MPEG4 = MPEG4 is a newer codec and supports 3D content, low bit rate encoding, and support for Digital Rights Management, which controls the use of copyrighted digital work. MPEG4 is used for web-streaming media, broadcast television, videophones, and CD distribution. MPEG4 is widely used in video surveillance, and has recently been improved to the AVC standard. As the two formats, MJPEG and MPEG4, usually target different applications, MPEG4 is not expected to replace MJPEG. MJPEG is recommended for surveillance applications and recording, thanks to its ease of use, wide compatibility and high image quality. MPEG4 is recommended for live viewing and for applications where bandwidth and storage limitations are important factors.…


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I’m kinda tired of hearing about the shiny, new iPhone. Granted, it is an incredible piece of technology, and will probably further revolutionize the way we utilize mobile services, much like the first iPhone did.

But, honestly? I’m kind of tired of technological waste.

Think about it. Where are all the year-old iPhones going to go when gadget ghurus decide they want the latest version? Who is going to buy them? Especially in this economy.

For companies that claim to be eco-conscious, Apple seems to be more worried about the green in its pocket, than green living.

What is Apple planning to do with all of the old, outdated iPhones? I hope they have some sort of recycling plan. They …

IP Cameras catch thieves at gas station pumps.

It’s important to watch what happens in the video. It is not what you would expect. For all of those gas station owners there are many advantages offered by IP camera surveillance technologies. Not only do they ensure the protection of your investment but they protect your customers. Because in the end that is all that you have…your customers. If they are not happy, and at a minimum–safe, then there is no way that they will return to your business.…

When people in the VoIP industry hear the word ‘Switchvox,’ most of them associate the name Tristan. Tristan Degenhardt, Switchvox Product Line Director for Digium, works tirelessly to actively promote and further Switchvox products. Switchvox’s good name and reputation comes from the boundless work of Degenhardt, which can be seen all over the web, and beyond. And also in honor of the newest Switchvox appliance, the AA300, which can support up to 150 users, let’s hear it for Tristan.

How long have you been in the VoIP world?

I got my start in technology in 1999 at, where we were essentially delivering bits through that pipe known as the Internet. After that, I co-founded Switchvox in 2003 and …

Lux = Used more often than lumens when discussing security cameras, a lux is a unit of illumination. It measures the amount of uniform light that falls on one square meter (expressed in one lumen per square meter). Security camera specs use the lux to indicate how much light they require to operate, with lower lux levels indicating a camera as more effective in lower ambient light. Look for 0.2 lux or less when choosing a low-light camera, and two lux or higher for daylight cameras. Refer to the specification sheet of the individual camera to see its lux rating. Below is a standard Lux Chart for your reference.


We have a winner!

Ashley Kitto has won a $1500 VoIP Supply store credit in the ‘101 Things You Can Do with Asterisk’ contest from Digium and VoIP Supply.  We had over 250 reader responses in the contest, truly showing that Asterisk is more than just an open source phone system.

We picked our winner by using a completely random number generator, found on

Ashley’s suggestion for a use of Asterisk was the 171th reason:

“You can use Asterisk as a tandem switch in front of your legacy PBX, to add more functionality, like SIP and fax-to-email.”

We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to this contest.  Because of your cooperation, we are looking to run more like it in …

Russian Office Security Camera in use

Warning: this video is graphic in nature. It had been making it’s way across the webosphere this past week, and I was encouraged to post it by both my friends and colleagues.

This video shows the ‘why,’ we here at IPCS are here to show you ‘how.’

What’s important about commercial or office security cameras is that they enable businesses to keep an eye on threats to the company from the outside and the inside of the building. Especially when using IP Camera surveillance technology which allows remote access by simply going to the correct IP address. Office IP surveillance cameras are used regularly to ensure that the building remains safe from breaking and entering, but at the same …

IR= Infrared, assists with recording in near or total darkness. Many cameras have IR capabilities, both analog and IP. Some cameras have IR LEDs surrounding the lens of the camera that will kick on in low light or dark conditions, generating IR light which is invisible to the human eye, but which the camera can see. Think of it like an “invisible flashlight.” IR is often necessary when users want their security cameras to be able to continue to monitor events under low light conditions, or total darkness.…