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VoIPSupply Labs: Integrating Nokia "E" Series Phones with Switchvox PBX (Plus Asterisk or any SIP IP PBX)

May 12, 2009
Do you already own a Nokia "E" Series mobile phone, or are you considering purchasing one? The Nokia "E" series phones, although not inexpensive, offer ... READ MORE

Digium Adds PSTN Faxing Support to Open Source Asterisk

April 6, 2009
Fresh off their announcement of revamped, comprehensive support package offerings for open source Asterisk, Digium today has released Fax for Asterisk . HUNTSVILLE, Ala.—April 6, 2009—Digium®, ... READ MORE

Guest Post: It’s So Easy To Write Apps for Asterisk

July 23, 2008
One of the most powerful things about Asterisk is the relative ease of developing and integrating new applications.   Historically, the telephony world has been a ... READ MORE

Guest Blog: Asterisk Rides the Train

July 11, 2008
I have chosen Asterisk for many reasons. First was the lower cost, but once I had it running and tested I found it to have ... READ MORE

Guest Post: Asterisk Providing Pizza Delivery?

July 9, 2008
Ok, admit it, you like the Domino's new online "Pizza Tracker." If you haven't heard of it, It is a Flash application that tracks the ... READ MORE

Guest Post: Asterisk, Nip/Tuck and the ServiceGuy

June 30, 2008
Our team at Big in Japan (a social software company) has been enamored with Asterisk since early 2005 when we launched our social podcasting application ... READ MORE

Guest Post: Asterisk Brings You Home

June 27, 2008
Being far away from home for a long period of time is a trying experience; leaving your life behind and relocating away from your support ... READ MORE

Hotels and Asterisk

June 16, 2008
Matthew Nickasch of has written an interesting article about VoIP in the hotel industry. Matthew notes (rightly) that albeit a little late, hotels are transitioning ... READ MORE

And the Winner Is…

June 9, 2008
We have a winner! Ashley Kitto has won a $1500 VoIP Supply store credit in the ‘101 Things You Can Do with Asterisk' contest from Digium ... READ MORE

Thirdlane PBX Provides Easy Asterisk Management

May 29, 2008
Can't find the right Asterisk-based solution? Don't have the expertise to manage an open-source phone system? Thirdlane PBX, an Asterisk management tool, requires no Linux or ... READ MORE
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