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Ruckus web support and software for MediaFlex, ZoneFlex and FlexMaster

Ruckus Support

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Ruckus Support

About Ruckus Support

All Ruckus Supports include Web Support, Next Business Day Email Support, and Software Updates for MediaFlex, ZoneFlex, and FlexMaster products.

Ruckus Premium Support includes Phone Support (24 x 7 x 365 days), Advanced Hardware Replacement, 24 hours Response Time for Support Forum, and Software Upgrades for the period of agreement (1 year). You can save 25% by purchasing your Premium support in 3 or 5 year increments.

Please call a VoIP Supply Ruckus certified sales representative for quote on extended terms support. As an owner of Ruckus Premium Support, you do not need to purchase Ruckus Software Upgrade Support, it is included int he Premium Support package.

Software Upgrade includes upgrade to new revisions of software during the period of the agreement (1 year).

Why buy Ruckus Support?

  • Ruckus Technical Support Program assists our customers with software and hardware problem resolution.
  • In the unlikely event of hardware failure, Ruckus Premium Support offers advanced hardware replacement for the period of the support contract, to minimize your downtime.
  • With either the Ruckus Premium Support or the Ruckus Software upgrade support, you are guaranteed version and firmware upgrades and updates including bug fixes if they apply.
Support by Ruckus Wireless

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  1. From: $750.00

    To: $1,000.00

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    Ruckus Software Upgrade Support offers bug fixes, upgrades, and updates as they become available for 1 year for your ZoneDirector Controller.
  2. From: $34.86

    To: $419.86

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    Premium Support delivers access to an online knowledge base, complete documentation and user forums. In addition, Ruckus Wireless technical support professionals are available via phone, email, or support web. Premium Support includes Software upgrades and updates.
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    Ruckus Flexmaster 250 APs 901-0250-FME0 901-0250-FME0
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    Ruckus Flexmaster 100APs 901-0100-FME0 901-0100-FME0
  5. Or Add To Your

    Ruckus FlexMaster 909-0250-FMEU 909-0250-FMEU
  6. Or Add To Your

    Ruckus Flexmaster 909-0500-FMEU 909-0500-FMEU
  7. Or Add To Your

    Ruckus Flexmaster 909-1000-FMEU 909-1000-FMEU
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    Ruckus Flexmaster 909-2500-FMEU 909-2500-FMEU
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    Ruckus Flexmaster 909-5000-FMEU 909-5000-FMEU
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    License Upgrade from Supporting 6 to Supporting 12 ZoneFlex Access Points

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