what-does-ip-pbx-meanYou may have heard about IP PBX, but what is it exactly? What does it do? Let me tell you all. The acronym “IP PBX” stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange.

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telecommunications system that handles the call control functionality of your telephones and fax machines while simultaneously managing your connection to the PSTN. (Publicly Switched Telephone Network).basic-phone-system

This means that it is a telephone system that handles your call control functionality and manages your connection to your telephone service provider through IP technology.

A VoIP Phone system interconnects your telephones, VoIP Phone system and your VoIP service utilizing your existing LAN and WAN infrastructure. See a common setup on the right.

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Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone.

In the previous Mom’s calling Q&a series, we have discussed: Can I Use Grandstream UCM6208 as a Backup for UCM6108? This week, we have more new real questions and answers from VoIP users like you.

What is VPN? Is it possible to set up international VPNs?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” or tunnel. It allows a client from a computer to connect over a secure connection (Tunnel) from one location to another. To answer your question: Yes, it is possible to set up international VPNs. You can use various “clients” such as Ip Vanish and Open VPN.

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The communication expenses remain the top expense list for most of the hotel businesses despite that more hotel guests are using personal mobile devices than ever before. In order for hotels to survive and become competitive in the hospitality industry, switching to a VoIP system becomes a wise choice in terms of cost savings, work efficiency, and customer experience.

Recently, I have received some inquiries from customers about the 3CX hotel module and the Xorcom Complete Concierge. They were interested in learning about their features, highlights, and the differences between these two solutions. So, let’s dive in together!

3cx thumbThe 3CX Hotel Module 

The Hotel PBX is designed for hospitality environments which enable functions such as guest Check In and Check Out, setting guest extensions to Do No Disturb (DND), and allowing housekeeping to set room status through their phones. See the complete 3CX Hotel Module Feature list.

If you are looking for a low cost and easy-to-manage PBX solution, the 3CX Hotel Module will be ideal for you. This solution runs on mainstream operating systems with little required training and you are able to leverage existing hardware, wiring, and low cost open standard hardware. The 3CX Hotel PBX also integrates with PMS system to ensure that all staff can perform most functions within the Hotel Management Software. See a list of PMS systems that the 3CX Hotel PBX works with!

Access to 3CX Datasheet

Access to 3CX Phone System Brochure

XorcomThe Xorcom Complete Concierge

Similar to the 3CX Hotel Module, the Xorcom Hotel IP PBX system also utilizes existing infrastructure and provides advanced phone features to improve the business process in the hospitality sector. The Complete Concierge PMS interface supports a wide range of PMS systems to ensure a smooth process for check-in/check-out, reporting room status and managing wakeup calls. Check out the Complete Concierge Feature List here!

With the ability to administer large numbers of analog extensions side by side with VoIP extensions and trunks, the Xorcom Complete Concierge is ideal for hotels with existing analog infrastructure to the rooms.

Access to Xorcom Complete Concierge User Guide

The 3CX Hotel Module and the Xorcom Complete Concierge both offer a variety of useful features. Use the comparison chart below to compare their similar features side by side!


Do you have more questions about the PBX solutions for the hospitality industry? Give me a call at 716-531-4318! I will be happy to help you find the best VoIP system for your business.


If you are a VoIP user (or thinking about being one), you must have heard the buzz word: Open Source PBX. But what is it? What does it do? Let’s find out.

First, let’s talk about PBX.

What is PBX?

PBX or “Private Branch Exchanges”, is a private telephone switchboard within an enterprise that allows multiple enterprise users to switch calls among them and share a certain number of external lines.

Unlike a traditional PBX that has a limited number of outside telephone lines and to a certain number of internal extensions, PBX phone system shares the lines for making calls. This kind of phone system avoids the cost of having a line for each user to the central telephone office.

Back to the topic– So what is an Open Source PBX?

guide-to-open-source-pbxWhat is an Open Source PBX?

An open source PBX system is a PBX with an underlying operating system and PBX software that is made generally available to the public for free. Because the operating system and software are free, an open source PBX system is very low in cost comparing to proprietary PBX systems. It also offers unlimited flexibility to any type of business.

Types of Open Source PBX Systems

There are basically two types of Open Source PBX systems:Digium Switchvox

  1. “Pure” open source PBX: A PBX system that has an underlying operating system and PBX software that’s made available to the public for free under GNU General Public License. Asterisk is a popular choice of open source PBX system.
  2.  Open source based: A PBX system with an underlying operating system and PBX software that’s open source at the core, but proprietary codes were built on top of it. Switchvox is an example of this type of PBX system.

Download our Open Source PBX guide or read our blog to learn more: Anatomy of an Open Source PBX

renegadepbx blog banner

We are excited to announce the first ever VoIP Supply branded IP PBX, the RenegadePBX 1U Appliance. At VoIP Supply, we strive to put you, the customer, first. With over 13 years of perfecting your buying experience before, during and after your purchase we wanted to bring this experience to our own appliance.

The choices are all up to you!

In true VoIP Supply fashion, we didn’t want to limit you to only certain choices with your IP PBX. The RenegadePBX allows you to mold the exact appliance needed for your situation.

  • Choose your own open source software platform (installed on your appliance prior to shipment)
  • Connection to the PSTN if needed
  • Choose the SIP trunking provider you would like (our new CloudSpan Marketplace will assist you with choosing a provider)
  • Pair multiple brands of VoIP phones


Why the RenegadePBX?

Below are just a few reasons we believe our IP PBX is above the competition. We encourage you to give us a call and discuss the value we bring with our VoIP Solution Specialists.

  1. Made in the U.S.A
  2. Optional open source software installation at no charge
  3. VoIP Supply offers pre sales consultation and post sales support
  4. Ability to handle up to 75 concurrent calls
  5. Scalable from small to large offices
  6. RenegadePBX 1U Appliance Datasheet


What’s inside the appliance

Since you will have the choice of what unified communications (UC) platform to choose from the call features may very slightly. The RenegadePBX is a 1U rackmountable chassis IP PBX with a 61GB SSD hard drive, 2GB DDR3 memory and two PCI card slots. Here are a couple suggested appliances with a UC platform pre-installed for you; RenegadePBX 1U Appliance (with Elastix) and RenegadePBX 1U Appliance (with FreePBX).

Contact Us!

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Grandstream UCM6510

Introducing the new Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX.

What is it?

The Grandstream UCM6510 is a new IP PBX appliance with enterprise grade features that is still targeted for the SMB market.

This IP PBX appliance is similar to Grandstream’s UCM6100 series, but with a much higher user count. The Grandstream UCM6510 is the most robust and feature appliance that Grandstream has released.

The UCM6510 offers a single T1/E1/J1 along with 2 FXO and 2 FXS ports in case of a power outage. Grandstream made this IP PBX appliance come standard with dual gigabit Ethernet ports, a 1 GHz quad-core Cortex A9 application processor along with a customizable auto attendant.

Who is it for?

The UCM6510 has call center and enterprise level features and can also be scaled down and used in a small-to-medium (SMB) setting.

With that in mind, plus the ease of use and set up that Grandstream provides with their appliances makes these units attractive to a large array of businesses and users.

With call features too long list and a price point that one would think it’s a mistake, the Grandstream UCM6510 is a great product for most any type or size of business.


Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX Appliance – MSRP $1,999

Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX Appliance Features:

  • 2 FXS and 2 FXO ports with lifeline capability incase of a power outage
  • Single T1/E1/J1 port
  • Ability to handle unlimited SIP accounts
  • Rack mount available
  • Call Center features accessible
  • Up to 2000 registered SIP endpoints and 200 concurrent calls
  • Auto Provision and Detection of end points
  • Redundant power supply


You can shop on-line for Grandstream on VoIPSupply.com or contact the VoIP Supply sales team at 800.398.8647

Michael Taylor (center), VoIP Engineer at VoIP Supply Receives Xorcom Certification

We’re proud to announce that VoIP Supply is now a Xorcom Certified Dealer for Complete PBX Solutions.

Thanks to Michael Taylor (pictured above) our VoIP Engineer putting in all the hard work at the Xorcom technical training class.

We’re not sure what was harder for him the three days of in-depth training to learn all the details of Xorcom PBX installation, programming, and troubleshooting or being able to avoid all the distractions of the class location, Las Vegas.

If you’re not familiar with Xorcom the company was founded in 2004 and they focus on business telephony solutions for both VoIP and traditional PSTN. Xorcom products are based on Asterisk®, the open-source communication software used worldwide, for a flexible range of PBX solutions.

Taylor’s hands-on Xorcom training provided him with real-world application knowledge which means we that we not only provide you with the best first-level technical support but we can also help you:

  • Determine your communication needs and suggest the best Xorcom solution based on your line usage, infrastructure, and employee habits.
  • Streamline your phone system implementation process.
  • Ensure optimal phone up-time by securing the phone system.
  • Improve your overall user experience by providing communication efficiency suggestions.

Xorcom CompletePBX systems are pre-configured so they’re ready to use right out-of-the-box and they’ll give your single office/home office (SOHO), small and medium-sized business (SMB), or enterprise level applications lots of flexibility based on call management, Unified Communications (UC), and strong standard features.

Xorcom Case Study

How does a Xorcom PBX work in the real world?

This Chabot Space and Science Center case study is a good example of an application where cost and licensing fees were an issue. The customer was also going to install the solution themselves so they needed an Asterisk® solution that would work right out of the box and make calls straight away:

Extensive research into IP-based systems led Mr. dosRemedios to Asterisk®-based systems and he tried a test system, using trixbox CE and two Grandstream handsets. He liked what he was able to do, and so he looked for a turnkey system using Asterisk® at its core, and came across Xorcom and the Astribank concept. Because Mr. dosRemedios is the sole support for telephony at Chabot, his greatest concern was getting help configuring the system. So he contacted a local Xorcom reseller and soon realized that he could probably do everything himself.

Mr. dosRemedios chose a Xorcom XR2074 PBX with 1 PRI port, 8 FXO ports, and 16 FXS ports; with RAID (dual hard drive for redundancy), Rapid Recovery (for backup and restore
of the entire PBX), Yealink T20P handsets, and some premises cabling to fulfill the requirements. Deployment was performed in-house over a period of five weeks…The PBX installed without a hitch; Mr. dosRemedios connected four landlines to the FXO ports, and a couple of phones to the POE switch and was able to make calls the same day! He’s currently preparing to deploy the remaining 108 phones to run in parallel to the old PBX until the day he can move the PRI over to the Xorcom box.

Download the full case study here.

Usually in our VoIP Q & A Blog Series, we answer questions about submitted to us through tech support tickets on VoIPSupply.com or via the “Ask The Expert” tab on our product pages.

This time we’re sharing the questions and answers from the Grandstream UCM6100 PBX webinar that was held as part of our Grandstream Learning Series.

These were real questions from the attendees that were answered by Grandstream’s tech support team. We hope that this is a comprehensive guide on how to use a UCM6100 series PBX and what they’re capable of.

Grandstream UCM 6100-banner-voip-supply

Door Phone and Door Station Support

Q: Can it [UCM6100] support door phone, control, attendance systems? E.g. Helios 2N, any others?

A:  Yes, it supports door stations. We have verified this against FXS/FXO devices from Viking Electronics as well as 2N.

Q: Can we use this system to open gates or use in a system gate?

A:  Yes, this system can perform door station functions depending on the device being used. We’ve interoped with Viking Electronic devices.

Q: The scenario would be a system with several video-doorphones + one GXV3140 + UCM6102. While one video-call from a video-doorphone is being attended from the GXV3140, there are other video-calls being received from other doorphones and those video-calls should be put on queue. How many calls can be queued?

A:  This would be handled like any other call. Since it is video, it will now have video codec being negotiated. You can configure the call queue based on your own preference.



Q: Because Asterisk is open source, does Grandstream contribute to this effort?

A:  Yes, we comply with GNU/GPL and provide the source details on our FAQ page.

Video Softphones

Q: Any recommended free video softphones for use?

A:  At the moment, we do not have any free apps listed for video calls. It would be suggested to use a softphone that supports h263, h263+, h264.

IVR Security

Q: Standard set of security protocols to avoid hacking, security issues through IVR?

A:  There are several ways of securing the UCM IVR.

1. Password on outbound route
2. Specify permission/privilege level
3. Disable dial trunk option.

Park BLFs and Shared Line Appearances

Q: Are there plans to add Park BLFs or Shared Line Appearances?

A: On the latest firmware for the UCM we support BLF for parking lot. Shared line appearance has already been requested and is taken into consideration for the future release.


Q: Is there a way to install A2Billing?

A: The UCM is a locked down asterisk system so you cannot instlal any applications onto the appliance. however, a later firmware release will support API and allow users to pull caller data for billing programs.

Zero Config

Q: Does the endpoint manager support other vendor phones for configuration and Key defs?

A: No. The UCM can only zero-config Grandstream products at the moment.


Grandstream UCM6102
Grandstream UCM6102

BroadSoft Softswitch

Q: Is the UCM6102 certified to work on BroadSoft softswitch?

A: At the moment, it is stil under certifcation and has not been fully supported. Working in progress.

Voicemail to Email and Remote Voicemail Access

Q: Are we able to listen and delete voicemail directly from Outlook so the voicemail is also deleted in the UCM?

A: No. Voicemail sent to your email needs to be removed from the PBX. It does not sync up with your email. This has been requested for future consideration.

Q: How do you listen to your voice messages remotely, from a phone not registered to the UCM?

A: You can dial into the UCM via IVR, then dial an option for a dummy extension(not registered) and have that dummy extension undconditional forward to your voice mail system *98

Call Monitoring and Recording

Q: Calls Monitor Feature?

A: This has already been requested and is being implemented for a future release. However, we do have an option to record calls.

Q: Can we direct the recordings to external storage?

A: This is done automatcally when a USB/SD is connected to the UCM.

Service Providers Tested

Q: What providers have been successfully tested with this?

A: 3NG, Nexvortex, Callcentric, Clearfly, vitelity, Phonepower.

google voice_logo

Google Voice Support

Q: Can google voice be integrated on the UCM?

A: No, this is not supported unless it uses SIP signalling.

G.729 Codec

Q: Any license fees to use G.729 codec?

A: No licensing fee for G.729, we have a license for the max number of concurrent calls on the UCM.

Grandstream HT704 Adapter
Grandstream HT704 Adapter

How to Add Additional Analog Phones

Q: How to add FXS phones if i need more analogue phones?

A: All UCM models come with 2 FXS ports. You can add more by using an ATA or FXS gateway like the HT700 series or GXW400x/4200 series.

LAN Ports for Failover

Q: Are the 2 LAN ports in UCM6104 – for a failover mode – i can use 2 separate internet connections? or is there another purpose to the 2 LAN ports?

A: Exactly, this is used for failover purposes.

Demo Programs and Training

Q: If we want to be more familiar with the product do you have some DEMO programs?

A: We do provide UCM trainig events. You can visit this page for all the upcoming events: http://www.grandstream.com/ucm-events

Need More Lines

Q: What I can do if i need more than 16 lines?

A: You can peer an FXO gateway to the UCM. We provide FXO gateways to extend this. Here’s the link to the guide.

T1 or DSL Support

Q: Can we use a T1 or DSL Service?

A: T1/E1 is not supported on the UCM61xx series. However, we are coming out with a UCM65xx series that will support such services.

CounterPath Bria Desktop Client
CounterPath Bria Desktop Client

Desktop Clients

Q: What kind of desktop clients are you supporting? And on what OS?

A: We support either Linux/Mac/Windows. Any soft client that is SIP compliant works with our UCM. E.g CounterPath Bria.

Concurrent Video Calls

Q: Max concurrent video-calls supported?

A: This is anywhere between 6-10 calls.


Q: Does the UCM6100 series use a disk or SSD for storage?

A: Internal flash storage.

Q: Does the USB port of UCM6104 suport a passport drive (which doesn’t have its own power)?

A: That should be fine. I have used a Buffalo 1TB drive without power and was just fine.

System Recovery

Q: I have read that asterisk-based systems have known lock-up issues that typically have to be resolved by a system reboot. How has that been dealt with for this solution?

A: Our system recovers itself during these moments and provide core dump files that can be analyzed by our developers for root cause.

Stay Tuned

Check back next time  for more VoIP Q & A.

Thanks for your questions!

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Elastix to feature latest NLX4000 and NLX MiniUCS IP PBX’s at ITEXPO 2014 in Miami

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been highlighting our partners who are exhibiting at ITEXPO Miami 2014 to learn what’s new at this year’s show.

ITEXPO, running from January 28th through January 31st, is a business technology event and tradeshow for VoIP, Unified Communications, Cloud services, phone apps, and more.

3 Questions with Elastix About ITEXPO

We spoke with Elvita Crespo, Channel Manager for Elastix, about what to expect at this year’s ITEXPO.

VoIP Supply:  For those who aren’t familiar with your company, can you tell us a little bit about Elastix?

Elastix:  Elastix is an Open Source Unified Communications solution, meaning that our software allows free use and distribution, which allows a lower budget for the company’s technology platform.

Elastix not only provides telephony, but it also integrates other communication tools, such as faxing, emails, among others, to make the organization environment more productive and efficient.

VS:  What products will you be featuring at this year’s IT EXPO and will you be unveiling anything new?

Elastix:  We will be featuring our latest model, the NLX4000, which has just been launched into the market, along with our star product so far, the NLX miniUCS, which is a compact-sized but powerful tool.

We shall also be announcing interesting new tools in software solutions and services.

VS:  What’s your booth number and the #1 reason someone should stop by and say hello?

Elastix:  Our booth number is 720, and you should stop by to get in touch with Elastix, and find out more about its powerful features, cost-convenient solutions, and look into an attractive commercial offer for your company or your customers.