Redfone Communications New Releases

We have added two new Redfone Communications products to our ever expanding Voip Supply Catalog. The first is the foneBridge2-EC Single which is a T1/E1 PRI-to-Ethernet Bridge. It is an integrated black box “appliance” designed to streamline installation and enable redundant design of Asterisk based VoIP/PBX systems. The second is also a RedFone Communications offering. It is a foneBridge2 Single T1/E1 Bridge Asterisk PBX T1/E1 Redundancy, High Availability & Load Balancing in an economical Enterprise class solution. As always you can either purchase online or call one of our friendly sales engineers with any further questions you may have.…

Go3 allows customers an affordable way to protect their hardware investment

Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty

VoIP Supply announced the launch of its new three-year, no-questions-asked, guaranteed replacement warranty, Go3. The new Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty gives customers a no hassle way to protect their VoIP hardware purchases. The new warranty program is based off of VoIP Supply’s existing warranty program and was redesigned with feedback from existing customers.

“Our customer service is VoIP Supply’s number one priority,” said Benjamin P. Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply. “We have been successful due to our wonderful customers’ trust and support. The Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty is just another way that we can bring our clients needs to the forefront.”

The Go3 Guaranteed Replacement Warranty allows customers to protect …

Quality customer service at VoIP Supply

As a consumer, how many times have you been in a situation wondering the status of a good or service being provided to you? It’s not a great feeling to be left in the dark, so why do consumers feel the need to live in the “dark”? The excuses of inadequate time, lack of patience, or simply the unknown meaning of great representation, seems to be present daily throughout the minds of many consumers. Because of this, I want to reach out to you, let you know we are here to help, find solutions, answer questions, keep you happy, follow through, but most of all–make a friend!

Providing customer service at all levels is something VoIP Supply prides itself …

Asterisk-based, IP PBX software platforms has lead to demand for inexpensive, telco-grade hardware appliances

Asterisk Roundup
The proliferation of open source, Asterisk-based, VoIP PBX software platforms has lead to demand for inexpensive, telco-grade hardware
appliances. There are likely more than a dozen manufacturers who offer dedicated server / appliance hardware, in a variety of form factors, for use with popular platforms including Asterisk, Trixbox, Elastix and others.

Many Asterisk users and integrators choose to run their PBX on off the shelf Intel or AMD-based servers from the likes of Dell and Supermicro, while neither of these manufacturers target the Asterisk marketplace per se. Here’s a quick overview of some of the hardware choices out there if you are looking to deploy open source telephony in your home …

Previously I have written about the value of reading the manual early on in your exploration and use of a new application, toy, tool or otherwise. However boring the material is, the advanced reading will almost always save you significant time trying to make things work and will reduce your overall level of frustration.

In any business, someone needs to write the manual before others can read it. If you are fortunate to be in a position of being first, you are also likely to be challenged with this task. This is so often overlooked by small companies, particularly young ones in rapidly changing environments. This step is also frowned upon by those with any ounce of creativity in their job as they often feel …

Hello again! This is your friendly Tech Guy, Kyle Brocious, here.

Internet Protocol and its evolution

Today I would like to talk about a subject that many of us probably have not started to think about. That subject is on Internet Protocol and its evolution. As many IT people will know the current Internet Protocol known as IPv4 has been around for almost 25 years. You know the ins and the outs of how it works and its limitations, however, for those of you that are not of the IT world (don’t be ashamed, there are many like you) in a nut shell, it is the basis to which the internet works. Every address you type into your web browser has an IPv4 address. …

Isn’t it wonderful e-mailing friends all over whenever you want, wherever they are? Who hasn’t e-mailed a cousin in Europe, a friend in Pismo Beach, or Piscataway, or Piston Springs?

I know I have.

Now how much did that cost you for all the e-mails and instant messages you could stuff into a 30-day period? Plus, your family members or roommates use these services too.

I would say you probably spent anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on how fast you like to “talk” with dial-up or high speed internet.

REWIND 20 YEARS…In June 1988, my parents opened the local Telco bill on check-writing Sunday and saw the normal $37.00 bill had jumped to $406.00. 406 Big Ones! My father, usually a laconic man, …

Benjamin Sayers, Cory Andrews, Arthur Miller and I are all here at the Spring VON show in San Jose this week and today we got a chance to tour the exhibit hall floor and check out some of the new hardware that will be coming to the shelves at VoIP Supply in the next few weeks.

Here is a rundown of the products that should quickly become top sellers:

1. Linksys WIP310 – This a new SIP based WiFi phone from Linksys. It comes with a slick color screen and it 802.11/g compliant.

2. SwitchVox AA60 Appliance – Digium owned SwitchVox announced their new SwitchVox appliance which will replace their tower design that is currently in distribution later this month. It is designed to meet …

A close look at a simple Point to Point VoIP adapter solution from Linksys that could save you millions on those dreaded long distance fees.

We have all encountered them; hidden fees. Those spikes in the phone bill are the reasons why we have to question, “Where did that charge come from?” or “I didn’t realize that was a long distance call!” Want to put a stop to all of that? You would be foolish if you didn’t, so take a look at this solution:

VOIP Technology is driven through a high speed internet connection. Calls are mostly made (in this scenario) over the SIP protocol, unlike the traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) where calls pass over a series of circuited switched networks owned …

Each day I work with multiple software applications including email, Office applications, ERP and CRM applications as well as my Internet browser. Expert at some and novice at others, they all produce results and either make me more efficient or increase my level of frustration. All of my employees go through the same each day using the tools the company has provided, and they too are either efficient or frustrated.

For my employees, the applications they are most efficient in and least frustrated with are the ones that the company has spent time documenting and providing training on. For me, the applications that work best are those that I have invested my personal time in learning and playing with, and those that come with user-focused …