Where is the VoIP industry going?

Of late, it is the question I field most often.

I am not sure if it is because as the market mature, seeing what’s next is increasingly important, or if it is because as the marketplace matures, what worked yesterday is no longer working today (or will work tomorrow). Whatever the case may be, I thought it would be fitting to address where the VoIP industry is going, in a short and sweet high-level digest.

VoIP, in general

The buzz surrounding VoIP has worn off. Overall interest in the VoIP technology is trending downward due to this, although the market is still growing. People have wised up to the fact that VoIP is just another transport mechanism for voice …

Rockbochs introducing Faxxbochs

RockBochs, Inc, creators of the popular Trixbox / Asterisk server Phonebochs, announced earlier this month its Fax over IP Solution, Faxxbochs.

About the Faxxbochs

“A truly reliable Fax over IP solution; This is not a simple ‘E-Fax’ service, but rather a solution that leverages your existing internet connection to provide a cost effective way to transmit and receive paper fax, provide fax to email functionality, automatic archival, with a full web-based management interface.” states Chad Behling, owner of RockBochs, Inc.

Read more about the offerings here:


Von and Voicecon Industry Shows recap

The shows have brought new products to the market and the foloowing is a brief recap on the new offerings rolling out.


Brookline, Mass.-based Grandstream Communications has thrown its hat into the IP PBX ring with the release of its GXE502X SIP PBX Appliance. The GXE502X comes in a 4FXO and 8FXO version, allowing easy integration of analog (POTS) PSTN trunks. The product also carries a price point which should make it appealing to small businesses with a limited budget. All the typical IP PBX features are present, including autoattendant, voicemail, configurable dial plan and one-touch provisioning SIP trunking support.

Grandstream port

Grandstream is also readying a 24 port FXS SIP gateway, the GXW4024….offering 24 analog connections for legacy PBX …

Best Places to Work
Yesterday VoIP Supply was awarded the Best Place to Work in Western New York (for companies with 51-100 employees).

This is a tremendous honor and a testament to the quality of staff employed at VoIP Supply. Growing at such a rapid pace, constantly adding more and more people and always having to change in order to set the pace and stay on top of our game is a challenge. Ensuring that the workplace is safe, fun, and enjoyable while maintaining a high level of morale makes that challenge that much more exciting.

So far this year we have added 23 new people (more than 50% growth), changed our ERP and CRM platforms, expanded into additional office space, refined and documented all company processes and procedures, …

Always an interesting component of the CEO’s role is the summarization of one’s employment at the time of departure. These are usually quite different when the employee is leaving on their own versus when they have been terminated. We conduct exit interviews whenever possible to determine the reasons for the change from the employee perspective and to learn how we can improve if necessary.

“The grass is greener.” Often times people leave the company because they feel that there is a more suitable opportunity elsewhere. In many companies I am sure this is true; at VoIP Supply the owners and managers work very hard to create an environment where people can grow their own green grass and not feel a need to leave. If the …

Polycom rolls out software updates

We received some information from Polycom this week about some software updates and a new productivity application suite. These can definitely help all you Polycom lovers out there, and VoIP Insider is happy to spread the word.

Available Polycom software updates

An updated software release, SIP 3.0.1, is available from the Polycom Resource Center. This is a maintenance patch release and includes improvements related to issues that have been uncovered in the field. The Release Notes are available from the Polycom Support website.

An updated software release, SIP 2.1.3, is also available from the Polycom Resource Center. This is also a maintenance patch release and also includes improvements related to issues that have been uncovered in the field. This …

Direct Inward Dialing and how it works

Many of us may have questions about how DIDs work and how to provision them. DID stands for “Direct Inward Dialing”. DIDs are typically used in conjunction with an IP PBX, to route incoming and outgoing calls to their correct source or destination. Almost every IP PBX has a method of facilitating DID’s, whether that be internal or external to the server. However, products used to facilitate them are often in question.

There are three ways that most businesses are “bringing in” their DID’s. The first method is Analog Trunking or “POTS” (Plain Old Telephone Service). Analog Trunks may be comprised of physical copper PSTN lines paid for and supplied by your local telephone company. These are pure …

Redfone Communications New Releases

We have added two new Redfone Communications products to our ever expanding Voip Supply Catalog. The first is the foneBridge2-EC Single which is a T1/E1 PRI-to-Ethernet Bridge. It is an integrated black box “appliance” designed to streamline installation and enable redundant design of Asterisk based VoIP/PBX systems. The second is also a RedFone Communications offering. It is a foneBridge2 Single T1/E1 Bridge Asterisk PBX T1/E1 Redundancy, High Availability & Load Balancing in an economical Enterprise class solution. As always you can either purchase online or call one of our friendly sales engineers with any further questions you may have.…

Go3 allows customers an affordable way to protect their hardware investment

Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty

VoIP Supply announced the launch of its new three-year, no-questions-asked, guaranteed replacement warranty, Go3. The new Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty gives customers a no hassle way to protect their VoIP hardware purchases. The new warranty program is based off of VoIP Supply’s existing warranty program and was redesigned with feedback from existing customers.

“Our customer service is VoIP Supply’s number one priority,” said Benjamin P. Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply. “We have been successful due to our wonderful customers’ trust and support. The Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty is just another way that we can bring our clients needs to the forefront.”

The Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty allows customers to protect …

Quality customer service at VoIP Supply

As a consumer, how many times have you been in a situation wondering the status of a good or service being provided to you? It’s not a great feeling to be left in the dark, so why do consumers feel the need to live in the “dark”? The excuses of inadequate time, lack of patience, or simply the unknown meaning of great representation, seems to be present daily throughout the minds of many consumers. Because of this, I want to reach out to you, let you know we are here to help, find solutions, answer questions, keep you happy, follow through, but most of all–make a friend!

Providing customer service at all levels is something VoIP Supply prides itself …