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March Mayhem

March Mayhem | The Final Phone Down!

In honor of our basketball and IP phone fans for the month of March, we are offering a bracket-style competition featuring the top IP phones in the industry!

Vote for the VoIP phone that you think has best features, functionality, and quality! One lucky winner will be drawn randomly on April 2nd from all voters of the winning IP Phone to enjoy one $250 Amazon Gift Card!

Let’s get started:

March Mayhem Bracket

March Mayhem Rules:

  • Each person has one vote per game (match-up) so you have 7 votes in total for 7 games.
  • The more games you vote, the higher chances you have to win the $250 Amazon gift card!
  • Each phone starts out at zero votes for a new game.

From there only 4 phones will prevail to enter into round two, where we will have 2 matches, each with 2 phones. In round three, the VoIP phone that has the highest votes will become our winning VoIP phone!

Round Two Voting Schedule:

March 19th-20th                    Vote for Polycom VVX400 or Digium A30Vote now!
March 21st                               Announce Game One Winner 
March 21st-22nd                    Vote for Sangoma s500 or Grandstream GXP2170 
March 23rd                              Announce Game Two Winner

Voting in progress!

Vote NOW! Game One Ends Wednesday, March 20th!
Note: You have only ONE vote for each game (match-up). Check back Friday, March 21st to find out who is the game one winner!