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Open Source VoIP PBX Systems

VoIP PBX systems have become the new standard in business communications. With Digium you can use their FREE Asterisk software and award winning hardware to create a robust, scalable system that costs a fraction of proprietary alternatives.
  • Asterisk is field proven, with tens of thousands of deployments
  • Digium telephony cards come in every configuration
  • No contracts, licensing or mandatory maintenance fees!
  • Full pre and post sale support services available

Open Sourced Based VoIP Systems

Don't want to create your own VoIP system, but still want the cost savings? With Digium's Switchvox, based off of Asterisk, you will receive all of the features, functions and cost savings of an open source system, without having to do all the work yourself.
  • Systems start at just $1,900 USD
  • Scalable for up to 400 users, 75 concurrent calls
  • Full pre and post sale support services available
  • Frequent updates and enhancements so you can leverage the latest in VoIP technology

Hosted Phone Systems

If you've been looking for a VoIP systems, chances are you've ran into a few hosted solutions. Digium's VoIP system offerings are premise based solutions that easily self managed. To find out more about how a Digium premise based system stacks up against hosted solutions, please click on the link below and a VoIP Supply expert will contact you with further details. Email VoIP Supply Now!