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FXO and FXS Channel Banks by Rhino Equipment

Rhino Channel Banks

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Rhino Channel Banks

About Rhino Channel Banks

Channel Banks from Rhino Equipment feature a standard fractional V.35 data port and 4 line x 40-character LED real-time status display.

Choose additional FXS or FXO modules - modular Rhino Channel Banks can be fully expanded up to 24 ports to suit your application's requirements.

Auto-configuration features allow Rhino Channel Banks to perform right out-of-the-box, without a complex configuration process.

Why buy Rhino Channel Banks?

  • Easy use, Easy maintenance
  • Auto-config to the T1 when plugged in and powered up
  • Wide range of superior features such as LED real-time screen, tested Asterisk soft PBX, 32 to 166 F temperature tolerance and more
Rhino Equipment Channel Banks

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    The Rhino CB24-FXO is a 24 port FXO Channel bank.
  2. Rhino CB24-FXS-UNIV

    SKU: 02-101848

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    The Rhino CB24-FXS is a 24 port FXS Channel bank.
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    The Rhino MOD-4FXS is a snap on module offering 4 ports of FXS connectivity.
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    The Rhino CB24-MOD is a modular Channel bank which allows you to customize how many FXS or FXO Ports you need by adding in FXS or FXO modules.
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    The Rhino MOD-4FXO is a snap on module offering 4 ports of FXO connectivity.

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