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An Overview of VoIP Headsets

You're likely already familiar with headsets. They've been around for decades and save for some technological advances haven't changed much.

You plug it in, you put it on and then you use it. But there's a lot of benefits to using a VoIP headset . These include:

  • Preventing muscle soreness and discomfort that comes with improperly holding a VoIP phone handset.
  • Freeing your hands to complete other tasks while using your VoIP phone.
  • Allowing you to move freely throughout your home or office (with a wireless VoIP headset).
  • Drastically increasing a VoIP call's sound quality and clarity.

Even though VoIP headsets are simple and come packed with benefits many miss the most important aspects of VoIP headsets, leading to frustration during VoIP headset selection.

In order to avoid frustration during VoIP headset selection, you should pay attention to the following aspects of a VoIP headset:


An earpiece is responsible for delivering the return audio of your conversation. There are different styles of earpieces including over the ear, ear-buds and even custom molded.


The microphone is responsible for capturing your audio. The two main types of microphones are your standard voice tube and those that provide noise cancellation.

Connection cord

The connection enables you to connect the VoIP headset to the device. There are many different types of connection cords due to various different types of headset jacks. The most common types of connection cords include 2.5MM, 3.5mm, USB and Micro-USB.

Each of these three parts are important because they determine the style, quality and compatibility of the VoIP headset.

Within each of these three aspects you have an incredible amount of choice when it comes to the style you can choose.

Earpiece styles

  • Monaural – Monaural VoIP headsets feature a single earpiece for either the right or left ear.
  • Binaural – Binaural VoIP headsets feature two earpieces for the left and right ear.

Microphone styles

  • Voice tube – Voice tube VoIP headsets feature standard microphones that do not cancel out any background noise.
  • Noise canceling – Noise canceling VoIP headsets feature a microphone which utilize noise filtering technology to minimize background noise.

Connection styles

  • Wired – Wired VoIP headsets can connect to an amplifier or special connection cord before connecting to a phone.
    • Within the wired connection style, you can choose from the following jack types:
    • 2.5mm
    • 3.5mm
    • USB and Micro-USB
    • Proprietary vendor specific
  • Wireless – Wireless VoIP headsets can give you between 30 and 300 feet of range from the location of your phone or VoIP headset base-station.
    • Within the wireless connection style, you can choose from wireless technologies:

Wearing styles

  • Headband – Headband style VoIP headsets allow you to customize the fit and feel of the headset.
  • Over-the-ear – Over-the-ear VoIP headsets rest on the outside of either ear or inside of the ear (ear bud).
  • Convertible – Convertible VoIP headsets provide you the flexibility wear it as either a headband or over-the-ear style.

As you're probably know VoIP headsets often come in a combination of styles. For instance, you can find wired monaural over-the-ear VoIP headsets with a 2.5mm jack and wireless monaural over-the-ear headset that utilizes Bluetooth.

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