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Simple VoIP Headset and VoIP Phone Combos

VoIP Headset Phone Combos

Forget About That Headset Compatibility guide

Less Thinking, More Deploying

If you need a simple, easy, fast way to deploys lots of VoIP headsets paired with the right VoIP Phone, we've got three vendor specific options that take the guesswork out of giving your employees the efficiency of working handsfree.

Check out the combo options below from:

  • VTech
  • Yealink
  • snom

VTech Wireless Headset for Under $50

If you're after a wireless headset, take a close look at the VTech VSP505. At an unheard of price of less than $50, you'll be walking and talking around the office in no time.

How To Buy

Call your account manager at 800-398-VoIP if you have any questions. Or, if you know what you need, simply click Add To Cart for the phone or headset manufacturer of your choosing and you'll automatically be asked to select the corresponding device.

Here's a screenshot of how the checkout process works.

That's it - now go and enjoy your new VoIP headset and VoIP phone combos!

VTech VSP505 (Discontinued)

SKU: 02-118684

VTech ErisTerminal VSP725

SKU: 02-117578


Yealink YHS32 (Discontinued)

SKU: 02-109689

Yealink SIP-T23G

SKU: 02-118460


Snom HS-MM3 (Discontinued)

SKU: 02-102179

snom 300 (Discontinued)

SKU: 02-102173