Linksys CIT400 iPhone Review

February 19, 2007 by Garrett Smith

The Linksys CIT400 is a Dual-Mode Dect Phone For Use With Skype

Stephen Pinches, over at Skype Gear, has an excellent review of the Linksys CIT400. The Linksys CIT400 is a Dual-Mode DECT phone that allows users to send and receive both Skype and PSTN calls, making it an excellent solution for residential users looking for Skype hardware.

According to Stephen,

“The CIT400 is perfect for people who still rely on their old-style phone network, but also want to make cheap Skype-to-Skype and Skype-to-other phone numbers calls. Additionally, the CIT400 offers access to Skype Voicemail, as well as being able to search for users, accept or decline incoming buddy requests, view the basic details of users’ profiles and also quickly and easily see how much credit you have left.”

The only major drawbacks?

“Unfortunately, Linksys have as yet not confirmed availability of additional handsets.”

The Linksys CIT400 is now on sale for $164.99 and includes the handset, charger, and a Base Station that plugs into your broadband network and to the standard telephone line plug. For more of the Linksys CIT400 review click here.

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