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Metaswitch Forum 2010 upcoming 5/17 -5/20

April 21, 2010
At Aastra we spend a lot of time and money on inter-opt testing with the leading SIP Call Control platforms; whether those platforms are premised ... READ MORE

The First 100 percent reliable Fax over IP Solution….Introducing the FAXXBOCHS!!!

October 14, 2009
From the makers of the ever so popular PhoneBochs, comes their latest appliance release called the FAXXBOCHS. The FAXXBOCHS is a premise-based appliance designed to ... READ MORE

Look out Skype, Vonage goes worldwide unlimited

August 20, 2009
Late last night VoIP service pioneer Vonage announced a new unlimited calling plan that smells like their answer to Skype's ever growing foothold in the ... READ MORE

Google voice doesn’t get my number

July 29, 2009
For a virtual number service, Google Voice seems to be an enormous amount of press these days. Maybe because its Google. Or even because the VoIP ... READ MORE

What’s important in a business VoIP service? (win a free WiFi VoIP phone)

March 27, 2009
Over the quarter I've met and chatted with a number of business VoIP providers. The conversations have ranged in topics, but the one question that always ... READ MORE Site Gets Extreme Makeover

December 30, 2008
FreePBX, the popular open source GUI for Asterisk, solidified a long term partnership with back in November....with acquiring, amongst other things, the FreePBX ... READ MORE

List of 35 41 "BYOD" VoIP Service Providers

October 13, 2008
Last week's post concerning how to select the right ATA device was well received, but should have included a list of "BYOD" VoIP service providers. What ... READ MORE

Ribbit Jumps on BT Acquisition Offer

July 9, 2008
Techcrunch reports that Mountain View, CA voice 2.0 platform company Ribbit has been acquired by British Telecom (BT) for a modest $55 million. Ribbit's main service ... READ MORE

VoIP For Dummies with MagicJack

July 2, 2008
I am in no way, shape, or form surprised about magicJack selling over 8,000 systems a day. They are on their way to 550,000 subscribers ... READ MORE

sipgate Launches Mobile VoIP App For iPhone

June 4, 2008
This morning, San Francisco based sipgate Inc launched a Mobile VoIP application for the iPhone. The application, which allows you to utilize the sipgate Mobile ... READ MORE