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Cisco CP-7971G-GE (REFRESH)

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Cisco CP-7971G-GE
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Cisco CP-7971G-GE Reconditioned VoIP Phone

Our Cisco CP-7971G-GE is a professionally reconditioned Cisco CP-7971G-GE IP Phone that has been cleaned, inspected, updated to the latest SIP Firmware and lab tested to prove operational. The Cisco CP-7971G-GE is OEM packaged, and includes phone, handset, handset cord, base stand, and RJ45 patch cable.

VoIP Supply Reconditioned products include a FREE 6-Month VoIP Supply warranty with replacement or store credit if the product is defective or DOA. (All VSRF products are non-refundable, store credit only.)

The Cisco CP-7971G-GE is dynamic, and it is designed to grow with system capabilities. Features will keep pace with new changes through software updates to the phone flash memory. The Cisco CP-7971G-GE provides many accessibility methods according to user preference.

The Cisco CP-7971G-GE does not require hands-on moves or changes. Users can simply pickup the phone and move to a new location anywhere on their network without the help of a system administrator. With both a color display and touch screen, the Cisco CP-7971G-GE delivers more powerful applications and network data to the desktop.

Cisco CP-7971G-GE Reconditioned VoIP Phone Product Overview

The Cisco CP-7971G-GE helps organizations communicate more effectively by helping them streamline business processes, reach the right resource the first time, and enhance productivity.

The Cisco Unified Communications portfolio is an integral part of the Cisco Business Communications Solution an integrated solution for organizations of all sizes that also includes network infrastructure, security, and network management products; wireless connectivity; and a lifecycle services approach, along with flexible deployment and outsourced management options, end-user and partner financing packages, and third-party communications applications.

Cisco CP-7971G-GE Reconditioned VoIP Phone Features

The first to provide unconstrained bandwidth to desktop applications, the Cisco CP-7971G-GE delivers the latest technology and advancements in Gigabit Ethernet VoIP telephony. It not only addresses the needs of an executive or major decision maker but also brings network data and applications to users quickly with its Gigabit Ethernet port for integration to a PC or desktop server.

This state-of-the-art Gigabit Ethernet IP phone is "feature identical" to the Cisco CP-7970G. It also includes a backlit, high-resolution color touch-screen display (320 x 234, 12-bit display with 4096 colors) for easy access to communication information, timesaving applications, and features. It also helps customers and developers deliver more innovative and productivity-enhancing Extensible Markup Language (XML) applications to the display. Offering access to eight telephone lines (or a combination of lines and direct access to telephony features), a high-quality, hands-free speakerphone, and a built-in headset connection, the phone can be powered through IEEE 802.3af power over Ethernet (PoE) or a local power supply (part number CP-PWR-CUBE-3=). The Cisco CP-7971G-GE does not support Cisco Prestandard PoE.