Frequently Asked Questions About VoIP headsets

Before selecting a VoIP headset it's important to learn more about them. One of the best ways to learn about any product is to learn and understand from others who have gone through the same process.

What follows is a FAQ on VoIP headsets that addresses the major concerns from customers like you that have been documents over the last few years. Please read on…

Will I like the headband or over the ear style?

This is a user specific preference. while some users prefer an option that fits over their ear, others may prefer over their head. This is where you ask the question…what is more comfortable for you? Both corded and wireless headsets are offered to meet these needs.

What is Noise Cancellation and how will it benefit me and my employees?

Noise cancellation is a feature built directly into the headsets hardware which cancels out all back ground noise providing the user with only audio from the remote party. Ever been on a call with someone on their cell phone driving 80mph down the expressway with their windows down?…yes all you hear is the wind…with a noise cancellation headset, you won't hear any of that wind, rather the conversation you are supposed to be having.

Is a corded or wireless VoIP headset better?

It depends. Most of the time people make a decision based on need or budget. Corded headsets usually cost between $50 and $110, while wireless headsets run around $150-$400, but they permit you to send and receive calls without having to be tied to your phone. If you need mobility and or can afford it you can't go wrong.

Do I need a handset lifter with my wireless headset?

Most IP Phones require a Handset Lifter when using a wireless headset option. Only Polycom has an Electronic Hookswitch Feature (EHS) but requires the use of certain headset models and configuration. Please contact VoIP Supply for more details.

Which is better a better wireless technology, Bluetooth or DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology)?

Bluetooth technology Wireless headset options have a maximum distance range from base station of about 30-40ft. The upside to a Bluetooth headset is you can use it in the office and then pair it to your cell phone and take it with you when you leave. DECT wireless headsets have a maximum distance range of about 300ft, but can only be “married' to their respective base station.

Is monaural or binaural better?

Like wired versus wireless, the answer is it depends. Most monaural headsets are used in less noisy environments and will permit the user to hear “side conversations” if needed. Binaural is two ear piece headsets which are usually required in noisy environments or where the user needs complete concentration of the call. If you are in a noisy environment the best bet is to play it safe and get a binaural VoIP headset.

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