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Spectralink IP DECT Server 6500

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The Spectralink IP DECT Server 6500 (previously known as KWS6500) is a VoIP DECT server that will support up to 256 Spectralink base stations and 4,096 KIRK handsets. It can meet a company's needs while providing scalability for your future needs! Read More

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Spectralink IP DECT Server 6500

The Spectralink IP DECT Server 6500 (previously known as KIRK Wireless Server 6500 or KWS6500) is a DECT server that will work with IP PBX call systems to support up to 4,096 Spectralink DECT 7000 series wireless phones. Providing up to 1,024 simultaneous calls, the Spectralink Server 6500 is a scalable solution to provide phone services to your corridor-mobile workers while in the office/campus.

Spectralink Server 6500 Overview

The Spectralink IP DECT Server 6500 can meet the needs for your medium to large sized business by connecting up to 4,096 SpectraLink DECT phones with high quality and secure voice communication. The Spectralink 6500 is compatible with all Spectralink 7000 series handset models, so you can address all the needs across your business with the differing styles available from SpectraLink. This server consists of a number of different infrastructure elements which can be assembled in accordance with your exact telephony needs today and in the future.

Spectralink Server 6500 Features

  • Includes 30 user licenses
  • Registered Handsets: up to 4,096
  • IP DECT Base Stations: up to 256
  • Max simultaneous calls on each IP Base Station: 11
  • Repeaters allowed on each IP Base Station: 3
  • Max Allowed Media Resources: 32
  • Simultaneous calls with one Media Resource: 32
  • Simultaneous calls with 32 Media Resources: 1,024
  • Simultaneous calls with 32 Media Resources and g.729 Codec Module: 768
  • NA Power supply included

Be sure to check out the other components of your Spectralink IP DECT Server 6500 Solution:

Your base IP DECT Server 6500 will support 30 users. To add more users, you need to add IP DECT base stations and user licenses. You can add up to 256 base stations to your IP DECT Server 6500 and each base station will support up to 11 simultaneous calls. To extend the geographical range of your system, be sure to add on repeaters, as necessary. Each base station can support up to 3 repeaters.

Supporting all those calls will require quite a few resources on your 6500 Server. These are called Media Resources. Each additional media resources will support up to 32 calls. The base IP DECT Server 6500 will fit 3 Media resources and it comes with one already installed. If you need more than this, you must buy them in a rackmountable chassis. The DECT Media Resource in rackmountable chassis has 3 openings for media resources with one installed already.

Be sure to remember to license each handset which will be connecting to the 6500 server. Any Spectralink 7000 handset will work. Buy user licenses to cover up to the maximum number of handsets you will be needing.

Shop IP DECT Server 6500 Components:

  • IP DECT base station for 6500 Server
  • Spectralink DECT Repeater
  • Spectralink 6500 Media Resource
  • Spectralink 6500 Media Resource in Rack Mount Chassis
  • Spectralink License for up to 150 Users
  • Spectralink License for up to 500 Users
  • Spectralink License for up to 1500 Users
  • Spectralink License for up to 4096 Users
  • Spectralink Redundancy License for Master Server
  • Spectralink Redundancy License for Backup Servers
  • Spectralink Lync Access License with Security Package
  • Spectralink RTP Security License
  • Spectralink Automatic Alarm License
  • Spectralink G.729 License
  • Spectralink External DECT Antenna