In the past, I have written blogs about the importance of customizing your workplace. One of the best ways to do this is bringing in pictures from home, and even changing the wallpaper on your deskphone!

This process usually falls into the category of “basic” when dealing with most IP phones, and the same goes for the Yealink CP960. The only difference is this is a conference phone, and not like;y to be on your desk!

What I thought was cool is that even though this is a conference phone, and most likely to be used by several different people around the office, it is still fully customizable. Everything from the wallpaper to the ringtone to so much more!

For this blog, we will table how to change the wallpaper because that is a pretty popular thing when it comes to the customization of your phone. The CP960 will give you a list of preloaded wallpapers to choose from. If you would like to upload your own image, you will have to do that from the phone’s Web GUI, so it might be best to contact your Systems Administrator for help on that.

How to Change the Wallpaper on the Yealink CP960cp960

One thing that I will tell you is that the phone screen size is 5 inches or 720×1280. So when choosing a customer phone for this phone, make sure it will fit! In any case, if you want to keep it simple and use one of the preloaded images, then just follow these easy steps:

  1. Tap Settings from the home screen
  2. Tap Display from the Basic block
  3. Tap Wallpaper
  4. The touch screen will then display the current-used wallpaper with alternative built-in backgrounds on the bottom of the touch screen
  5. Select a desired wallpaper from the built-in wallpaper list
  6. Tap Set wallpaper

And that’s it! With something this simple, why not a little variety to your conference room? Just get ready for it to be a different background each time you use your Yealink CP960!

Do you have a Yealink CP960 in your conference room? If not, what conference phone do you use? We want to know!

Known for simple, easy-to-use communication solutions, Revolab is bringing their revolutionary technology to small and medium-sized conference rooms, executive office, or even your home office. This summer, Revolab is going to introduce a new conferencing system, the Yamaha CS-700 video conferencing system, to make your small business collaboration more efficient and effective. Let’s hear what it is all about!


What is the Yamaha CS-700?

The Yamaha CS-700 is an all-in-one unit of video conferencing system designed for small-sized rooms with limited tabletop space (we call huddle rooms). This unique system combines ultra-wideband audio with high-quality video to fulfill all collaboration requirements in one simple, wall-mounted solution.

What Can the Yamaha CS-700 Do?

The Yamaha CS-700 comes with advanced features tailored to small businesses’ collaboration requirements. let’s take a peek at some highlights of the Yamaha CS-700:

  • Remote Management allows users to remotely monitor, manage, and upgrade unit automatically through the IP interface. Managing hundreds of huddle rooms has become simpler than ever.
  • 120-degree ultra-wide-angle cameras capture all meeting participants in one field of view, covering more than 80% area in the room without the need of zooming in the cameras. The high pixel count also allows users to see the individual expressions from the room clearly.
  • A beamforming microphone array picks up every single word spoken in the room and delivers it to the far end. The four-element speaker bar provides high-quality audio, ensuring you an easy, natural conversation.
  • USB and SIP communications can be bridged easily in the CS-700 system. It supports multiple business communication applications such as Microsoft® Skype for Business, Google Chromebox for Meetings, BlueJeans®, Zoom®, and more. Additionally, the Bluetooth function enables fast and easy audio connections, instantly turning any mobile calls into a conferencing call.
  • The wall mount system design provides the simplest installation and makes connecting the wires to the CS-700 easy and quick.


Want to Learn More?

Visit Rebvolab’s website or watch the product video above to learn the details about the CS-700. You can also visit our website or call our VoIP specialists at 1-800-398-VoIP to get more information about Revolab products. What do you think about this new product? Share with us.

When it comes to a conference phone, you may have the same question as many others: Why would I need a conference phone when there are a lot of other devices such as smartphones and tablets that have a speaker function that allows multiple participants to communicate at the same time?

To answer this question, we will first need to learn what a conference phone is and how you can benefit from having one.

What is a conference phone?

A conference phone is a purpose built conferencing device that enables multiple callers to communicate simultaneously, on the same call, from different phone lines. To initiate a conference call, the host generates the call first and other remote attendees dial in to a conference bridge number which will then connects the phone lines altogether to the same call.

Conference phones make a difference

conference2While other multi-function devices such as smartphones may sacrifice some of the conferencing function for other main features and apps, a conference phone is constructed specifically for conferencing calls. That being said, it has only one specific goal – make your conferencing call as seamless as possible.

Hearing your team members clearly is the priority

A conference phone has better built-in functions such as noise cancellation and HD voice so that it has the ability to receive/deliver better sound quality, giving you smooth conferencing experience.

More time, energy, and money for your main business

With a conference phone, you are able to have meetings remotely anywhere, anytime. In other words, you are able to save the time, energy, and cost of traveling and put them back to growing your real business.

Unique features boost meeting efficiency

A conference phone typically comes with user friendly features including flexible connection options (computer, desk phone, mobile phone/tablet), One-Touch Speed Dial, wide room recording range, Busy Lamp Field and more. Having the right conference features will boost your meeting efficiency and enhance the teamwork to achieve your meeting goals.

Purchasing conference phones is a great investment for businesses who require group meetings regularly or frequently. If you would like to have more information about conference phones, please visit our website or contact us today at 1-800-398-VoIP or email at

Revolabs conference phones for distance learning

Note: This is a guest post by Victoria Zona, Senior Channel Sales Manager, Revolabs

Distance learning has become increasingly pervasive in both corporate America and at educational institutions.

Academic institutions are all adding programs to accommodate remote students and are now offering on-line degrees.

To save money, many corporations are remotely training branch office employees on the policies and procedures bringing distance learning to corporate workplaces.

Clear Audio Maintains Focus, Increases Comprehension, Reduces Fatigue

Many times the voice quality in remote learning environments is unintelligible. Poor sound quality makes it difficult for the student to understand the material presented, and reduces their active participation.

Our industry has made great strides to improve video quality during distance learning sessions, but crystal-clear audio is even more important to keep students’ focus, increase comprehension, and prevent classroom fatigue.

Typically, there’s no technical person on hand to monitor and support the remote learning session. Therefore, having an audio solution that is simple to use and easy to setup is key.


Poor sound quality makes it difficult for the student to understand the material presented, and reduces their active participation.


How to Choose Audio Devices for Distance Learning

Here are some tips to consider when choosing an audio product for distant learning:

Seek out an audio solution that provides superior audio pickup and speaker quality so users on both the near and far end of the room can hear every word.

360° Coverage

Deploy a device that has full 360° coverage of audio capture, incorporates integrated acoustic echo cancellation, and supports full duplex audio to enhance comprehension and conversational flow.

Strong Speaker, External Connections

The speaker output on the device needs to be loud enough for the participants in the room to hear, or allows connections to external speakers to amplify the sound level in the room.

BYOD Compatible

If bring your own device (BYOD) program is supported, make sure the audio conferencing device is software-agnostic and connects via standard PC, tablet or mobile communications channels.

Cloud Compatibility

For cloud based conferencing solutions, verify that the audio conferencing device supports multiple communication applications.

Ask a VoIP Supply Representative about Revolabs audio conferencing solutions for distance learning.

We have a range of products to fit every environment, offering unmatched audio quality that allows users to hear every word.

Author Bio

Victoria Zona Revolabs

Victoria Zona
Senior Channel Sales Manager, North America, Revolabs
Victoria Zona has more than 20 years of experience in channel sales. In addition, she was also recognized as a CRN Channel Chief for 2014. At Revolabs she is responsible for directing and managing the North America DMR channel. Connect with Victoria on LinkedIn and Twitter

Revolabs Yamaha YVC-1000 Bluetooth enabled conference phone

5 keys to consider when choosing a conference phone
For quick, impromptu meetings you can grab a co-worker and have an informal conference call right in your office just by using the the speakerphone on your desktop phone.

The desktop speakerphone, that tried and true collaboration tool, has certainly improved over the years with full duplex, HD audio, and echo cancellation.

But really, are the features and sound quality all that great?

When you need to have a real meeting you need to have a real conference phone.

How to Choose Conference Phones?

Within your budget, take the five keys into consideration: Room Size, Power Source, Connection Type, Call Recording, Portability. The differences between brands and models, then, may seem slight until you think about how you’re going to use this device.

Here’s the standard definition of a conference phone:


Conference phones are typically used in large offices and conference rooms where multi-party phone calls take place.


Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Here are five conference phone considerations:

#1: Decide Your Room Size 

Different conference phones have different microphone pickup ranges and speaker quality. The size of the room will dictate how powerful and robust the device you need.

Some conference phones offer optional expansion microphone kits to expand the audio range for larger rooms with lots of people.

Konftel 300IP with expansion microphones
Konftel 300IP with expansion microphones

#2: Choose Your Power Source

Standard power options for conference phones are either AC adapter or Power over Ethernet (PoE). If your room is wired for PoE, that’s a great way to simplify installation. If you prefer to use an AC adpater to power the unit, just make there’s an outlet nearby where you plan on putting it.

Other options include USB and rechargeable batteries, depending on the type of conference phone you’re looking at.

#3 Choose a Convenient Connection Type

The connection type that you need or want for your conference phone is related to power source options mentioned above.

It’s possible now to get a variety of conference phones that connect via:

  • Wireless
  • DECT
  • USB
  • Mobile / Cell Phone
Konftel 300Wx Wireless Conference Phone
Konftel 300Wx Wireless Conference Phone

The Konftel 300Wx, for example, allows you to hold wireless conference calls where and when it is convenient. It has an HD omnidirectional microphone that can pick up sounds in an area of about 300 square feet (a 10′ x 30′ room), making the 300Wx a solid choice for executive offices or small conference rooms.

#4 Consider Call Recording Functionality

Sometimes a meeting is so great that you wish you could relive it again and again.

That’s probably never the case but, there are times when it’s helpful to record a conference call for:

  • Training purposes
  • Avoid having to take notes
  • Review important details
  • Share the meeting with a colleague

Some newer conference phone models make it easy to record and store meetings with a built in recording function that enables calls to be recorded to an SD Memory card.

#5 Think about Portability

Meetings don’t always happen when you’re in the office.

So the last thing to consider about your conference phone choice is how portable do you need it to be?

If you’re travelling, working from home, or working out of your car; the Konftel 300M was built as a conference phone for the mobile worker that’s:

  • Battery operated
  • Wireless
  • Connects to mobile networks (GSM/3G) by installing a SIM card
  • Connects to PCs via USB

Conference phones are still an important collaboration tool and now there are many more inspired options to choose from to make your meetings more efficient or, to simply sound better.

Revloabs UC Conference Phones for Huddle Rooms | FLX UC 1000

Revolabs UC Conference Phones for Huddle Rooms

Note: This is a guest post by Victoria Zona, Senior Channel Sales Manager, Revolabs

Many companies today are challenged during the typical video conference call due to the sound quality or speaker limitations of the systems they are using.

Most large companies are getting away from only utilizing large executive board rooms for conferencing.

Companies are now creating multiple smaller huddle rooms where their teams can meet and collaborate in a more intimate setting. They want conferencing solutions in these rooms that are easy to use for their teams and easy to support for their IT department.

Causes of Poor Audio Quality

Sadly, many times when users meet for a video conference all of their colleagues gather closely around a speaker phone, use a poor quality USB conference phone or even sometimes (as crazy as it sounds) use the internal speakers and microphone of their laptop or PC.

All of these scenarios provide poor audio quality.


More thought and expense goes toward a nice video signal and display than how a room should sound and pick up voices of participants.


Good Video Does Not Make Up for Bad Audio

More thought and expense goes toward a nice video signal and display than how a room should sound and pick up voices of participants.

With poor audio quality participants on both sides struggle to hear. It seems more like “surveillance” of the rooms than conferencing.

They can see what is going on but poor sound quality significantly impacts the overall effectiveness of their meeting. The best video feed cannot make up for bad audio.

Revolabs FLX UC 1500

How To Solve Audio Problems with Revolabs

To solve these problems corporations really need to be equipped with the latest in high quality audio communication technology.

Revolabs conference phones solve these problems.

The FLX UC product line provides:

  • Professional quality audio output through tweeter and mid-woofer speaker elements,
  • Four embedded microphones for full 360° coverage of audio capture,
  • and Incorporates integrated acoustic echo cancellation and full duplex audio.


Revolabs FLX UC1500

The FLX UC 500 is for USB softphone only calls and PC audio applications, while the FLX UC 1000 and FLX UC 1500 are two-in-one solutions that combine a USB speakerphone with a VoIP conference phone and a color dialer that can bridge calls between the two.

The UC 500 and UC 1000 are perfect for 8 to 10 participants and the UC 1500 ships with extension microphones and that can cover 16-18 participants in the room.

Whether you have a BYOD environment or a VoIP phone or both in your collaboration spaces, Revolabs UC products provide superb crystal-clear audio for all your meeting needs.

Author Bio

Victoria Zona Revolabs

Victoria Zona
Senior Channel Sales Manager, North America, Revolabs
Victoria Zona has more than 20 years of experience in channel sales. In addition, she was also recognized as a CRN Channel Chief for 2014. At Revolabs she is responsible for directing and managing the North America DMR channel. Connect with Victoria on LinkedIn and Twitter