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Mobotix MX-M12D-IT-DNight-D135N135 (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued by MOBOTIX and replaced with the MOBOTIX MX-M15D-Sec.

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Mobotix MX-M12D-IT-DNight-D135N135 DualNight Dual Lens Day/Night IP Camera

The Mobotix MX-M12D-IT-DNight-D43N43 IP camera is a high-performance professional camera for use during the day and at night. The cameras are equipped with two separate image sensors and a day and night lens.

Depending on the lighting conditions, the camera switches automatically from color to the more sensitive black-and-white sensor. This ensures an optimum picture quality even at night.

Mobotix MX-M12D-IT-DNight-D135N135 DualNight Dual Lens Day/Night IP Camera Overview:

The MX-M12D-IT-DNight-D43N43 has two integrated image sensors and two lenses. Depending on the illumination level, the camera automatically selects the color image sensor with daylight lens or the more light sensitive B/W image sensor with IR lens to record the images.

The resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels that this IP camera offers is about twelve times as high as the CIF images from an analog camera. In VGA 640 x 480 and CIF 320 x 240 mode, the camera provides up to 4x zoom while creating minimal network load.

Other features such as bidirectional audio, video motion detection and a passive IR sensor are also integrated. The Ethernet, ISDN and RS232 interfaces of the camera comply with current IT standards, including GSM/GPRS/UMTS 3G. Digital zoom, panning, video motion detection, event-controlled frame rates and freely selectable image sections reduce the storage requirements of the MX-M12D-IT-DNight-D43N43 to a minimum.

The integrated camera software features include alarm management with pre- and post-alarm images, FTP, e-mail, external ring buffer storage on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computers as well as playback and MultiView functions for up to 40 cameras in the browser.

Mobotix MX-M12D-IT-DNight-D135N135 Features & Functions

  • In/Outdoor camera IP65 with wall mount and fully concealed cabling
  • Dual image sensors, 2 x 135mm Tele lenses, color and IR-sensitive B/W
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Bidirectional IP and ISDN telephony
  • Audio transmission to the browser
  • Definable exposure zones
  • Integrated video motion detection
  • NightVision with up to 1 sec. exp. time
  • Digital zoom and panning
  • Video/audio recording and playback
  • Software DVR for Windows/Linux/OS X
  • Alarm management with pre- and post alarm images

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