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How to Determine if my AudioCodes Gateway supports an FXO or FXO G module?

Q: I have a remote customer and they have an AudioCodes Mediant 1000 gateway with some FXO modules installed. I wanted to determine if their modules were FXO or FXO G modules. How can I determine this?

A: The standard FXO module supports outdoor and indoor (lightning protection) loop-start signaling. The FXO G module supports both loop- and ground start signaling (but only supports indoor protection).



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October 3rd, 2017 – AudioCodes, a leading provider of voice networking solutions, announced their new solution expansions and enhancements for Skype for Business hybrid deployments.audiocode

The expansions and enhancements of AudioCodes One Voice for Skype for Business include IP Phones and room solutions, management capabilities, Microsoft Exchange Online Unified Messaging integration, call recording and CloudBond 365 hybrid and Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) solutions.

The comprehensive suite of voice solutions, products and service is now enhanced with IP Phones and room solutions, AudioCodes X-UM Solution, CloudBond 365, Once Voice Operation Center, Call recording with SmartTAP and other value-added applications.

Read more information here. This is another great breakthrough and integration for AudioCodes. We are thrilled to see more Skype for Business customers benefit from their enhanced solutions!