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Hosted PBX

About Hosted PBX

Get the most reliable and cost-effective Hosted PBX for your home office or small business today.

Hosted PBX solutions remove the burden of maintaining, monitoring, managing, and worrying about your VoIP phone system by placing those responsibilities on an off-site, third party service provider. Maybe that sounds too good to be true but there’s no catch. You simply house and maintain your own desktop VoIP Phones and the Hosted PBX provider delivers your PBX services over the Cloud and through your Internet connection.

Transform your business today with a lower cost phone system that’s managed for you and allows your team to work wherever they are whether they’re in the office, at home, on the road, or using their smartphone.

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    The CloudSpan Hosted Fax solution allows the user to send and receive faxes, using any area code in the US.
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    Cor - CloudSpan Dedicated Server Set Up

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