Have you used any of  Grandstream’s GWN series WiFi APs? You might be qualified for Grandstream’s new free beta testing for Cloud Controller for WiFi Access Points (APs), GWN.Cloud!

This new enterprise WiFi network management platform provides a secure, reliable and scalable management platform for Grandstream’s GWN series of WiFi APs. Installers and users can quickly deploy WiFi networks within seconds of scanning the device’s barcode and manage them easily through a mobile app or a web browser.

Check out some key features:

  • High reliability – 99.99% uptime
  • Virtually unlimited scalability with no restriction on the number of sites or WiFi APs being managed
  • Industry-leading end-to-end security with bank-grade TLS encryption and X.509 certificate authentication, coupled with the strong security features
  • Built-in Captive Portals with customizable landing pages for collection of access credential information
  • Real-time network monitoring and control tools, configurable alerts, and in-depth reports by network, AP, client and more
  • GWN.Cloud mobile app, available for iOS™ and Android™
  • GWN.Cloud service is free

Apply for this beta test at https://www.gwn.cloud/

Also, join our GWN Series webinar on Feb. 27th to learn all you need to know about the GWN Series of Networking Solutions. Click here to register now!

After the release of GWN7600 WiFi Access Point (AP), GWN7610 Wireless AP, and the GWN7000 VPN Router, now Grandstream goes one step further to introduce the GWN7600LR AP to its GWN family.


The GWN7600LR is a WiFi long range access point designed to provide extended coverage support and it is ideal for businesses looking to create an expandable WiFi solutions outdoor. It’s always exciting to see new products. Let’s check out some key features!

Waterproof Outdoor Solution

As the demand for an outdoor WiFi Access Point has been increasing, Grandstream created the GWN7600LR, a high-performance wireless access point that can be deployed outdoors with its weatherproof casing.

Long Range Coverage: Up to 275 meters!

The GWN7600LR also comes equipped with dual-band 2×2:2 MU-MIMO with beam-forming technology and a sophisticated antenna design for maximum network throughput and extended WiFi coverage range of up to 275 meters! This solution has the longest range coverage among all GWN Series APs.


Embedded Controller

Like other GWN Series APs, the GWN7600LR has a controller-less distributed network management design and an embedded controller within the product’s web user interface. This allows each access point to manage a network of up to 30 GWN76xx series APs independently without needing separate controller hardware/software and without a single point-of-failure.

More Features:

  • Up to 300-meter coverage range— ideal for outdoor use
  • 1.27Gbps wireless throughput and 2x Gigabit wireline ports
  • Dual-band 2×2:2 MU-MIMO with beamforming technology
  • Support 802.3af and 802.3at Power-over-Ethernet (PoE/PoE+)
  • Controller-less network management, auto-discovery, auto provisioning
  • Offers simultaneous dual-band WiFi signals
  • Advanced WiFi security features

Download the GWN7600 LR Datasheet

Check out the comparison chart below to compare all three GWN Series Access Points side by side:


The GWN7600LR AP is very easy to install and manage. The extra coverage support and advanced performance features make the GWN7600LR an ideal outdoor access point for mid-size wireless network deployments. Call one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today for any questions you may have!

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Making Wi-Fi faster and cheaper are great enhancements but, how good are those qualities if the service isn’t reliable?

That’s the goal of Ruckus Wireless with their line of Smart Wi-Fi access points, bridges, and switches.

Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762-S
Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762-S – Industry’s first 802.11n outdoor access point featuring a long-range, high-gain smart antenna array that integrates dynamic beamforming technology.

Ruckus Webinar: “Exploiting next generation 802.11ac with smarter antennas”

Ruckus is currently hosting a series of We All Want Better Wi-Fi webinars to help educate you on how to combat inconsistent Wi-Fi performance that affects our daily productivity:

Understanding the complexities of next-generation Wi-Fi can present a challenge. An optimized 802.11ac infrastructure comes only as a result of solid wireless fundamentals, thoughtful radio design, smart antenna systems, and dynamic RF adaptation. So how can you get the most out of 11ac?

Want Better Wi-Fi is an educational Webinar Series that offers the real facts and physics necessary to achieve better Wi-Fi. Join us for these highly informative sessions to gain the knowledge you need to make the best wireless networking decisions possible.

Next up in their webinar series is:

Exploiting next generation 802.11ac with smarter antennas | Wednesday, 8AM PST, July 30th

“We all #WantBetterWiFi and the most logical step to achieving this is exploring the new 802.11ac standard. However, it’s important to understand the differences between .11ac wave 1 and .11ac wave 2, and the potential pitfalls involved in an uninformed upgrade. Fully understanding the benefits of this exciting wireless technology, both short and long term, will enable you to make solid network design and deployment decisions.”

  • An overview of 802.11ac
  • 802.11ac protocol challenges
  • Understanding multiuser MIMO
  • Maximizing advanced signal modulation
  • The benefits of adaptive antennas with 802.11ac