5 Things You Need to Know about SkyAMP

November 4, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

VoIP Supply and SkyAMP partnered together last week to host a webinar detailing the benefits SkyAMP can bring. If you missed the webinar, don’t miss out on this webinar recap!

Click here to download the presentation slides

#1 What is SkyAMP?

VoIP Supply is a new distribution partner for SkyAMP. SkyAMP strives to provide resilient online connectivity that would continue to operate without failure, even under adverse conditions such as severe weather and local power availability. 

SkyAMP devices are constructed from a mix of metallic materials and assembled under our patented process so that they function similarly to solid-state electronics, harnessing the power of physics, radio waves, and inherent qualities of the materials to make for an effective signal booster. 

  • New, game-changing, and patented technology 
  • UnpoweredWirelessSignal Booster 
  • Models available in DECT,2.4 GHzWiFi, Bluetooth, and 4GCellular 
  • No cables, wires, SIM cards, configuration, pairing or setup required 
  • Just Set It and Get It!

#2 What Key Differences set SkyAMP apart? 

The main differentiator is that SkyAMP devices require no electricity or batteries! These devices are not dependent on power or wires. More important benefits include:

  • Unpowered – SkyAMP devices require no electricity or batteries 
  • JustSet it and Get it – No configuration, pairing, or setup process 
  • Range – SkyAMP devices have a significantly larger coverage area than competing products 
  • Fast- SkyAMP cleans the signal,removing noise and interference,resulting in faster data speeds 
  • Secure -TheSkyAMPdevices have no firmware and are not hackable 
  • Tough – All products are tested to be durable, survive drops, and harsh environmental conditions

#3 Usage Scenarios 

What can SkyAMP solve? SkyAMP devices can be applied to many scenarios including:

  • Concrete structures (i.e. parking facilities, bunkers, basements and sub-levels). 
  • Rural and remote locations outside cell range (most towers only broadcast up to 22 miles) 
  • Dead spots 
  • Slow or weak signals
  • “High bar count” , but no service 
  • Congested areas, large events
  • Traveling with spotty signals 
  • High rises, typically above the 6th floor the signal decays 
  • Manufacturing and warehouse facilities with high conflict materials (i.e. lots of metal)

#4 What are the options?

There are five options to choose from based on your business needs:

#5 SkyAMP Partner Program

Don’t forget to check out SkyAMP’s partner program! When you partner with SkyAMP, you’ll have access to industry leading wireless solutions that are easy to sell, implement and support. In addition to special reseller pricing on all products, joining the reseller program supports your business with rock-solid sales enablement, and a wide variety of helpful tools all available on a world-class partner portal. 

  • Priority Support Receive fast and responsive assistance from our dedicated partner support team for quicker issue resolution. 
  • AllYourSales Info in OnePlace Stay on top of your sales pipeline with easy monitoring and analytics from your partner portal. 
  • Preferred Pricing Authorized resellers receive our best prices through authorized seller product discounts to help you sell at an excellently profitable margin. 
  • Customizable Collateral We make marketing easy with a library of customizable co branded marketing materials available for your use

Visit our website to learn more about SkyAMP!

Q&A Section:

Q1: I am concerned about spending such a large amount of money on a product that is already obsolete because it does not support WiFi 6 or 6E or 5G cellular. And with a product that has no firmware, it is clearly not upgradable.

A: There is a tremendous amount of infrastructure out there currently using 2.4GHz WiFi, and we have heavy demand for it, which is why that has been our initial focus.   4G LTE is also the most heavily used data out there, and also has a large demand.   That being said, we do have models in R&D for 5G Cellular and 5GHz WiFi that are quickly approaching production/release

Q2: Is there a demo program or a trial program or money back guarantee so that we can see this in action without risk?

A: We do have a pilot program in place, contact your VoIP Supply account manager to make this arrangement.

Q3: Is there a limit to how many devices can be enhanced at once?

A: No, the only limit is what you’re connecting to.   As an example if you have an Access Point capable of supporting 64 devices, and because of the SkyAMP you now can reach 100 devices, the SkyAMP would not hinder you…but your Access Point would.

Q4: How come the Pro does not include DECT?

A: The Pro was designed prior to the DECT being released.   The DECT was released earlier this year at the demand of VoIP manufacturers.  A new Pro model will be coming that supports DECT, as well as 5G and 5GHz WiFi.  We have numerous models in R&D.

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