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Sangoma Vega 100 (REFRESH)

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Sangoma Vega 100 (REFRESH)

This Refreshed Product has undergone an extensive 10 Step Process in which it was inspected, tested, fully cleaned, upgraded to the latest firmware and repacked for sale.

Refresh products ship with all the applicable original components including phone, handset cord, base stand, RJ45 cable and manuals.

Sangoma Vega 100 1 T1/E1 Gateway Refresh

The Refreshed Sangoma Vega 100 is a 1 T1/E1 digital gateway that can be used to bridge PSTN to an IP PBX, SIP to a legacy analog PBX, or migrate from a legacy PBX to an IP PBX without installing a Sangoma T1 card into your server.

Refreshed Sangoma Vega 1001 T1/E1 Gateway Overview:

A Sangoma Vega 100 E1/T1 interface can be independently configured as network side or terminal side. The Vega 100 gateway can therefore be connected to a PBX or the PSTN. With this configuration there are is disruption to the configuration of existing equipment as well as flexibility and choice for call routing.

The Refreshed Vega 100 gateway incorporates additional RJ45 sockets and fails over to these during outages. This resource can be utilised to achieve hardwired connection from the PBX to the PSTN for instances when the Vega is installed between the two. Or alternatively to failover to a backup E1/T1 Vega gateway and thereby providing dual redundancy.

The Refreshed Vega 100 gateway supports the following signalling schemes:

  • • NI1, NI2, AT&T 5ESS, DMS100
  • • ISO QSIG Basic Call & QSIG feature transparency
  • • Channel Associated Signalling (CAS)
  • The Vega 100 supports SIP, H.323 & T.38 FAX and has proven interoperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications & VoIP equipment.

    Refreshed Sangoma Vega 100 Features and Functions:

    • Fixed Configuration of 30 VoIP Calls
    • Built-in E1/T1 Resilience
    • Voice, FAX and Modem Support
    • Flexible Call Routing for Fallback and Least Cost Routing
    • Emergency PSTN Backup
    • Interoperability with a Wide Range of Legacy and IP Equipment

    What's Included

    PLUS6 Warranty

    Refreshed Products come with a standard 6 month warranty with an additional 6 months of coverage available through the PLUS6 WARRANTY.

    All Refresh Products purchases are non-refundable. Replacement or store credit will be given if product is deemed defective inside of 6 months.

    Why Buy Refresh?

    ✚ Value - Refresh products represent an exceptional value as they can be purchased for 20 to 25 percent less than their new equivalent retail price.
    ✚ Reliability- You can be assured that each product has been fully tested and ready to perform just like it was when originally purchased.
    ✚ Performance - All Refresh products go through an extensive reconditioning process which includes feature/functionality testing, component replacement (if necessary) and software upgrades.
    ✚ Warranty - Every Refresh product comes with a standard six month warranty that covers mechanical failures and defects. In addition VoIP Supply also offers an additional six months of protection through the Plus 6 warranty.

    Sangoma Vega 100
    Digital Signaling Type
    T1, E1
    # of Digital Ports
    # of Ethernet Ports
    Ethernet Port Speeds
    Protocols Supported
    SIP, H.323
    Echo Cancellation
    # of Simultaneous Calls
    Up to 30
    Provisioning Options
    Mounting Option
    Voice Signaling Methods
    AT&T 5ESS, DMS100, E1 CAS, ISDN, ISO QSIG, NI1, QSIG Feature Transparency, T1 CAS, VN4, NI2
    Sangoma Vega 100 1T1/E1 REFRESH

    Michael Rehac

    Direct: 716-213-6898

    Why Pay $899.99 for the Sangoma Vega 100 (REFRESH)?

    • Fixed configuration of 30 VoIP calls

    • Built-in E1/T1 resilience

    • Flexible call routing for fallback and least cost routing

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