Most of us can sense that cell phones are shifting the way we work and live dramatically in modern years. Our smartphones have become not merely an electronic device, but a digital extension of ourselves where we connect and communicate. As more people describe a smartphone as an “indispensable” tool for work, the demand for Softphone arises.

“The majority (79 percent) of respondents cited the smartphone as the phone they used the most to conduct business, as compared to an office phone or home phone.” – According to a survey from PCWorld

What is Softphone?

Softphone is a software program that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet via your computer or cell phone rather than dedicated hardware like a traditional telephone.

Digium Switchvox Softphone for iPhone & Android

Digium’s Switchvox Softphone is an all-in-one communication solution designed for iPhone and Android. It covers all enterprise-class Unified Communications (UC) features you can expect from Switchvox, except, this time, you enjoy them on the go! Let’s take a peek at some of its popular features every road warrior can’t live without!

Simple Setup Process – Configuring the Switchvox Softphone for your cell phone is easy! Get ready to start making calls within seconds.

Advanced Call Control – Stay connected wherever, whenever you go with the power of Switchvox Softphone! The advanced call features include:

  • 3-way conference
  • Call recording
  • Transfer, ignore or send to voicemail
  • Status – Set your Status and decide how your calls are handled and what voicemail greeting is played.
  • Favorites – set up favorites contacts and see their phone state and their Status.

Apple CallKit – Enjoy the full advantage of Apple CallKit! The Switchvox Software uses the latest iOS technologies to improve battery life and allow more accurate alerts/notifications. Your Softphone calls will display the same way as native iOS calls even when the app is closed or the phone is locked.

Private Number – Keep your private number private and safe. Callers will only see your deskphone number.

That’s not all! There are more unique features such as Extension-to-extension calls, Real-time Status/ User Presence, Wi-Fi, 4G or LTE connectivity await your exploration!

Not sure where to start? Click here to check out Digium’s Switchvox Softphone Start Guide or simply raise your phone to give our VoIP experts a call at 800-398-8647 to discuss your specific needs!
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August 1st, 2017, Digium announced the release of their new E-Series Switchvox appliances and subscription changes.

Targeting small to medium businesses, Digium’s new E-Series Switchvox appliances are built with less operational complexity and better value at an even lower price. The Switchvox E-Series includes the E510, the E520, the E530 and the E540. Let’s see what all the buzz is about!


Up to 500 Users and 200 Concurrent Calls

If you have ever used any of the older versions of the Switchvox appliances, you will tell the difference right away. The E-Series are all SIP only appliances with up to 600 supported phones, 200 concurrent calls, and 200 conference users. Much powerful and flexible than before.

Less Weight, Lower Price

Comparing to the older, smallest versions of the Switchvox appliances, the Switchvox 80 and the Switchvox 310, the E510 is much lighter (less than 2 lbs) and can easily fit in your backpack. What’s even better is that you can get the E510 for less-than-half the price of the Switchvox 310. It comes with no bundled registration code (hardware only) and pre-installed Switchvox software.

The next level up, the E520 appliance also supports more concurrent calls and conference users (up to 100) than its counterparts with only 6 pounds of weight at a much lower price. The E-Series appliances are the first ever Switchvox appliances that are powered by Dell hardware. Check out how the E520 and E530 compare to the older Switchvox 310 and the Switchvox 360 models in the charts below!


iDRAC8 Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller

The E530 and E540 support up to 600 phones and up to 200 concurrent calls. They are also Dell-based appliances with less than 24 lbs weight at a much affordable price. These two models are equipped with the iDRAC8 Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller with no additional costs, allowing you to monitor, maintain, and update your units easily.


Where Can I Purchase the E-Series?

The E-Series Switchvox Appliances are now available for purchase on VoIP Supply’s website. Visit our Siwtchvox product page to learn more about the new appliances or simply call our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today for more details!

Subscription Changes

The other big announcement today is Digium’s support subscription changes. Digium previously had four main support levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium), +Virtual as well as Maintenance. These are sold by a single user, 5-user, 25-user, and 100-user pack.


Gold Subscriptions
Originally, Digium announced that on October 1, 2017, current Gold Switchvox subscriptions would no longer be available for renewal. They have amended that policy to the following:

  • Customers with current Gold subscription will be grandfathered into the Legacy Gold support level and can continue to renew their support by purchasing Gold renewals and system maintenance beyond October 1, 2017
  • Legacy Gold customers will also be able to add additional subscriptions to their existing Gold systems.
  • Any customer buying a completely new system will be purchasing under the current pricing model rolled out on August 1, 2017, which only allows for Platinum and Titanium Subscriptions

Silver Subscriptions
Silver subscriptions are end of life. Our earlier communication was that Silver customers would be upgraded for free to Gold support by purchasing Gold renewals and system maintenance by September 30, 2017. As a result of initial customer feedback, Digium will be revising our policy to the following:

  • Silver is end of life, but a Silver customer can upgrade to Gold for free beyond October 1, 2017.
  • Optionally, Silver customers can opt for 24/7 support and upgrade to Platinum for a small fee per user. Platinum does not require a yearly maintenance fee (previously $500 per system), so for many customers, this will be the preferred, most cost-effective route.
  • Silver customers upgrading to Gold will be able to renew and add subscriptions per the details above.
  • Any customer buying a completely new system will be purchasing under the current pricing model rolled out on August 1, 2017, which only allows for Platinum and Titanium Subscriptions
  • Shop NEW E-Series Appliances!

    If you are a Toshiba Phone system user, you must have already heard that Toshiba has stepped out of telecommunication industry and suggested their customers look for new service providers to replace and suppor their systems.

    Switching to a new phone system may sound overwhelming; however, it’s also a great opportunity to upgrade your communications system and take your business to the next level! Today, we are going to introduce you to a popular Toshiba replacement for small to medium businesses – Digium Switchvox SMB Systems.


    Take Advantage of Switchvox SMB Systems

    Tailored to small and medium businesses, Switchvox systems are designed to be easy-to-use, rich-loaded, and cost effective. With Digium Switchvox, you are in control of your most important asset in business, your voice.

    Swichvox SMB comes with three different sizes that can be paired together easily to link your offices and run same software and share the same features from different locations. The Switchboard harnesses your entire communication system by allowing you to control from a web-based, real-time call control panel and stay connected anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection.

    If you are looking to replace your old phone system, now is the time! Digium is offering two special promotions to make your switch even better. Be sure to take advantage of them before they expire:

    • Get special pricing when you replace an existing system with Digium Switchvox.
    • Receive a free D60 IP phone with full-color display for each new seat purchased on a 3-year Switchvox Cloud unlimited service contract.
    • See more promotions.


    Why Choose Digium Switchvox SMB?

    • Switchvox SMB is ideal for small to medium sized businesses seeking a full feature set and powerful functionality.
    • Pay one low price for powerful all-inclusive communications features.
    • Money saving, easily managed, future-proof Unified Communication solution that grows with you.
    • Try before you buy – a completely free, no risk/commitment demo.

    Ready to replace your old phone system? Have more questions or concerns? Call our VoIP experts at 1-800-8647 today! We will be happy to assist you.


    Digium Switchvox LogoWith Switchvox, it’s more than just the call, it’s about solving all your business challenges with a comprehensive UC solution. Now, Digium’s Switchvox applications are extending the power of Switchvox even further!

    You don’t need to be a developer to enjoy the benefits of application integration. Plus, all the applications are FREE. Switchvox applications create a seamless, efficient communications solution for every business. Try them all today!

    #1 Switchvox Softphone app for Android and iOS

    Your employees can now use their mobile devices for advanced communications, enjoying the flexibility they need to work anywhere. Check out some of the enterprise-class UC features:

    • Send and receive calls, just like you’re at your desk
    • Keep your private number private; callers see only your desk phone number
    • Make extension-to-extension calls
    • Advanced Call Control – Such as 3-way calling, transfer, hold, and more
    • Real-time Status/ User Presence
    • Connect over WiFi, 4G or LTE

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    #2 Switchvox for Salesforce

    Take advantage of the Salesforce and Switchvox integration that allows you to be more efficient right from within the Salesforce interface. Users can click-to-dial within records, display matching records during incoming calls, log calls directly, and easily update their Switchvox status – all without leaving Salesforce. Check out the video below!

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    #3 Switchvox for Outlook

    If you are an outlook user, you can now connect with your Outlook contacts easily. Dial a phone number from within Outlook and receive a desktop notification for incoming calls that includes the caller’s contact information, allowing you to personalize your greeting to match your contact and build relationships that last.

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    #4 Switchvox Dial for Chrome and Firefox

    Want to call a number on a website without manually enter the number into your phone? Not a problem. With this application you can dial any phone number directly from their browser with the click of a button, creating more efficient workflows. Switchvox Dial works on any web page and with all popular web applications (ex: Gmail, LinkIn, Outlook/Office365). Also enjoy the following features:

    Automatically Find and Highlight all phone numbers in the current web page

    • Dial any phone number with three simple steps, select the phone number, right-click and choose dial
    • Simple redial, even if you’ve already left the web page
    • Dial your Switchvox contacts without opening the Switchboard

    Learn More

    Are you using any of the Digium’s Switchvox applications? Which one do you find most useful?

    If you were expecting to read about ShoreTel, Cisco, or Avaya, you’d be wrong. While these are “VoIP” systems, I’d like to draw some attention to the new world order of IP telephony. It’s no secret that the big names in VoIP (mentioned above) are suffering, and it’s all thanks for a little piece of software called Asterisk. Not to discount the contributions of Freeswitch, but Asterisk is, go here for a little background.

    Many have harnessed Asterisk to create some pretty great turn key solutions. Below are my top 3 recommended Asterisk systems from years of deployments and obsessive tinkering. Behold, my shortlist.

    Grandstream UCM 6200:

    grandstream-logoPreviously the 6100 series; this appliance based IP PBX is a light weight, small (desktop/shelf mount, and 1U rack mounted) appliance that offers a range of 30-100 concurrent calls, depending on the model. The fact that this is PoE powered, and has built-in FXS and FXO is huge. The interface is excellent, and is genuinely intuitive. This appliance demonstrates that VoIP isn’t exclusive to specialists in that field, and can be integrated into existing environments by network, and system admins alike. This has always been a huge favorite of mine, which largely has to do with the company that makes it. Grandstream is endlessly innovating, and improving their product lines. It requires very little maintenance, and is a reliable performer. I personally have never seen one have a physical component failure. For those of you who prefer to pay a one time capital expenditure, this might be a system you should strongly consider. With that said, it’s priced to sell! Check them out here.

    Sangoma FreePBX:

    Sangoma FreePBXIt would be astoundingly foolish not to include FreePBX on my top 3 list. It’s probably the most recognizable name is regards to its ties to Asterisk and open source VoIP. What you may not realize is that it’s a fully matured enterprise ready PBX. It’s also one of the most versatile platforms that can be easily deployed on an appliance like VoIP Supply’s Renegade PBX, Sangoma’s own appliance, or virtualized on Hyper-V, or VMWare. FreePBX goes down in my book as the best “bang for the buck” in that there is no cost to have a fully functioning system. There are additional commercial modules that make life better, but aren’t required to make it work and there is no imposed limitations. Its integration with SIP Station also makes it an attractive solution. Filling out a short form in FreePBX’s web interface will have you calling out, and receiving calls in just a few minutes.

    Digium’s Switchvox:

    Digium Switchvox LogoDigium excels at user interfaces, and also bells and whistles. The user interface is designed to be used by humans, and never really becomes overwhelming to non-VoIPers. Speaking of bells and whistles, Switchvox’s Switchboard is monumentally amazing, and useful. The Switchboard has been around for a while now, but is much improved with Switchvox version 6.X and is a feature that really sets this system apart. Seriously, check out the demo video. Generally, Switchvox makes life better in a call center environment and really hardnesses Asterisk’s potential. They should though, because they created it. Aside from the Switchboard, the biggest differentiator for Switchvox is how you build IVRs, or auto attendants. Instead of defining a destination for a keypress (as with most systems), you build sequenced actions and functions allowing you to create a very capable menu structure. Of course, Asterisk (on other platforms) gives you the ability to create infinitely configurable IVRs through scripting, but Switchvox gives you this functionality through its web interface.

    Honorable Mentions: Keep an eye on these.


    Ombutel is a derivative of Xorcom’s iteration of an Asterisk based platform, and it’s great. The user interface is clean, makes sense, and it supports FOP2 (flash operator panel). As with FreePBX, Ombutel is 100% free and virtualizes nicely. It is however still a little lacking in features when you compare it to FreePBX, and out of the box support for certificates is non-existent. I would like to see a self-signed certificate out of the gate at the least. Because of this, installations should be limited to on-prem. However, they are constantly adding features and fixing bugs. A major differentiator for Ombutel is their Class of Service (CoS) feature. This allows administrators to finely restrict or allow access to parts of the phone system from internal extensions. Normally, this is a features you’d have to pay for with other systems. Ombutel has a very active online community and are constantly receiving and replying to feedback. If Xorcom keeps this product alive, I expect it to do well.


    Wazo, formally Xivo, is another 100% completely free system that is also feature-rich, but has a rare High Availability feature right from the get-go. High Availability is typically an expensive add-on, and that makes Wazo a really interesting product. Wazo is the most rough around the edges system in this list, but it has a lot of potential. Before it was Wazo, I found Xivo easy to install, but since they’ve gone through some changes, I haven’t been able to get Wazo to behave correctly when virtualized. I found it to be very buggy and dysfunctional. With that said, I am looking forward to the future development of Wazo. It’s very much a PBX un-plugged. If it were a car, it would be a driver’s car.