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Nanny Cameras translated

So essentially what were talking about today is IP surveillance in the home, or as you may have seen splashed across any and all media outlets, the use of Nanny Cams. The long and short of it is your security and piece of mind when you are away is what I am talking about here. It’s crazy right? No? Well good and to those out there who think its boring and your house and children don’t need a camera watching over them your house probably just got broken into. Ok, that’s a little bit dramatic but seriously you have got to become more hip to your families security, it is 2008. All you need is a camera and a recorder what else …

FPS = Frame rate, or frames per second. 30FPS is generally accepted as “real time.” Most security systems are set to record at 4-7FPS, but can also record at higher frame rates. Think about it like a photographer snapping photos of a scene, taking up to 30 individual digital photos every second. The more FPS, the more bandwidth is necessary to transport the images.…

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Jose Landivar, co-founder of PaloSanto Solutions, an OSS pioneer in Latin America, with locations in Ecuador, Colombia and Florida.

Palosanto are the creators of Elastix, an OSS IP phone system and telephony platform derived from Asterisk. Elastix is growing in popularity outside of its native Latin America, and is characterized by its simple installation, clean user interface, integrated Hylafax server (Fax over IP) and virtualization support (using VMWare). Elastic also includes a wealth of integrated software packages including OpenFire integrated Instant Messaging Server, SugarCRM, mail server, billing software and support for more than a dozen languages.

PaloSanto is looking to build mindshare for Elastix here in the US marketplace, and they have …

To preface this, the intended audience may or may not be in the VoIP industry, they may work for VoIP Supply or somewhere else, they may even be the owner of their own business. This commentary is stream of consciousness and written to reflect on experiences during the week at my company that I hope will be of use to others in some manner. Your comments, positive or negative, are always more than welcome and highly encouraged as I too love to see things from someone else’s perspective in effort to always being improving.

At VoIP Supply, we have some excellence within our management team. We also have ways to improve and provide a greater leadership experience to our staff. Some things that our management …

Phil Laurenzi, a VoIP Supply colleague, recently wrote a great blog for our sister company’s blog:  Just wanted to post a shout to it, because it has some great ideas on management, and having your associates learn about products by having THEM teach! Here’s an excerpt:

Studies show that the retention of new material increases beyond the archaic lecture. Here at IPCS and VoIP Supply, associates are encouraged and rewarded for “presenting a lesson” to their peers. Teaching others…

…For those of you categorized as a VAR in our economy, why not challenge your associates to read-up on PBXs, switches, routers, IP cameras or WI-FI and have them demonstrate skills and subject mastery by having them instruct their peers? I think you

I remember when I used to teach Social Studies, specifically while I was student teaching, a student would come up to me and ask me a question to which I had no idea what the answer was. If this happened in front of the whole class, this could be a source of embarrassment. If it was in front of the class and the principal (who dropped by to observe you) heard you fumbling for the answer…LOOK OUT!

Now, that being said, management of the classroom involves several tricks. Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you that you have to know your content, but also have excellent “stage presence”. Stay on your toes and be prepared for anything.

When a student came up to me and …

F = In optics, the f-number (sometimes called focal ratio, f-ratio, or relative aperture) of an optical system expresses the diameter of the entrance pupil in terms of the effective focal length of the lens; in simpler terms, the f-number is the focal length divided by the aperture diameter. It is a dimensionless number that is a quantitative measure of lens speed, an important concept in photography. Depth of field increases with f-number, as illustrated in the photos below:


An Andy Abramson post pointed me to a piece done by Jeff Belk. The overall premise of the piece was that voice carriers (cell, landline) need to stop focusing on marketing “cheap minutes” that are difficult to use or “expensive minutes” that are easy to use and unlimited SMS plans and shift their focus to making voice calls easier for users, so that calling can once again reclaim the spot of preferred method of communication.

I agree with his positioning and the advice he gives to carriers, however I think that the carriers are fighting an uphill battle here.

When I was going to college to be teacher, we learned a lot about social development of students and the effects of social conditioning. I am …