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Rhino 1PFAIL Failover Card

Rhino has gone out of business and their products are no longer available.

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Rhino 1PFAIL Failover Card

Rhino 1PFAIL Failover Card. The Rhino single port analog and digital failover is a self-contained, actively controlled, redundant switch with one input and two outputs (A-B). The failover card utilizes a powerful microcontroller that selects one of the two outputs depending on the condition of the main Asterisk server. The failover uses a loadable Asterisk module (.so) which communicates with the microcontroller by regularly sending an "OK" (watchdog) signal when Asterisk is running. When that "OK" is not received, normally when Asterisk fails, the microcontroller automatically switches ports to the failover device after a user defined duration. If the PC reset feature is enabled (it must be user enabled to operate in this mode), the PC will be reset. In addition, when power fails (USB power) the card automatically switches to the failover port.

Rhino 1PFAIL Failover Card Overview:

In analog mode, the Rhino single port failover allows for the connection of one, two or three telco FXO lines (6 wires in an RJ11, or four lines in a RJ45 if specially terminated) between Rhino FXO ports and single line telephones. In the case of failure, the Rhino single port failover will connect FXO lines to the single line telephones, allowing for both incoming and outgoing calls to be handled on the single line telephones until the server can be brought back on-line.

Rhino 1PFAIL Failover Card Features & Functions:

  • Failover works with any PC
  • Asterisk soft PBX tested and ready
  • Comes with a Windows-based test program
  • ASCII command communication method
  • Ready to go right out of the box
  • Comes with an internal cable to connect to a 10-pin USB motherboard header, plus a 2-pin reset cable
  • 5-year limited warranty, Unlimited Support