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About Patton 4110 Series Gateways

The Patton 4110 gateway bridges PSTN lines and a VoIP network. It supports up to 4 transparent phone calls and leverage VoIP for lower-cost carrier and corporate access, eliminating tool charges and route calls to and from the PSTN, Internet, or LAN.

Some advanced features include: Up to 8 Voice and FAX Calls over IP Supply, 2, 4, 6, or 8 FXS ports and 2 or 4 FXO ports connect to a PBX or the PSTN, programmable call routing switches between any FXS, FXO, and IP connection.


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  1. Patton SN4114 4-FXO VoIP Gateway SN4114/JO/EUI

    SKU: 02-101575

    The Patton SmartNode 4114 VoIP Gateway integrates up to 4 legacy PSTN, PBX, or standard phone lines with the next-generation IP Based telephony systems.
  2. Patton SN4112 2-FXO VoIP Gateway SN4112/JO/EUI

    SKU: 02-110052

    The business-class Patton SmartNode 4112/JO/EUI VoIP Media Gateway integrates 2 legacy PSTN lines with next-generation IP based telephony systems.
  3. Patton Smartnode 4110 Series Analog Gateway

    SKU: 02-sn4110

    The Patton Smartnode 4110 series analog gateway offers a handful of flexible configurations of FXS and/or FXO ports to bridge your IP and Analog systems. Configure your Patton Smartnode 4110 to your exact needs here.

    From: $383.00

    To: $996.00


3 Item(s)

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