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SIP + Android Video Conferencing Options

Grandstream’s latest video conferencing solution fills a need between low quality webcams and complex room-based enterprise grade video conferencing systems.

The Grandstream GVC3200 is a video conferencing solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that is affordable, simple to use, and flexible.

What’s Included

List price of $3,995 includes:

  • 1080p HD Video Resolution,
  • Bluetooth Remote Control,
  • Controllable Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera with 12x Zoom and Sony Megapixel Imaging Sensor,
  • (4) Four HDMI cables,
  • and Mounting Kit

Simple User Experience

Three-step installation process with Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Pro cloud platform that provides plug-and-play connectivity. Also included for ease of use are:

  • VGA and HDMI video inputs,
  • (3) Three HDMI Video Outputs (to connect several TV’s or monitors),
  • Integrated Wi-Fi,
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Use with External Bluetooth devices (speakers, microphones, keyboard),
  • USB Port,
  • SD Card Reader,
  • and OLED Graphic Display on Camera Base

Flexibility and Interoperability

Hold up to a 9-way video conference from your GVC3200 that is interoperable with 3rd party SIP video conferencing platforms plus compatibility with:

  • Polycom,
  • Cisco,
  • Huawei,
  • Android Video Applications,
  • Google Hangouts,
  • Skype,
  • Skype for Business,
  • and Blue Jeans


See How it Works, Register for Webinar

To see what the GVC3200 looks like in action, check out this detailed GVC3200 product demo video from Grandstream:

The dual SIP-based and Android-based platform on the GVC3200 was designed to eliminate barriers to hosting successful video conferences with multiple callers using multiple platforms with its ability to bridge calls from Android apps into a SIP conference.

Click here to register for our webinar on November 5, 2015 to ask questions and get answers on how the GVC3200 will work for your business.

Digium Swithvox Mobile App Not Yet Compatible with Apple iOS 8 Software Release
Digium Swithvox Mobile App Not Yet Compatible with Apple iOS 8 Software Release

The news that Apple iOS 8 software is now publicly available is exciting, but try to resist the urge to install the update if you’re a current user of the Switchvox Mobile App.

Digium has announced that their Switchvox app does not yet support iOS 8:

We are working to determine Switchvox Mobile’s compatibility with this new version of the operating system, and cannot guarantee the app will function under iOS 8.

Switchvox Mobile is the free app that allows you to access your Switchvox VoIP network via iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Switchvox iOS 8 Plan

Digium plans on having an updated mobile app available in October 2014 which “will offer much of the feature-set of a Digium desk phone, on your iPhone,” said an announcement from Gayle Magee of Digium.

A new Android Switchvox Mobile app will follow after the Apple iOS 8 version is complete.

Stay up to date with customer issues on Switchvox Today.

Last chance to register for the next webinar in our Grandstream Learning Series.

Thursday’s webinar, June 26, 2014 at 2 PM EST, will give you an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the many multimedia features of the:

SIPDroid is a java based, open source SIP client that has recently been developed for use with mobile devices based on Google’s Android platform.

Based upon a Java SIP stack contributed by MJSip, SIPDroid is currently in public beta.

The SIPDroid Users forum can be found here. The SIPDroid Developers forum is located here.

From the website:
After completion of the closed alpha stage this project will publish the software for free under the terms of GNU General Public License v3. The first beta version will be for software testing. So please allow for some issues and incompatibilities at the beginning.

Although SIPDroid will likely mature quickly, it is currently only fully supported using virtual PBX service from offers a free basic account registration for their service.

Once you have created a basic account with you can set up additional SIP providers/registrars within the Trunks section of their web based UI.

PBXes allows you to register several trunks from multiple telephony service providers of your choice. PBXes routes incoming calls over SIP and the PSTN to you. If you are online you can take a call as VoIP, and if you are offline the call will fall back to GSM.

Beyond their free basic service, a paid account additionally allows for handoff of calls between networks. PBXes also supports NAT.

To install Sipdroid you need version 1.5 “Cupcake” of Android. It is already available from HTC for Android Developer Phones. Visit this link for details on updating the OS. An OTA (over the air) update for the other phones has been announced for coming in the beginning of May.

Tragically, most of us here at The VoIP Insider are Apple iPhone users, but we have procured an Android mobile phone from Yannick Tessier, our head of engineering, for testing purposes. We will attempt to get SIPDroid working this week with Asterisk and let you know how we fare.