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The Cloud 9 is a webinar series co-hosted by VoIP Supply and Sangoma that includes 9 webinars with various must-learn VoIP Cloud Service topics, starting from December 5th, 2017 ending April 26th, 2018. This is a unique opportunity for all of you who are interested in learning effectively about in-depth VoIP in a timely manner.


Also, you will be entered to wingiveaways

  • One s500 IP Phone (worth $149) when you register & attend 5+ webinars – Five winners will be selected
  • One s705 IP Phone (worth $229) when you register and attend all 9 webinars! – One winner will be selected

Must be located within the continental US to be eligible for the prize. Winners will be selected randomly and announced during the webinars! Register

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Todd Milbrand is the Newest Team Member at the VoIP Insiders!

About Todd Milbrand

I am currently employed as an Account Executive at, LLC. is the leading online reseller of VoIP hardware, software, and services. I joined in June of 2005 immediately following my graduation from the University at Buffalo, where I received a Bachelors degree in Political Science. While I was attending college I was named an outstanding student in Political Science and I was employed as a Support Engineer for Adelphia Communications (which is now Time Warner Cable). I am a lifelong Buffalo, NY resident and I could not imagine living anywhere else. Go Sabres!

What’s Todd Going to Write About?

When Garrett Smith first approached me about writing this …

Fonality trixbox to host workshop for telephony professionals and system integrators

Fonality, a leading open source Asterisk based IP PBX provider, has announced the Fonality trixbox Open Communications Certification (FtOCC) workshop. The workshop is a first in a series that looks to train telephony professionals and systems integrators on the trixbox application platform and established a recognized certification for trixbox professionals.

The course will focus on a myriad of subjects including, but not limited to: VoIP, PBX deployment, network assessment, telephony troubleshooting, T1/PRI training, and IP handset education. The goal of the FtOCC is to arm data VARs, system integrators and telephony professionals with the knowledge needed to deploy and manage PBX installations for businesses from 1 to 1,000 employees.

For more information on …

Snom 370 The Newest IP Phone From Snom

Debuting at CeBIT 2007 in Hanover, Germany, the Snom 370 is the latest in the IP Phone line-up from Snom. The Snom 370 features a large graphical, high-definition display and the offers and extenede presentation of call lists, address books, and caller information. The Snom 370 also features a mini-browser, allowing users to gain direct access to their own XML based applications via the display screen. Users of the Snom 370 can also customize the design of the display and also view news tickers and other information as well as access central or public phone directories.

Snom 370 Features

  • Tiltable, high-definition graphical display (240 x 128 Pixel)
  • Large LED (red) for incoming calls
  • 47 keys, 13 LEDs

Digium TDM800P – Digium’s New 8 Port Analog Interface Card

Announced at the IT EXPO, the new Digium TDM800P is an 8 port analog interface card is the industry first 8-port analog telephony interface card built on a single PCI bracket. What this allows for is universal PCI card slot compatibily. Based on Digium’s patent pending VoiceBus technoloy, the new chip architecture greatly increases the number of servers compatible with Digium’s hardware.

According to Bill Miller, Digium’s VP of Product Management and Marketing,

“Digium’s VoiceBus technology enables the development of high performance PCI compatible telephony interface cards for a variety of applications. Moving forward, this architecture will be used across all Digium analog and digital telephony solutions.”

The TDM800P can also be used in …

D-Link V-Click GSM/WiFI Mobile Phone

D-Link V-ClickThe D-Link V-CLICK allows users to switch between cellular and Wi-Fi networks with the click of a button. With a simple press of the V-CLICK button, the phone activates or deactivates the Wi-Fi connection that allows users to access websites or an Internet phone service, enjoying the convenience of reduced communication costs, faster transfer speeds, and increased productivity resulting from dual-mode phone access.

D-Link V-Click Design

D-Link V-CLICK phones boast a sleek, polished black compact form factor (h 4.17″, w 1.73″, d .75″), with additional colors planned to fit any lifestyle. The V-CLICK phones support Opera MobileTM, a mobile browser for logging into Wi-Fi hot spots, web surfing and email functionality on the V-CLICK’s two-inch (176×220 pixels) bright color screen.…

Grandstream HandyTone 502 Telephone Adaptor

Grandstream Networks has released their newest analog telephone adaptor, the Grandstream HandyTone 502. The Grandstream HT-502 is cobines a stylish new design and a significant increase in data router performance over the Grandstream GS-496. A sip based adaptor, the Grandstream HandyTone HT-502 features 2 FXS ports, dual 10M/100Mbps Ethernet ports with integrated high performance NAT router, port status and message waiting LED and a base stand for vertical positioning. It supports UPnP, SIP over TCP/TLS, up to 2 SIP account profiles and rich call features.

Grandstream HandyTone 502 Technical Specifications:



Ethernet Ports

2 RJ45 10/100 Mbps





FXS Port


Fax Support

Pass-Through via G.711 and T.38

Audio Codecs

G.711(a/u-law), G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.729E, G.728,

The Linksys VoiceSystem 9000

We’ve all read the statistics on the increased use of VoIP in 2006 and how 2007 will be a break out year. This week I will introduce the Linksys Voice System as a way to cut the expense of traditional telephone service for the average Joe, the small business. Why Linksys? Linksys is a lot more than just a great name in the industry. The value of this system is due to the system flexibility and quick convergence it offers customers.

With the Linksys LVS-9000, you can make your small business look big, with an increased ability for customer communication and efficiency for your business.

But Art, why can’t I find “LVS-9000”, “SPA-9000” or even the search term “9000” on the …

The New Aastra 57i SIP based IP Phone

Aastra is set to release some new phones in the coming weeks and with a little bit of leg work (and thanks to Google) I was able to get some stock photos of the Aastra 57i, and also some breif information. The new model has been long awaited by Aastra fans and from the looks of the new phones, Aastra has taken a step towards a more modern design, and beefed up the features and functionality of the base units. This should raise Aastra’s profile in the US.

Aastra 57i Features:

The Aastra 57i has a large LCD screen, is a SIP based IP phone and will be eventually replace the 480i. Just like the 480i, the …

That’s Right Arthur Miller has Joined the VoIP Insiders!

No, not that Arthur Miller, this Arthur Miller!

About Arthur Miller

I am employed by VoIP Supply, LLC the leading internet retailer of VoIP hardware, software, and services. VoIP Supply, LLC has several sister companies, one of which I work for, specializes in providing VoIP telephony solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients range from home office or multi location businesses with complex communications needs, we work with leading vendors to manage every element of our customer’s migration to Voice over IP, from hardware to service, installation, training and support. I serve as Development Manager and Sales Executive for I originally joined as a product manager in early 2005. Prior …

VoIP Supply has launched a VoIP Hardware Affiliate Program!

The VoIP Supply affiliate program, which has been in a private beta stage since the beginning of November, is now open to any affiliate looking to capitalize on the growing VoIP hardware marketplace. From now until the end of February, any affiliate that signs-up for the VoIPSupply affiliate program will receive a $20 sign-up bonus to be paid once the affiliate earns $100 in affiliate commission.

About the VoIP Hardware Affiliate Program

With commissions ranging from 3% to 10% based on your monthly generated revenues, the VoIP Supply Affiliate Program is a perfect fit for sites that are looking to profit from the booming Voice over IP industry.

VoIP Hardware Affiliate Program Commission Tiers:

3% …