Linksys WIP320 – The Lastest Wi-FI VoIP Phone For Skype

January 3, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Replicating the Traditional Phone

One of the majors factor hindering the adoption of Skype by the North American market has been it’s reliance on being “at the computer” in order to use the service. Over the past year, numerous manufacturers have released Wi-Fi phones for use with Skype, bringing the promise of an old world calling experience to the new world of Skype calling. While it is still yet to be determined what impact the mass release of Wi-Fi phones for Skype has had on the adoption rates in North America, one thing is for certain: the Linksys WIP320 is the most advanced Wi-Fi phone for Skype to date.

The Linksys WIP320 – Makes Skype Calling Easy

The Linksys WIP320 combines sleek styling with robust functionality to deliver one of the most convient Skype user experiences. With it’s 1.8in TFT, color lcd display, the Linksys WIP320 makes it easy to find, select, and call all of your favorite Skype users. Because it is 802.11b/g compliant, the Linksys WIP320 is easy to register to just about any wireless access point or hot spot, giving your true mobility, and a calling experience closer to that of a traditional cordless phone. Unlike most Wi-Fi phones for Skype, the Linksys WIP320 is designed with only the features necessary to be successful in making calls – eliminating complex menu’s, configurations, and features which often lead to less then pleasureable experiences.

Aggressively Priced, Great Value

The Linksys WIP320 is aggressively priced at $169.99. When compared with other Wi-Fi phones for Skype, the WIP320 is well within competitive price ranges, and when compared with other Wi-Fi VoIP phones, it is one of the best VoIP deals on the market today. When you take into consideration that you can now get unlimited SkypeOut for $14.95 a year, SkypeIn for an additional $40, you can have a complete, unlimited home calling solution for less then $19 per month including the cost of hardware. What an incredible deal!

For more information about the Linksys WIP320, please vist the Linksys WIP320 product page at VoIP Supply.

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