • 8 RJ11 FXO Analog Ports

  • G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.727, G.729A, NetCoder® at 6.4-9.6 kbps voice compression

  • Web management for easy configuration and installation

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Questions on Audiocodes MP108-FXO (REFRESH)

From Eden at 7/12/2016 8:00 PM

Q: Hi

in web of my voicegateway it's just H323 setting and no sip setting,
so how can i find sip?

Thank you in advance

A: Hi Eden,

You're correct!

There is no SIP protocol, it only talks H.323 protocol.

Refers to the AudioCodes H.323 FXS multiport gateways which can be used to connect analog devices (phone, fax). The term MP-10x includes the MP-102 (2-port), MP-104 (4-port), MP-108 (8-port) adapters. MP-124 is a 24-port adapter. These adapters have similar configuration and functionality except for the number of channels. The MP-10x adapters (MP-102, MP-104, MP-108) are using the same firmware; MP-124 has its own firmware.

The only H.323. > Gateway >Gatekeeper > Terminal >MCU
RAS - Q.931 - H.245 -RTP/RTCP. They need to use the same processing methods.

SIP is completely different. I just wanted to clarify here.

Let us know if you're looking for SIP!

Thank you for choosing VoIP Supply!


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