Snom 370 (REFRESH)

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The Refreshed snom 370 is a business-class SIP phone which features a dual ethernet connection, 12 programmable function keys, a 240x128 high def backlit graphical monochrome display, and support for additional expansion modules for higher volume use.

Snom 370 VoIP Phone REFRESH)/h2> Through the mini browser, Refreshed Snom 370 users can have direct access to their own applications via the display screen. Users can not only customize the design of the display but, also view news tickers and other information as well as access central or public phone directories. The improved interface guarantees ease of use and comfort. Context-sensitive menus offer additional options according to individual requirements. The snom 370 supports several audio devices simultaneously, for example, it is possible to use the handset and the loudspeaker or headset and loudspeaker concurrently.

Refreshed Snom 370 VoIP Phone Overview

The snom 370 offers users additional functionality over the rest of the snom 3 series line.

To start, the snom 370 has expanded memory capacity in addition to all the necessary office functionality such as choice of trunk line, status indicator, group lines, transfer, call-pickup or conferencing (3-way conference bridge) more scope for individual functions and applications.

The expanded memory capacity on the snom 370 enables the depiction of graphics and high resolution pictures to show the status of contacts (e.g., busy, on-line, off-line) similar to Instant Messenger. It is also possible to play music and media files and to integrate applications like VPN or CTI (snom Flexor Manager).

To avoid problems with unwanted violations of your audio data, the snom 370 supports the security standards TLS (Transport Layer Security), SRTP, and SIPS which are necessary to protect against electronic eavesdropping and data theft. For IP-PBX that do not support secure communication, the snom 370 can employ VPN to tunnel the voice between the phone and the PBX. This also solves the problem with NAT for home users.

With SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) you are ensuring your own personal independence. Most vendors are tipping SIP to be the communication protocol of the future. SIP components can be combined into a complete system without the need to be tied to a single provider.

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