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Polycom HD Voice Solution Overview

Over twice the clarity and fidelity for more productive voice communications

Today's businesses need HD Voice. It multiples productivity by leveraging the most expensive resources: people and time. Polycom's HD Voice delivers more than twice the clarity of older generation telephony, improves productivity, resolves accents, reduces fatigue and facilitates more natural conversations.

HD communications are becoming the standard. Face to face communication is HD in its very nature and people now expect HD everywhere from radio and music players to television to visual collaboration.

Voice is such a crucial element of how we communicate, HD Voice is suddenly in the spotlight and Polycom is meeting the demand with a full line of products that deliver the best of the HD Voice experience. HD Voice is rapidly rolling into the workplaces and conference rooms of the world because HD Voice's “like being there” clarity means the conversation flows smoother, accents are less troublesome, mistakes are lessened, fatigue diminishes and relationships are strengthened.

HD Voice also enhances the overall audio experience and encourages people to collaborate on the phone more easily and more often, especially across geographies where regional accents can cause fatigue and misunderstanding for those on both ends. And the cost of HD Voice has dropped markedly over the past five years. Because HD Voice is also backward-compatible for talking with older phones, the decision is easy.

While Polycom remains first in HD Voice, wideband audio- 7 Kilohertz (kHz) or more – is already available from all the leading telephony vendors and is rapidly becoming an expected element of business phones. Companies are no longer investing in the older narrow band phones that have only 3.3 kHz audio quality. Any phone purchased today need to be wideband-capable or they will be obsolete long before the investment is fully depreciated.

In today's business environment, there is a broader adoption of wideband support by service providers laying the foundation for HD Voice to be the expected telephone quality rather than a nice-to-have enhance. Polycom is leading the way for this movement through its strong tradition of innovation, the royalty-free availability of its industry-standard wideband codecs (G.722.1 and G722.1 Annex C, also known as Siren 7 and Siren 14), its partnerships and its unwavering commitment to open standards-based communications.

Affordable HD Voice also improves worker productivity. HD Voice means clearer communication which translates into a more productive work experience.

Polycom's HD Voice customers say they can more easily understand every word being said resulting in less fatigue, better comprehension, faster decision making and ultimately increased productivity. HD Voice enables more natural, free-flowing conversations that make you feels like you are in the same room as the person on the other end - you can hear all the nuances of human speech. And more importantly, HD Voice is not expensive. The prices are comparable to other good phones.

As a High Definition communications visionary for more than 20 years and the market leader in human communication systems, HD Voice as well as HD Video, Polycom is the only company who understands and delivers the best interoperability among all modes.

Offering a unique combination of wideband technology for over the twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls, Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity™ Technology tightly integrates the industry's best acoustics with revolutionary signal processing which provides uniquely transparent full duplex, advanced environment echo cancellation and high-agility noise reduction technology for optimum business-oriented voice processing. And only Polycom offers the unique integration of standards-based wideband codec with our unique Acoustic Clarity Technology and outstanding industrial design – all of which combine to bring to market the highest voice quality and clarity available today.

Polycom currently has one of the broadest portfolios of HD endpoints in the market today, spanning the range from personal to complete immersive room systems and from HD Voice to HD Video and UC communications solutions.

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