Managing schools can be challenging without a right communications solution. Sangoma provides modern UC phone systems that not only increase faculty productivity but also build a more secure learning environment for students. See how you can bring parents, student & teachers together effortlessly within your school premises by leveraging the top 12 UC features Sangoma provides!

#1 Hotdesking – Teachers can log into any phone and have all their features follow them.

#2 Phone Apps – Over 13 phone apps available for staff and teachers to utilize the graphical display for features like Follow-me, Call-forward, Call Flow Control, and more.

#3 User Control Panel (UCP) – Check voicemails and set up conference calls with your own unified control panel.

#4 One Extensions – Log in and out of any IP phone one the campus and access to all the settings of a user’s phone including extension, voicemails, contact lists, and customized menus.

students#5 Follow Me – Configure your extension to try other phones (mobiles or other desk phones) if there is no answer at your main extension.

#6 Voicemail to Email – Here any voicemail message gets attached as a sound file and sent to your email of choice. When combined with a smartphone it provides a great way to stay in touch.

#7 Fax to Email – Instead of relying on old fax machines and mail bins for individual users, with paper copied being lost or sitting in a mail bin for days, faxes can be sent directly to the recipient email.

#8 Smart Paging – Leverage your phone infrastructure to deliver same functionalities.

#9 Fully automated modern bell system

#10 Paging Pro – A FreePBX module that creates complex schedules

#11 Automated alerts – Emergency automated alerts that can be played on a recording

#12 Visual alerts – Send alerts to phones and light up in case of a school lockdown

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5 Benefits

VoIP technology is not just a business phone system application. VoIP service and hardware can be beneficial in schools or university settings. Below you will find 5 reasons and explanations on why a VoIP phone system will bring an added value to the education system.

Reduce costs Dollar Sign

With the ability to get rid of your old telephony lines and turn your phone system over to your internet connection, the costs will immediately be reduced. Also with all the collaborative features involved in a VoIP system you may be able to find other software programs or add ons that can be dropped due to your new VoIP phone system.

Interact in multiple ways

With multiple types of communication avenues, it makes it much easier to get the word out. Explore different avenues of communication with VoIP such as:

  • Quick Phone Calls with 4 digit dialing
  • Video Calls via personal devices or large conference groups
  • Messages (email, IM or SMS)
  • Fax over IP

Connect Easily with Other Classrooms

With a VoIP phone system you can bring all classrooms under one roof. Do you have a foreign language program? You can easily interact with other classrooms around the world using a VoIP phone system. Bring mentor programs into your schools with video conferencing, messaging and audio conference calls.

Within a university setting, there are satellite campuses and certain labs or offices that are not on all campuses. With VoIP you can bring all those rooms and offices into one central location.

No Need for a Separate Bell System

When purchasing a bell system for a building it can become quite pricey and also add another system that you will need to intertwine with your current system. When implementing a VoIP phone system, you have the ability to incorporate a bell system within the feature set of the phone.

If you already have an existing paging system you can connect it to your VoIP system with a snom PA-1. If you’re interested in purchasing a new paging system there are plenty of IP paging products available to you.

Along with a bell system you also have the ability to enhance your emergency notification system. The ability to target where and when certain notifications are broadcast can greatly reduce issues during emergency situations.

Increase Communications with Parents cartoon phone

With access to different types of communications, the relationship between the teacher and parent will grow and increase. As you already understand, having parents more involved in the student’s education will produce better results.

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