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Snom Sidecar Expansion Module (Refresh)

Refreshed VoIP Hardware and Equipment

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The Snom 320, 360, and 370 Expansion module allows you up to 138 additional lines with BLF. Read More

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Tech Specs
Snom Sidecar Expansion Module

Snom Sidecar Expansion Module (Refresh)

This Refreshed Product has undergone an extensive 10 Step Process in which it was inspected, tested, fully cleaned, upgraded to the latest firmware and repacked for sale.

Refresh products ship with all the applicable original components including phone, handset cord, base stand, RJ45 cable and manuals.

Snom Sidecar Expansion Module for 320, 360, and 370 REFRESH

The Refreshed Snom Expansion Module allows you to add up to 138 additional lines with BLF to your snom 320, 360, and 370 IP Phone. With the Snom Expansion Module your 320, 360, or 370 snom phones has the best features to meet the requirements of executive and administrative staff who require high call coverage and flexibility from communication systems.

Snom Expansion Module Product Overview

More comfort is provided by the built-in web interface of your snom VoIP phone. With the built-in web interface, you can easily configure each function key according to your preferences.

Each snom expansion module allows 42 additional extensions with BLF that can be used for extensions or commands.

Each key of your expansion module can be programmed for Line, Destination, Intercom, Park Orbit, or Voice Recorder mapping. Line or call state, e.g. ringing, on-hold, connected call etc., will be shown by the LEDs associated with each key.

Your SNOM VERSION 2 SIDECAR will allow you to add up to 3 sidecar expansion modules to your Snom 320, 360, or 370 phone.

What's Included


New Plus 1 Extended Replacement Warranty

Even Reconditioned Equipment Breaks

Of course, each Refresh product comes with a 1-year warranty. Sure your Refreshed equipment has gone through an exhaustive reconditioning process.

But that doesn't mean things don't break.

That's where the Plus 1 extended warranty comes in handy. The Plus 1 extended warranty extends your Refresh product warranty period from the standard 1 year to 2 years.

If your equipment fails, malfunctions, or ceases to operate properly for any reason:

  • As a result of manufacturer defect
  • Component failure

VoIP Supply will provide you an expedited replacement.