Browsing page over a page, website over a website, you are still not sure which wireless headset will be your perfect match? Take a break and read the 7 keys in this blog to help you find your ideal Bluetooth headset efficiently!


What to look for when choosing a Bluetooth headset?

You may be looking at a ton of headset features and don’t know where to start. Take one step back to think about the seven keys here and list o ut your requirements before you start shopping, you will be able to easily find the best headset that simply works for you! Let’s get to it.

Key #1 Location

Think about the location you will be using your headset in. Are you using it for jogging in a park, working in an office, or talking on the go? Chances are, you have a couple places where you take calls or listen to music most often. If you plan to use it outdoor, a Bluetooth headset with a strong microphone and noise cancellation technology is a good choice to go for.

Key #2 Talk Time

Take talk time into consideration. If you are a salesperson, you may want to have over 8-10 hours of talk time. Be aware that there’s a tradeoff between the battery life and the size of your Bluetooth headset. So enjoying a lighter headset means you might have to charge it more often.

Key #3 Standard USB Port

Make sure your headset has a standard USB port that lets you charge from a powered USB port on a desktop or laptop easily. This will save you trouble from carrying too many chargers when traveling and can easily borrow from someone when you forget to bring yours.

Key #4 Multipoint Connectivity

If you are a multi-tasker who needs to switch your headset from one device to another, make sure your headset support multipoint connectivity. This feature will save you a lot of time without needing to manually switch back and forth.

Key #5 Binaural vs Monaural

Typically, binaural options are suitable for people who need to concentrate on a call while monaural headsets are good for people who need to be aware of what’s happening around him/her while on a call with someone.

Key #6 Sound Technology

Pay attention to the sound technology your headset has to offer. For example, if you plan to talk in a windy outdoor area, WindSage technology and Sound Focus technology will come in handy. Most of the headsets nowadays have HD voice to enhance clear sound.

Key #7 Other Special Features

After running through the basics above, you will want to check out some special features that can make your day just a little bit more efficient. Everyone had different needs when it comes to using a headset, but here you can find some of the features I find useful:

Check out our blog for some quick suggestions: Best Bluetooth Headsets to Pair with Your Mobile VoIP [Comparison Chart]

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The Konftel Ego is a lightweight portable speakerphone that can easily fit in a briefcase or travel bag to bring high quality audio phone calls anywhere with you. The Konftel Ego has the ability to connect to a PC, mobile phone or tablet by offering ultra fast Bluetooth or via USB cabling. With remote workers and the work/life balance the Ego helps to extend the office anywhere.

With the Konftel Omnisound the Konftel speakerphone is able to bring the quality of large conference room to a hotel room or small huddle room. Omnisound incorporates audio technology such as echo cancellation and noise suppression to drown out background noise.

Along with multiple ways to connect a device the Konftel Ego is compatible with multiple unified communication platforms such as Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, Avaya Communicator and other conferencing tools.

Award winning quality

Before it has even been released the Konftel Ego has won the Red Dot award for “excellent product design” earlier in 2016. The Red Dot jury stated “With its small, compact form, the Konftel Ego is flexible in use and convinces with good sound and intuitively understood functions.”

Konftel Ego Images

konftel-ego-front-image konftel-ego-top-bluetooth-thumbnail konftel-ego-back-thumbnail

What’s included in the box?

  • Conference unit
  • USB Cable
  • Soft Case
  • Quick Guide

Summary of Features:

  • 12 hour operating battery time
  • Headset connectivity option allows easy switching between headset and speaker function
  • 1.77” Color LCD display for easy viewing and use
  • Support for UC applications. Optimised for Skype for Business, but also supports other UC applications such as Avaya Communicator and Cisco Jabber
  • OmniSound® with HD audio
  • Music streaming in HD
  • Compact, portable speakerphone that connects simply to a mobile phone, tablet or PC

Questions about VoIP devices and services are regularly submitted to through a technical support ticket or via the “Ask The Expert” tab on our product pages.

We respond to these requests directly but more often than not, this Q & A would be helpful for lots of other folks.

Below are your VoIP questions answered – Real questions from real people just like you.

Q: I have a Polycom VVX600 phone. Will this headset [Jabra Motion Office] work with that phone? Is there something available that would signal people that I am on the phone when I am talking on the headset – perhaps an optional light or something?

Jabra Motion Headset
Jabra Motion Headset – One headset for all your phones, including the Polycom VVX600

A:   The Jabra Motion Office is a versatile wireless headset that promises to be “the only headset you’ll ever need.”

It’s designed to be the one headset you take with you everywhere to work hands free no matter if you’re making calls from your desk phone, VoIP softphone on your computer or laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

And in the words of the Jabra Motion datasheet, this headset “is designed to work with Bluetooth mobile phones. It can also work with other Bluetooth devices that are compliant with Bluetooth version 1.1 or higher and support a headset and /or hands-free profile.”

Polycom VVX600
Polycom VVX600 Business Media Phone has Bluetooth 2.1

The good looking Polycom VVX600 Business Media Phone has integrated Bluetooth 2.1 so, Yes, the Jabra Motion Office is a great headset for this phone and you’ll get extra use out of it with your other devices which is good if you work from home or on the road.

Jabra Busylight Signal

Lastly, to answer the second part of your question: “Is there something available that would signal people that I am on the phone when I am talking on the headset – perhaps an optional light or something?”

You’re in luck.

The Jabra Motion Office comes with a busylight indicator on the unit that will help you avoid interruptions, especially in a hectic office or one that has a more open working environment.

The Jabra busylight turns red when you’re on a call providing a clear signal that tells people not to bother you.

Stay Tuned

Check back next time for more VoIP Q & A.

Thanks for your questions!

Jabra Motion UC Bluetooth Headset

VoIP Supply has added the Jabra Motion UC Series of  Bluetooth Headsets.

What Is It?

Jabra Motion UC is a unique line of Unified Communication (UC) Bluetooth headsets that wants to be the only headset that you will ever need.

For example, a single Motion UC can be paired with your VoIP desk phone, VoIP softphone, cell phone, tablet, and Microsoft Lync system so that no matter where you go or what device you’re working from, you’ll just need this one hands-free Jabra headset.

Right now we’re carrying the following Motion UC and Motion Office headset models for both standard applications and optimized for Microsoft Lync:

  • Jabra Motion UC:  Bluetooth headset for VoIP softphone, cell phone, and tablet.
  • Jabra Motion UC MS:  Bluetooth headset optimized for Microsoft Lync that connects to VoIP softphone, cell phone, and tablet.
  • Jabra Motion Office:  Bluetooth headset connects to VoIP desk phone, VoIP softphone, cell phone, and tablet.
  • Jabra Motion Office MS:  Bluetooth headset optimized for Microsoft Lync that connects to VoIP desk phone, VoIP softphone, cell phone, and tablet

Who Is It For?

The Jabra Motion is great for anyone who makes calls across a variety of devices, likes to communicate hands-free, and would like to cut down at least on the number of headsets you use when you’re in the office, on the go, or working remotely.

And if you like wireless VoIP headsets that are mono (one ear) and have a behind-the-ear wearing style, then the Jabra Motion UC series is for you because that’s they only fit and form they come in. But these headsets also offer:

  • Auto Pairing
  • Music Streaming
  • Noise and Wind Filtered Microphones
  • 7 Hour Talk Time
  • Voice Control
  • Movement Sensors

Pricing & Availability

Jara Motion UC headsets are available with some slight price variations:

  • Jabra Motion UC:  $150 to $200
  • Jabra Motion Office:  $380