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Things have been pretty quite the past few months in terms of vendor announcements of new VoIP hardware products. With the Miami Internet Telephony Expo approaching later this month, look for these new products to be announced shortly, and general channel availability to follow.

Digium is releasing their new AEX800 Series, PCI-Express Analog TDM Boards – The AEX800 is a half-length PCI-Express 1.0-compliant, 8 port analog interface card. It supports combination’s of station (FXS) and/or trunk/line (FXO) modules for a total of eight (8) interfaces.

Polycom has added the Soundpoint IP560 to their line of SIP compliant IP phones. The IP560 is a 4-Line phone, with onboard Gigabit ethernet port and also supports Polycom’s HDVoice wideband audio codec.

Snom has added mobility to their SIP …

Mr. Pitt to Work With Sales and Technical Staff On Increasing Sales Revenues

BUFFALO, NY (October 26, 2007) VoIP Supply, the leading Internet Retailer of Voice over IP equipment, including IP Phones, Telephone Adaptors, and Wi-Fi VoIP solutions announced today that Brad Pitt will be stopping in to the VoIP Supply offices to work with the sales and technical support staff on how to more effectively increase sales revenues and customer satisfaction. Mr. Pitt is expected to spend the better part of the day on site with the VoIP Supply team. This is Mr. Pitt’s first trip to the Buffalo area and to the VoIP Supply offices.

“It is an honor to have Brad Pitt in our offices today,” said Benjamin P. Sayers, President …

I recently posed a question to a wide range of colleagues, most of whom work work within the telephony industry. I asked…”What are your thoughts regarding the industry impact of Microsoft OCS 2007 and their overall offerings in the UC and VoIP space.” Well, I received many opinions, and I have summarized them below.

MS will push hard into this space and spend lots of marketing dollars. Whether they succeed, they’ll increase the visibility of VoIP which will help the industry overall.

Voice has become nothing more than an application on a network at this point. Hardware vendors drive the adoption of Internet-enabled voice to drive the sales of switch ports and router processors. For software vendors such as Microsoft, this is a space which

Leading Internet Retailer of VoIP Hardware Ranks No. 359 Based on Three Year Sales Growth.

BUFFALO, NY August 23, 2007 — VoIP Supply, LLC ( a leading Internet retailer of Voice over IP (VoIP) hardware, software and services, today announced their selection to Inc. Magazine’s 26th annual list of America’s fastest growing private companies. Based on their tremendous sales growth over the past three years, VoIP Supply ranked No. 359 on the Inc. 500 list with a growth rate of 783%. In 2006 VoIP Supply was named the No. 45 fastest growing company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine and the No. 1 fastest growing company in Western New York by Business First.

““It is an incredible honor to be recognized as one of …

This post is slightly off the beaten path considering our traditional tight focus on VoIP, but it does have a telephony component via Jott so here we go.

For those of you not familiar with Jott, their service allows you to call a toll-free number that they assign, and record any type of message. Jott then uses a combination of manual transcription and machine translation (Speech Recognition) to transcribe your message to text. This text can then be sent to you as an email, or posted to a blog or webpage.

What the folks at EgorCast have done is hook Jott into Twitter, which is a popular application that allows you to send realtime text updates, typically via SMS. Users can also subscribe to …

Cisco CEO John Chambers recently alluded to a planned rebranding of their consumer division Linksys, with Linksys products assuming the Cisco name.

Cisco is eager to transcend its roots from an industrial backbone routing and switching behemoth, to reach into the home, which is an increasingly sophisticated environment with residential consumers taking advantage of the myriad digital services available for delivery over common household broadband connections, including VoIP (Voice Over IP), Wireless Applications, IP Television, IP Home Automation & Security and other rapidly evolving technologies.

Back in 2005, Cisco acquired KiSS Technology, and more recently, Scientific Atlanta.

Cisco sees the “set top box” as a strategic gateway for products and services that will create the kind of growth to satisfy shareholders. The combined technological assets …

Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch reports that much hyped silicon valley VoIP startup Ooma is currently taking customer orders for their $399 “hub”, which enables free VoIP calling via their proprietary peer-to-peer mechanism.

For complete details on Ooma’s service and features, peep their website here. Their strategy seems to be to create a peer network of Ooma hubs, deployed with residential users across north america. Ooma beta users and first adopters are encouraged to maintain an analog POTS line from their traditional provider (AT&T, Verizon, etc), and go ahead and plug said analog line right into their Ooma device.

Ooma is banking on leveraging these PSTN connections to terminate user phone calls from their peer-to-peer IP network onto the PSTN. In the meantime, until …

MagicJack was founded by telecom veteran Dan Borislow of Tel-Save (TalkAmerica) fame. MagicJack provides VoIP service based upon a proprietary USB device which retails for $40 and includes a free year of domestic calling service. After the initial year of service, 1-year renewals are $20.

MagicJack has been shipping their device for a few months, and recently announced a promotion for SunRocket refugees, but it is unclear the number of subscribers MagicJack has.

MagicJack requires a PC, and their simple device plugs directly into a USB port. From there, you connect a traditional analog phone into the RJ11 jack on the USB device. MagicJack assigns you a DID number, and you are ready to make and receive calls. MagicJack also offers free calling features including …

In the wake of Sunrocket shutting down operations and orphaning thousands of customers, there has been a mad scramble amongst independent VoIP providers to gobble up Sunrocket’s customer base. Below is a summary of a few current offerings targeting ex-Sunrocket subs:

TeleBlend, a recently launched service provider, reportedly headquartered in Singapore, offering free activation and number porting for Sunrocket subs.

Vonage 2 Months free service and waived activation fee for Sunrocket subs

With a reported 200,000+ customers at the moment of their untimely demise, many of these smaller providers could see a nice uptick in subscribers if they are successful in wooing jaded ex-Sunrocket users, many of whom likely signed up for Sunrocket’s multi-year prepaid VoIP phone service offering.…

Latest Snom IP Phone is Their Most Robust Offering to Date

snom 370The Snom 370 has recent reached VoIP Supply’s docks and all indications are that it will in fact live up to the all of the hype as the best Snom IP phone to date. The 370 features a large graphical, high-definition display offering an improved and extended presentation of call lists, address books and caller information. The phone is sturdy to the touch and not too bad on the eyes either, making the phone perfect for upper level executives. The SIP-based Snom 370 offers with its expanded memory capacity in addition to all necessary office functionality such as choice of trunk line, status indicator, group lines, transfer, call-pickup or conferencing (3-way conference bridge) …