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Not All Consumers Understand VoIP

But you do not HAVE to make them fully understand the technology in order to get them to interested enough to purchase your VoIP service. You do, however, have to give them enough information and understanding of Voice over IP in order for them to be confident in making a buying decision. Here are some tips you can use, as a VoIP Service Provider, to help bolster your marketing efforts in order to increase your subscriber base.

VoIP Service Provider Marketing Tips

  • Speak The Customers Language – Do not use tech speak. Keep acronyms to a minimum. If you had to tell a ten year old what it is that your company does, how would you describe it?
  • Don’t Use

Digium’s TC400B Trandscoder Card decrease CPU processing load

digium TC400BOne of the most costly uses of CPU load on a server running Asterisk centers around the transforming of the G.729a codec into other codecs for the purposes of call origination or termination, bridging disparate calls, or VoIP to TDM connectivity. As you may well know, though, these transformations in software are very expensive, in terms of MIPS, and require a substantial amount of CPU time to accomplish.

That is why Digium has released the TC400B. The TC400B was designed to relieve the CPU of these processing duties, freeing it for other tasks (or allowing you to use a less powerful unit), and also allowing Asterisk to bridge G.723.1 compressed audio into other formats. Prior …

A Trillion?Now That’s Alot of Calling!

And that’s not the only impressive statistic to come out of iLocus’ 2006 VoIP industry report. In it’s 8th annual report, iLocus revealed an industry on the move and the continued evolution of telecommunications, but hey we all ready knew that!

According to iLocus,

  • Softswitch and media gateways generated combined revenues of $2.2 billion, which represents about 24 percent growth over the previous year 2005.
  • In 2006 vendors shipped a total of about 18.3 million IP phone system end user licenses, and an estimated 8.5 million desktop IP phones. Desktop IP phone sales grew 38 percent over the previous year 2005, while the IP PBX market grew an impressive 52 percent year over year.
  • An estimated 37.5 million

The Newest Line of IP Phones From Aastra Have Been Getting Great Reviews

Although Aastra kept the release of their newest IP Phones pretty quite, the phones have been making a lot of noise in the marketplace. With their awesome new redesign, features upgrades, and value pricing, the new Aastra IP Phone line is quickly becoming a popular choice for small medium and large enterprises. Here now is a look at the new Aastra line-up.

New Aastra IP Phone Line-up

aastra 57iAastra 57i – $265.99 – The newly released Aastra 57i IP Phone is loaded with features. The Aastra 57i hosts a full-duplex speakerphone along with a graphical LCD screen. There is no need to purchase a separate adapter for power over Ethernet (PoE) as …

VoIP Deal of the Week

This week we are bringing you an awesome deal on some previously enjoyed (used) Cisco IP phones. We currently have a nice position on some Cisco CP-7960G and Cisco CP-7940G IP Phones. Each of these phones have been tested, and are in perfect working order, and come with a 60 day warranty.

Cisco CP-7940G

cisco cp-7940GThe Cisco CP-7940G has four dynamic soft keys that guide users through call features and functions. Built-in headset port and integrated Ethernet Switch are standard with the Cisco IP Phone 7940G. Also includes audio controls for full duplex speakerphone, handset and headset. The Cisco IP Phone 7940G also features a large, pixel-based LCD display. The display provides features such as date and time, calling party name, …

Though No Service Fully Supports Dual Mode Technology, the Market is Poised for Rapid Growth

dual mode voip phoneJuniper Research has released a new report on the worldwide VoIP over Wi-Fi equipment revenues. According to Juniper Research, the total market for VoIP Wi-Fi equipment is expected to reach $82 Billion by 2012, with North America composing the largest part of the market at $35 Billion.The data in the new report from Juniper Research is taken from forty interviews with vendors and providers across the sector. EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) is projected to account for $23 Billion of the total $82 Billion and the Asia Pacific market will chip in the additional $21 Billion.

According to Basharat Hamid Ashai, Report Author, “the dual mode handset

VoIP Call Quality is the Most Important Factor For Today’s VoIP Consumer

Tracy Mayor over at VoIP-News have an excellent post on seven ways to improve VoIP call quality. Here are Tracy’s top 7 ways to improve VoIP call quality:

1. Go private rather than public. “The public Internet is always going to be more subject to disruption and therefore to quality issues than private networks,” points out Jan Dawson, vice president of US Enterprise Practice at Ovum, a Boston-based telecom consultancy. “The best VoIP services use private, dedicated networks rather than the public Internet.”

2. Better cables equal better performance. For many companies, only CAT-5 cabling on-premises is robust enough and fast enough to handle VoIP traffic adequately.

3. Hash things out with your

Now This is a next generation voice partnership

GrandCentral, the company that allows your single phone number to have unique features and control capabilities, and Gizmo Project, the popular SIP business VoIP service have announced that their services are fully interoperable.

So What’s The Scope?

GrandCentral customers can now designate their free Gizmo Project profile ID as a destination numbers which will ring on their personal computers or select next generation Nokia dual mode Nseries mobile phone or Internet Tablet, whenever a call comes into their GrandCentral number.

Prior to this announcement, their was no way to link your Gizmo Project profile id to your GrandCentral account. This new capability will also allow Gizmo Project users to recieve free calls directly from the PSTN. …

Hosted IP PBX Solutions Are Growing In Popularity With Small Medium Businesses

In-stat, a market research firm, projects that by 2010, there will be more then 3 Million hosted VoIP seats in the US alone, up from 373,000 in 2006. Fueled by cost savings, the small business market continues to be the hot zone for hosted providers with most deployments in the 20-to-50 seat range. “As business managers assess their resident ability to deploy and manage enterprise-like VoIP services, many are finding themselves lacking the capital and expertise required,” says David Lemelin, In-Stat analyst. “As a result, hosted VoIP solutions are becoming more attractive.”

One such hosted VoIP system provider blazing a trial is Vocalocity. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit …

I have received feedback from a lot of readers regarding the Linksys Voice System blog last week. Several people found it intriguing enough to call me and have a discussion about their experiences with the system. I appreciate that. Please continue to contact me.

Switchvox SoHo or Switchvox SMB?

This week I would like to take a look at another prominent VoIP PBX, Switchvox. Switchvox has two different versions to offer consumers, the SoHo edition and the SMB edition.

There are a few notable differences between the two offerings. The SMB edition has conference bridge functionality, extension groups, the Switchvox switchboard, enhanced call que statistics and more complex IVR actions.

The SOHO has a basic conference room, will only allow you to