Voip Supply continues to grow in Buffalo, NY

VoIP Supply expanded its office to include space for its future plans and continuous company growth. This is the company’s fourth expansion in as many years.

The physical expansion consisted of 9,000 square feet of office space and 1,000 square feet of warehouse space which included: a new 20-person training facility, a new 1,500 square foot provisioning and fulfillment center, and 1,000 square feet of private stock warehousing, shipping and receiving. The expansions will allow VoIP Supply to further develop and expand on its current customer service practices.

“The office expansion was necessary to accommodate new employees and leave space for further growth in years to come,” said Benjamin P. Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply.

Plans for …

GENTECH Board of Directors announce greater control of cell phone bills

GENTECH Wireless Inc. (“GENTECH”) announced today that its Board of Directors has approved the dual network approach for consumers allowing cell phone users to carry dual provider phone numbers and access entering into a global strategy.

Subscribers to Gentech Wireless can now travel and receive dual coverage regarding cell service and control the amount of their cell bills while abroad or at work /home. The offer allows consumers to purchase access to the network with no airtime charges eliminating the need to watch the clock, with plans starting at a low monthly rate of $19.95, with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls; making cell service affordable to a wider audience.

Gentech Wireless has embraced the …

Hi all you IPCS fanatics! In order to further help you when considering buying an IP camera, we are going to have some educational blogs on this site. There are many terms that buyers should know in order to learn the basics of IP cameras and surveillance. Therefore, we are going to have an ‘IPCS Word of the Day’ to expand our readers’ and potential customers’ knowledge base. If there are any terms you are confused about, please let us know!

And today’s word of the day: Analog.

Analog = Precursor to digital IP. DVR’s and analog video cameras fall under this classification as they do not use IP as their primary mechanism.…

With the rapid acceptance of VoIP in the marketplace and the inroads VoIP providers are making into businesses and residential markets, VoIP is certainly going mainstream. But it’s not enough.

One of the great benefits of VoIP is that it is feature-rich. With programmable phones and soft phones, new functionality can be added quickly. You simply can’t do that with a standard PBX. All VoIP providers can, to the extent that their resources allow, present those features as value-adds to retain their customers and get more revenue by providing solid value.

However, there’s a new market that is developing that will affect not only VoIP providers, but a huge portion of businesses – small and large. Allow me to introduce you to a relatively new …

The executives and managers at VoIP Supply all have and advertise an open door policy to our employees. Remarkably many staff do not take advantage of this opportunity, even though it is encouraged and the outcome is nearly always better than expected.

Regardless of the reason for making the initial visit, the outcome and direction of the conversation generally goes somewhere completely different, with greater-than-expected results. Typical open door uses are when there is an issue or opportunity outside of the authorization level for the individual employee to approve. Certainly an excellent reason to walk in and engage your manager, but managers and directors should seize that opportunity to address that issue and pry into more detail with that specific employee.

Rather than extinguish the …

VoIP Supply has supplied a 200+ user SwitchVox phone system to Glimcher Realty Trust.

Glimcher Realty Trust, one of the nation’s premier real estate investment trusts. The system, which also features Polycom IP phones, is set to be deployed this month.

Glimcher Realty Trust, a real estate investment trust, is a recognized leader in the ownership, management, acquisition and development of regional and super-regional malls. Glimcher currently owns or manages 28 properties in 14 states. Of the 28 properties, 24 are enclosed regional or super-regional malls, many of which are located in the country’s top-growing metropolitan statistical areas.

Siraj Haji, Director of Information Systems at Glimcher, said that their recent move to an innovative new office space was an opportunity to implement the new …

We’re here!

Welcome to the IP Camera Supply Blog!

We noticed a lot of folks out there have a lot of questions about IP cameras, and not a lot of places to turn for information… so we are officially here to help. Our sister company, VoIP Supply, runs a very successful blog, VoIP Insider, which features product reviews, industry news, commentary, and even management pointers. We would like very much for the IPCS blog to become just as helpful and informative.

Blogs are now setting the industry standard for information dispersal. Forums still provide a great link to knowledge and interaction, but blogs also accomplish this in a more thorough format.

We have great plans for our blog including product reviews, our latest …

Typical Guarantee line of Questioning

May I ask, what is your back-up plan?”

Have you ever been asked this question by a salesperson? I’m asking you now. Don’t look at this as “pushy” sales guy Phil looking to boost his sale. I’m imperfect in a lot of ways, but I’m not pushy. But just answer the question.

Okay forget about me asking this question. What if your manager asks you this question? I know what your first word will be.


A typical scenario may play out as follows:

PHIL: Well thank you again “Percy” for your order for two phones. Those will ship Fed Ex two-day, and you will receive them Monday. I’ll call you later with the tracking.

PERCY: Thanks

Yesterday I was conducting a product training for three of our new sales hires and we started to talk about open source phone systems. As you can imagine (since you have probably been there yourself) as a newbie, wrapping your head around open source phone system isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Heck, learning about VoIP in general can be difficult and when you throw in the part about open source software you can see how things can derail quite quickly.

In order to help them better understand open source phone systems, I came up with a layered anatomy approach to describing an open source phone system. While this is nothing revolutionary in my eyes, it seemed to help them, so I figured …