March 1st, 2018 – Edgewater Networks, a market leader in enabling IP-based voice, video and data services, introduced their latest release: the EdgeMarc 2900e PoE Intelligent Edge.

The 2900e PoE: All-in-one Session Border Controller and PoE
This is a powerful yet simple appliance that integrates the session border controller functionality with 12 fully-managed Power over Ethernet ports.

The 2900s PoE device can be combined with the EdgeView Service Control Center for remote monitoring and management. It is also designed to be compatible with Cloud2Edge Complete, the subscription-based model of Network Edge Orchestration.
Take a peek at some of the benefits:

  • Single device solution makes installations easier and reduces the number of SKUs to manage
  • Single user interface for configuration of both SCB and PoE functions
  • Fully managed design allowing for VLANs and advanced management
  • Type 1 PoE device, providing a full 15.4 watts per port
  • Dual 1Gb/s Ethernet or optical fiber connections backing today’s bandwidth speeds

Download the datasheet

edgewaterEdgewater Networks announced that they have certified the Mitel 6800 Series SIP Phones with their portfolio of EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges.

This certification shows the interoperability between Mitel 6800 Series and Edgewater Networks’ Intelligent Edges, which includes Mitel 6863i, 6865i, 6867i, 6869i and 6873i and Edgewater Networks EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges and EdgeView Service Control Center.

mitel“The certification process helps service providers and end users deploy the joint Edgewater Networks and Mitel solution with confidence,” says Jennifer Kidd, VP of Business Development and head of the QuickConnect Interoperability Lab for Edgewater Networks.

See more details here.

We are excited to see the seamless cooperation between Mitel IP phones and Edgewater Networks systems and looking forward to see more customers take advantage of this benefit for efficient communication!

WARNING-Check Your EdgeMarc Password

Our partner Bandwidth has alerted us that there is potentially a problem with the password security of EdgeMarc Gateways and Session Border Controllers (ESBC).

This might affect all EdgeMarc device owners. In short, the default Username / Password of “Root” / “Default” of these devices have been compromised.

However, if you changed your log in credentials when you programmed your EdgeMarc device then you are probably safe. If you were never prompted to change the default username / password you may not have thought to change it.

How to Tell If Your EdgeMarc Password Should be Changed and Steps to Take

From the Bandwidth announcement, here’s how to tell if you need to change your password and the steps to take:

If you are unsure if your specific device has been compromised, you can take the following steps to investigate. However, it is still highly recommended to change the password:

  • In the EdgeMarc GUI, under ‘System’ click on “Client List”. If there are any entries listed other than known and local IP addresses, there is a strong possibility that your device has been compromised. To resolve, remove the offending IP address.

Additionally, the following steps should be taken to to ensure a secure device:

  • Disable PPTP (Point-to-Point Protocol) – Under PPTP server > Username, ensure there is no user built unless it is a known user.
  • Disallow WAN clients – Under VoIP ALG, uncheck both the ‘allow clients on WAN’ option, as well as the ‘Enable LLDP’ option.
  • Verify no additional scripting has taken place, by looking under ‘User Commands’. Specifically, if the following script is present, it will need to be deleted:

ln -sf /etc /etc/images/m.txt
chmod 777 /etc/images/m.txt/config/passwd
sed -i -e s’_'”501″‘_'”0″‘_’ /etc/images/m.txt/config/passwd
sed -i -e s’_'”501″‘_'”0″‘_’ /etc/images/m.txt/config/passwd
sed -i -e s’_'”/etc/images”‘_'”/”‘_’ /etc/images/m.txt/config/passwd

Note: Some EdgeMarc screens within the GUI save changes while you’re making them, and others require you to hit a ‘submit’ button. Please take note of this while making your changes.

Need EdgeMarc Help?

Thank you to Bandwidth for bringing this problem to our attention.

If the above information did not help you and you still have concerns, please call us at 800-398-8647.